Everything you need to know about buying a sim card in Denmark

How To Buy A SIM Card In Denmark As A Tourist In 2024

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We require access to the internet at all times in this digital age. When you’re traveling abroad, staying connected tends to get difficult without the right travel essentials. The best way to ensure that you’re always on the grid and you never miss your online routine is by purchasing a local SIM card. A local SIM is a vital tool that you need to equip yourself with to navigate a new country and stay in touch with your family back home. Though it may seem daunting at first, we break down the process here to show you how easy it is to get one.

Buying A Simcard in Denmark – Prepaid & Postpaid

Benefits of Purchasing A SIM Card In Denmark

  1. You can avail of an all-in-one package that includes the benefit of local and international calls, messages, and access to the Internet.
  2. A SIM card bought in Denmark can be used in other EU countries.
  3. The cost is wallet-friendly, and they provide good connectivity.

Prepaid or Postpaid?

Tourists who visit Denmark for a short time can purchase only prepaid services. A CPR number (Central Person Register) is required to avail of the postpaid services in Denmark.

What Documents Are Required?

No document is required to purchase a SIM card in Denmark. Although, at some places, you might be asked for proof of identification.

Internet Providers In Denmark

The Danish mobile broadband infrastructure is owned by four different telephone companies and divided into three independent networks. These operators do not sell prepaid SIM cards anymore.

  • TDC – Formerly state-owned, it is the largest telecommunication company in Denmark that encompasses many subsidiaries and brands like Telmore and YouSee.
  • Telenor
  • Telia
  • 3 (Mobile broadband only)

Note: Telia and Telenor share a joint mobile network.

SIM Card Providers And Which One To Buy?

Lycamobile and Lebara, are widely used in Denmark. They operate with Telenor and Telia networks. Oister which uses the Tre network is quite popular as well. You can find great deals and compare prices at billigsteabonnement.dk. Although all three providers offer competitive rates, Lebara is comparatively cost-effective and has decent coverage. It has more options to choose from, starting at 19 DKK which includes 5 GB data and 5 hours of calling to 60 countries, and 1 GB data and 1 hour of calling with EU roaming. 

Sim card providers in Denmark

If you’re a tourist, don’t buy prepaid cards such as Nettalk, OK Mobil, or Coop Mobil because you need a CPR number to activate them.

Where To Buy And How Much They Cost?

At The Airport

Where to buy simcard in Denmark

Lycamobile SIM cards are free at the airport and can be found on a stand at the baggage claim. However, you need to pay 29 DKK for the Lycamobile and 49 DKK for the Lebara SIM card when you buy it at 7-Eleven. At the Airport, the outlet is on the right side after you exit the baggage claim. You can also purchase a travel card (Rejsekort) here.


SIM card(s) can be ordered online free of cost. They are usually delivered in 2-5 working days. Lebara even offers a starter gift of 100 GB plus 100 hours free, valid for one month when purchased online. Lycamobile provides 30% off for 3 months for new SIM users when you choose the All In One 99 plan (100 GB data, unlimited national calls, and free calls to a few countries).

Pro Tip: Order it to your accommodation, so it will be ready for use once you reach Denmark.

Retail Stores And Gas Stations

Simcard guide - How to buy

All 7-Eleven outlets, gas stations, grocery stores, and electronic retailers sell SIM cards in Denmark. Lebara and Lycamobile cost 49 DKK and 29 DKK respectively for the SIM card alone. Whereas, Oister costs 99 DKK for the SIM card plus 50 GB of data for 7 days. 

How To Activate The SIM Card?

Activating a SIM card is a simple process. A few seconds after you insert the SIM card, you will receive a notification or pop-up welcome message from the service provider. If not, restarting your phone should do the trick. 

Hola! Your SIM card is activated. 

Now, you need to top up to avail of services. But first, if you wish to buy a local SIM card and use it on a phone that you are already using, ensure that your phone is unlocked before reaching Denmark! This especially applies to people who don’t have a SIM card slot or are traveling from the USA, In these cases, your phone is already locked with a particular network carrier. Your best solution is to approach the local retailers and ask them to enable a SIM card slot that is accessible to you.

Recharge or Top Up

There is a multitude of options available. So, it’s best that you are sure about your requirements and make an informed decision. Choose a monthly subscription or a bundle, as you find necessary. 

SIM cards can be recharged using online payment options like Mobile Pay or through debit/credit cards. When you recharge at retail outlets, a pin will be provided along with the steps that need to be followed. The pin is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase. 

Note: You can call the customer care toll-free number should you require assistance.


Internet Speed

When it comes to internet speed, Denmark has nationwide 3G/4G coverage with high-speed internet at affordable prices.

Is 5G Available In Denmark?

5G is expected to be launched in the year 2022.

How Long Is The SIM Card Valid?

If the SIM card has not been in use or has failed to top up in the last 90 days, then the mobile number will be deactivated permanently post those 90 days.

EU Roaming

First, your SIM card should be activated in the home country for it to function in other EU nations. With no bundle activated, money from your main balance or credits will be deducted based on the internet/service usage.

“Roam Like At Home” was introduced to enable travelers to use the same service in all the EU countries. All three network providers mentioned have limited free EU roaming. So ensure you check the details before you opt for it. 

Pocket Wi-Fi Devices

Today, tethering with the phone is limited to unlimited data plans. So, it is best to buy a portable Wi-Fi device or mobile hotspot that helps you connect to a secure internet connection with multiple devices. These devices are getting popular nowadays, particularly with the digital nomads. 

Free Internet In Denmark

There are several places in the city where you can find free/public internet. A few of them are listed below.


The Wi-Fi network at Copenhagen Airport and Aarhus Airport is free for passengers traveling in and out of the city.

Public Places

Most restaurants, bars, cafes, and hotels provide free internet to customers on making a minimum purchase. All McDonald’s outlets in Denmark provide free WiFi connectivity.


The surest way to access free internet is to visit the library. There are twenty public libraries located in Copenhagen city. They offer varying services that you can make use of. 

Trains And Buses

The famous S-trains and few buses on certain routes provide decent internet services primarily to encourage commuters to take public transport.

Hot Tip: One of the most important things you should watch out for is auto-renewal.  For prepaid services, it is not enabled by default. But if you have opted-in, do set a reminder and ensure you cancel the subscription if it is no longer required. 

Given how attached we are to mobile devices, a SIM card can be considered essential. We have ensured that this easy-to-go guide provides you with the most hassle-free experience in purchasing your desired SIM card in Denmark. If you have benefitted from our guide, do spread the word and share it with your friends. For more tips and travel-related content, stick with us, the wandering twins.

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