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How To Buy A Local SIM Card In Prague? (As A Tourist)

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Planning a visit to Prague in the Czech Republic or Czechia? Besides an itinerary and the usual planning, you’ll also need a local SIM card. Buying a local SIM is necessary to avoid additional data charges, which are quite hefty when traveling internationally. So, buying a local SIM when you travel to a new country is economical. When it comes to Prague, buying a local SIM is simple, convenient, and light on your pockets.

This guide provides all the information you need to buy a local SIM card in Prague. This would include where you can buy the SIM, the different packages, the benefits, how to activate the SIM, and more. So, with the right SIM, you can stay connected during your entire trip at the most nominal price.

Buying A SIM Card In Prague

Benefits of Purchasing A SIM Card

  1. You can avail of an all-in-one package that includes the benefit of local and international calls, messages, and also access to the Internet.
  2. A SIM card bought in the Czech can be used in other EU countries.
  3. The cost is wallet-friendly, and the service provider offers good connectivity.

What Documents Are Required?

No document is required to purchase a SIM card in the Czech Republic. However, you might be asked for proof of identification in some places, i.e., a passport.

SIM Card Providers

T-Mobile, Vodafone, and O2 are the major operators in the Czech Republic. All three providers support digital SIM or eSIM. You can choose either a physical SIM card or eSIM.

How Much Does It Cost?

Here’s the price from different mobile networks. Check their official website for the latest prices.

Network ProviderPlan DescriptionCost
VodafoneUnlimited data, calls, and SMSSpeed 2 Mbps653 CZK monthly
T-MobileUnlimited data, calls, and SMSSpeed 3 Mbps99 CZK per day
O260 GB data, calls, and SMS1299 CZK monthly

Which One To Buy?

In the Czech Republic, T-Mobile is the largest mobile operator, followed by O2 and Vodafone. The internet speed varies based on the plan. 

The prices are almost the same when you opt for the basic plan. However, when you go for unlimited data, Vodafone is the most affordable among the three major providers.

Where To Buy The Sim Card In Prague?

At The Airport

Vodafone store at Prague Airport
Vodafone store at Prague Airport

The international airport of Prague, Václav Havel Airport Prague, only has a Vodafone store with a SIM card vending machine. The store is located on level 1 at the Terminal 2 arrival hall. You’ll find it between exit gates A and B. Follow the steps on the vending machine’s screen to purchase your Vodafone SIM card at any time of the day.

Note: You can use the free airport Wi-Fi at the airport.

We don’t recommend purchasing the “Data SIM for Visitors” because it cannot be used in the EU if you leave the Czech Republic. Instead, go for the PayGo 30 or other plans.

Sim Card vending machine

Retail Stores And Gas Stations

You can purchase the local SIM card from the official retail stores. A lot of stores are spread across the capital city of Prague. You can also buy the card at gas stations. 

Shopping Centers

This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to buy a SIM card. It is also how we purchased our SIM card while visiting Prague.

We bought a 90-minute ticket (valid on metro, bus, tram, ferry, and trains – R and S lines) from the public transport information center in Terminal 2 on level 1. At the airport, we used Wi-Fi to find the route to Nový Smíchov Shopping Center. After purchasing the ticket, we got it validated outside the airport with a stamp on the yellow box.

We boarded bus 191 towards Na knížecí, got down at Anděl, and walked for about 300 m to reach the Nový Smíchov Shopping Center. We bought the SIM card from TESCO on the left, on level 0. Buying a SIM card from this place is relatively cheap compared to other stores. Moreover, since the card had EU roaming and we experienced good internet speed, we’d recommend buying from this place.

How To Activate The SIM Card?

Activating the SIM card is fairly simple. Insert the SIM card into your mobile phone and turn on the device. If prompted for the pin, check the outer cover of the SIM card packaging for the details. After you enter the PIN, in a few seconds, you will be able to find the network in the top right corner of your phone. If it still doesn’t work, try switching the device off and on. It should do the trick.

Always remember: The SIM card must be activated in the country where you purchased it. 

How To Recharge or Top Up?

Approach any of the retail stores or do it online on the web or by installing the official mobile app. 

How To Choose The Pack?

Before purchasing the SIM card, ask what is included in the package, especially if it supports EU roaming and you are planning to visit other European countries. If you often use SMS service, call abroad more frequently, or are always on the internet, choose a pack accordingly. They also provide limited and unlimited internet services. 

Internet Speed

The Czech Republic has an excellent internet connection speed. It offers one of the top 10 fastest internet speeds in the world. However, expect a relatively weak signal in remote areas.

Is 5G Available In The Czech Republic?

Yes, 5G services are available in Prague and most parts of the Czech Republic. 

How Long Is the SIM Card Valid?

You will get three months to renew your SIM card. After that, you have to recharge it. However, failing to do so will render your number invalid.

EU Roaming

The Czech Republic, being part of the EU, supports EU roaming. It offers “Rome like home”, where a SIM card bought from any other European country can be used for no additional charges. The charges within the EU are the same as in the Czech Republic, and you have to pay extra for using services outside EU countries. 

You probably don’t have to purchase a SIM card if you already have one that supports EU roaming. So, check once before buying.

Helpful Tips

  • Download the app of your network provider to check the details of your current plan or if you want to recharge online.
  • Generally, the telephone number bought in the Czech Republic starts with +420 followed by 9 digits.
Adapter type in EU
  • To charge your device, the plug adapter is of Type C (Standard across Europe, which has two round pins) or Type E (two round pins and a hole for the socket’s male earthing pin).

Have you purchased a local SIM Card in the Czech Republic before? Share your experience with us. Also, share this blog with your friends and family if you find it useful. For any queries, drop your questions in the comment section below. 

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