Importance of having a blog

7 Reasons Why It Is Important To Have A Blog

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In today’s digital world, if your contribution isn’t online, it simply does not exist. Blogging is a powerful way to inspire people and make a positive difference. Be it 2022 or 2122, sharing your ideas and thoughts in your unique style with a wider audience is never too late for anyone.

Blogging can never become irrelevant. It will exist as long as search engines such as Google, and Bing exists. There are over 600 million blogs, with over 5.7 Lakhs blogs being created each day. There is no better time than now to start a blog or a website and carve a little piece of the online hemisphere for yourself. If you need more motivation to start one, here are some vital benefits of having a blog!

Importance of Blogging

1. A Reliable Platform

What if your social media account got hacked or deleted? What if they changed their algorithm? What if your most-used platform got banned? 

It is better not to rely on social media platforms completely. A sure way to build your own community, stay in touch with them, and interact with them is through blogs. Blogs enable people to get their voices heard without the help of social media. Additionally, the content that you post online exists forever.

2. Creates Impact By Leveraging Professionalism

Blogging is for everyone & anyone who wishes to voice their thoughts to the world. It is a great platform to generate a positive impact. Contrary to popular belief. The ideal way to ensure that your blog stands apart from the countless is not necessarily by finding a unique niche; rather, it is about providing a fresh perspective and your true voice. 

Regardless of whether this perspective is on an existing topic or something innovative is secondary. It is discipline and consistency that will help you reach a broader audience. Moreover, your domain can be included in the media kit if you have one. 

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3. Makes Your Brand More Visible

Over 3.5 billion Google searches are conducted every day. A well-written, interesting, and SEO-optimized blog post now has the potential to reach billions of people. The beauty of blogs is that its online, i.e., you have no geographical constraints. You can reach an audience that is truly global. Furthermore, the content posted on social media is bound only to that platform. But your published blog is accessible to the entire internet world.

4. You Own It!

Reasons why you must have a website

Having a blog gives you more control over what content is presented. Fill your website with your professional work, travel experiences, photographs, or anything that you feel like showcasing. Thank the people behind the scenes, and document your journey while keeping the content original and authentic. The content shared through blogs carries a unique voice and identity. A lot of books written were started as blog posts. Small things over time can get big.

Make stuff that you love and write about them. Given enough time and consistency, it will surely attract people of similar interest.

5. Giving Back To The Community

About ten years ago, it was nearly impossible to interact with anyone beyond your limited community. Now, it is very simple; just post it on the internet. Everyone has something to give. Be generous in sharing your ideas and knowledge that you are passionate about, and develop an audience. Teaching something doesn’t subtract value from what you do; it actually adds to it.

Stand out in the noisy crowd by sharing your perspectives and producing valuable content.

6. Unveil All Your Work In One Place

Blogging is not only about writing; it is about “creating.” Include other content like podcasts, videos, etc., in your blog posts to provide them with more visibility, and it makes your blog really interesting. A website is an excellent sandbox to showcase all of your products, services, and content in one place. More importantly, your audience has the ideal space to connect with you easily.

The sky is the limit to what you can accomplish in your own private space. There is a lot of importance given to political correctness, and in fairness, when you are targeting a large audience, you have to be mindful and make your content more inclusive. 

7. Helps In Monetization

Blogging can be rewarding in several ways, but it is definitely not a get-rich-quick strategy. In fact, blogging is never get-quick anything. Transforming your hobby into a revenue generator takes time & an immeasurable amount of patience. However, if you want your blog to make money, you can do so through display ads, affiliate marketing, or even selling your products as official merch. It also serves as a gateway for collaborations and sponsorships.

The best additional tip we can give you is don’t hesitate to take the first step. Begin with the tools you have, right now!

When we started this blog, we knew nothing about blogging and had to learn everything – WordPress, SEO, photo editing, and much more from scratch. More than the knowledge gained, it was a great & rewarding journey. Blogging is a never-ending learning experience. The more you do it, the better you get at it. First, start with simple and easy steps. Eventually, you will wonder why you hadn’t started sooner.

We hope this blog surely helps you understand the importance and benefits of having a blog. If you have any queries related to blogging or travel, you can reach out to us at any time. We are happy to share the knowledge and insights that we have acquired. For more tips on blogging and anything travel, stick with us – twin travelers.

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