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Is The Copenhagen Card Worth It? Our Honest Review

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Whether you are looking for the best bus, the cheapest flights, or the most luxurious hotel with the best possible price tag, people these days like to get what they pay for. Regardless of which facet of traveling it is, travelers like to ensure that they are getting their money’s worth. This is why it’s important to research before you purchase anything with your hard-earned cash. 

One of the biggest conundrums every traveler experiences while visiting Copenhagen is whether to buy the Copenhagen card or not? To ensure you make an informed decision prior to your travel, here is our honest review of the Copenhagen Card with its distinct pros & cons.

Copenhagen Card – What you should know before buying one?

What Is A Copenhagen Card?

The Copenhagen Card is a convenient way to experience Copenhagen in one, discounted day pass. It includes free public transportation, free admission to more than 80 tourist attractions and museums, and discounts at select restaurants and cafes. 

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Where To Buy?

The Copenhagen Card can be bought digitally or in a physical format as explained in greater detail below.

CopenhagenCard Guide - TwinsOnToes

Digital Card

Buy the digital card from their official website or download the free Copenhagen Card app (Android, iOS). If you have purchased from the website, then you can redeem it on the app with the reference number received in your confirmation email. If you have purchased from the app, then you just have to activate it by swiping before you start exploring. The app can be used offline, and all the information including the eligible deals, info on the tourist attractions, etc. will be provided in the application itself. You will be required to scan your digital QR code at each entrance.

Physical Card 

The physical card can be bought from any salespoint, but the catch is that there might be a shortage. You can also pre-order the card online and redeem the voucher at any one of the 4 redemption locations mentioned below. It can also be sent to your address at an additional delivery fee. 

  • Copenhagen Airport, Service Information, Terminal 3 (Arrival Hall)
  • Tours And Tickets, Copenhagen Central Station
  • Copenhagen Visitor Service, Vesterbrogade 4b
  • Tivoli Box Office, Vesterbrogade 3

The physical card comes with a guidebook that has all the necessary information including the location, how to get there, contact details, etc. You must write the start date and time on the card before you start using it, and you will be required to show the card at each entrance.

How Much Does It Cost?

Note that the Copenhagen Card works on a 24-hour cycle which means that it is valid till the same time, the next day. 1 adult can take up to 2 children between 0 and 9 years of age for free.

Number of HoursPrice for adults in EUR (16+)Price for children in EUR
24 hours6738
48 hours10054
72 hours12466
96 hours14478
120 hours16188

What Is Included?

Free Entrance To Tourist Attractions & Museums

More than 80 major attractions of the city are neatly organized in an easy-to-choose manner based on interest. The list of attractions is updated every year on April 1st. Check the attraction’s website for the opening hours as it is subject to change according to the season. Several museums are closed on Mondays and public holidays and some may require pre-booking. Be aware that you are entitled to one visit per attraction. 

Free Public Transport

You can ride the metro, red S-trains, regional trains, buses, and harbor buses as many times as you want in the entire Copenhagen area between zones 1 and 99 for absolutely free. With the Copenhagen Card, you don’t have to worry about the zones or the ticket prices.

Discounts on Sightseeing Tours, Transport, Cafes, And Restaurants

Present the card before they provide the bill to ensure you avail of the offers. When you book online, use the following discount codes to avail of discounts.

DiscountDiscount Code
Sightseeing Tours
Bike Copenhagen20%CPHCARD
City Bike Adventures20%CPHCARD
City Sightseeing Copenhagen20%
Copenhagen By Mie And Friends15%CPHCARD20
Hop On – Hop Off (Boat, Bus)20%
Go Boat (Monday to Thursday)10%CphCard10
Nova Experiences10%Copenhagen card
Our Way Tours10%Copenhagen card
Red Sightseeing – Hop On Hop Off Bus30%
Segway Cruise Copenhagen15%CPHCARD
Segway Tours Copenhagen10%CPHCARD
Donkey Republic15%
Cafes & Restaurants
Grøften Tivoli10%
Hard Rock Cafe10%
Hereford Village10%
Palæo (Palæo at Torvehallerne is not included)10%
Restaurant Amalfi15%
Restaurant Bonjour Vietnam20%
Restaurant Vita10%
Wallmans Dinner show25%

How To Save Money With The Copenhagen Card?

The Savings Calculator comes in handy to plan and calculate how much you save. Although the Copenhagen Card might seem expensive, this calculator can show you clearly how you benefit. Choose the places you would like to visit, the number of persons, and the number of hours to get the cost with and without the Copenhagen Card. Target to visit at least 3 attractions a day to make it worth the buy. The most popular is the 72-hour card. To maximize the value of the card, you can include these places in your travel plan.

  • Tivoli Gardens (145 DKK)
  • Danish Architecture Center (115 DKK)
  • Statens Museum of Kunst (The National Gallery) (120 DKK)
  • Christiansborg Palace (160 DKK)
  • The National Museum of Denmark (110 DKK)
  • Glyptoteket (115 DKK)
  • Copenhagen Contemporary (120 DKK)
  • Canal Tours Copenhagen (99 DKK)
  • Rosenborg Castle (125 DKK)
  • Amalienborg Palace Museum (125 DKK)

Price Comparison

We have chosen the top 10 most visited places to compare the prices using the Savings Calculator for 1 adult for 72 hours.

Price comparison for the Copenhagen Card

The public transport cost might be overly stated since you will mostly walk or bike in the city. However, this does not change the fact that even excluding the transport cost, you end up saving a lot. The card is really good for the avid traveler since you end up saving more the more attractions you visit.

Should You Buy The Copenhagen Card?

Any crucial decision must be weighed on both sides. So, let’s take a look at some pros and cons of this card.


  • Visit the city’s popular tourist attractions for free or at most at a discount.
  • Public transport is free, and you get additional discounts on a few select cafes and restaurants.
  • Take up to 2 children below 9 years of age for free.
  • Skip the long queues on a busy day.
  • The validity of the card doesn’t end by the end of the day. It is valid for the mentioned duration (hours).


  • You can only visit a limited number of attractions at a given time.
  • One visit per attraction.
  • Several museums are closed on Mondays and public holidays.

Once you land in Denmark, almost everyone talks about the Copenhagen Card. The card is of great value for travelers because it allows them to save a lot of time, and money and enjoy less stressful travel. On the whole, getting a Copenhagen Card or not boils down to a vital factor, the type of vacation you’re in for. If you are up for a jam-packed day and see as many sites as possible, then this card provides good value for money. On the contrary, if you are looking for a relaxing holiday, then this card is not for you. 

We recommend you to buy the Copenhagen Card only if you are staying for at least a week or more because there are tons of other places to visit in the city for free. 

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If you have ever been to Denmark or have had experience traveling with the Copenhagen Card, we would love to know your thoughts about them. If you have more queries on how to plan your travel to Copenhagen, you can drop them in the comments. For more information on anything related to blogging, travel, and adventure, stay tuned, and be a part of our explorations.

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