Minimalism - A Beginner's Guide

A Beginner’s Guide To Minimalism

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The less you own. The less owns you.

Read that again. Just eight syllables and you’ll understand the essence of minimalism. Didn’t get it? Don’t worry we’ve got you!

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10 Easy Steps For A Newbie To Become A Minimalist

What Is Minimalism?

Minimalism is not about what you own. It is not about deprivation or having less.
It is merely about why you own something. The intentionality! It is about making room for what matters.

Minimalism isn’t just some urban hip philosophy but is a lifestyle. A lifestyle that makes you more grounded, and improves the quality of your life. It is ever-evolving and doesn’t have any rigid rules. 

Here are a few steps that will not only make you understand minimalism but also help you take your first step toward becoming a minimalist.

  1. Embrace the idea of ONE! One bag, one watch, one pair of sneakers, one swimsuit, one jacket, you get the drift? Understand that happiness doesn’t come from your possessions.
  2. If you plan to buy something new, give it a timeframe of 7 days. You might realize you no longer want the thing that you thought you “really” wanted. 
  3. For every new item you buy, get rid of at least 2 old items.
  4. Don’t hold on to hypothetical “just-in-case” things. You need so much less than you actually think.
  5. Just because that fancy clothing is on sale, you don’t have to buy it. After all, it’s a marketing trap.
  6. Let go of all the sentimental things that weigh you. Ask yourself, “Does this add value to your life?” and then decide.
  7. Haven’t used an item in the last 90 days? Sell, donate, or recycle it. 
  8. Think of reusability and multi-purposing before purchasing anything. Eg: A water bottle, a menstrual cup, etc.
  9. Don’t buy things that you can’t afford, with EMI or a loan. There’s no joy involved in possessing an expensive car and being in debt for it.
  10. Start small. Start with yourself. Over time, you might evolve and the people around you will do too!

At first sight, all this might seem difficult. You might not want to let go of things. You might even want to buy more. Maybe that fancy clothing? And that’s okay.

The real challenge of minimalism comes when you have the money to buy things you want, yet you choose not to.

Take your first step. Start with a book – Everything That Remains, a memoir by The Minimalists. You’ll know how two people decided to let go of everything and began living more.

Don’t mistake minimalism for monkhood. It’s not. It’s merely a lifestyle where you only have the things you need. And fun fact, you’re better off without the rest!

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