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Kuang Si Waterfall Travel Guide: Know Everything

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Also called the Tat Kuang Si Waterfall, the Kuang Si Waterfall claims to be the most beautiful waterfall in Laos. With turquoise-blue waters flowing down in shimmering cascades creating large pools, everybody must visit the Kuang Si Waterfall at least once. This blog explains everything you need to know about the Kuang Si Waterfall, starting from the origin of its name, the route to reach it, the entry fee, and so much more!

Kuang Si Waterfall Travel Guide

How Kuang Si Waterfall Got Its Name?

In “Tat Kuang Si,” ‘Tat’ stands for a waterfall, ‘Kuang’ for deer, and ‘Si’ for the word dig. Legend has it that the waterfall was created by digging deep into the ground. Once there, a stunning golden deer settled under a large rock by the waterfall. However, in 2001, a minor earthquake caused the rock to collapse, and the deer had to find a new home.

How to Reach Kuang Si Waterfall?

Kuang Si Waterfall Map


At the Lart Leng Square in Luang Prabang, near the junction, you’ll always find Songthaews. They provide roundtrip rides to Kuang Si Waterfall. It’s the most affordable and convenient way to get there if you’re with a group.

Renting Two-Wheelers/ Cab

To get to the Kuang Si Waterfall by yourself, you must rent a two-wheeler from Night Market. Use Google Maps to find the parking lot for Kuang Si Waterfall and follow the signs. Direction boards are also located en route. 

Once you arrive, you’ll need to purchase tickets. The ticket price includes a shuttle service between the parking lot and the waterfall entrance for 1 km. Plenty of electric carts are making rounds to drop off and pick up visitors. The only options for visiting Kuang Si Waterfall are private transportation or buses.


Ticket counter at Kuang Si Waterfall

The entry fee collection point is near the parking lot, where cash payment is the only option accepted. There’s ample space available in a dedicated parking area specifically for visitors to the site.

  • Parking fee: 5000 KIP for a two-wheeler, 10000 KIP for a four-wheeler.
  • Entry Fee: 60000 KIP. It also includes the eCart service from the parking lot to the waterfall entrance.


The Kuang Si Waterfall is open daily between 8 AM and 5 PM.

Best Time To Visit

The ideal time to visit Kuang Si Waterfall is from November to February, which is great for exploring and swimming. You should expect lower water levels in March, April, and May. The rainy season runs from June to September, with the best times to visit being during the monsoon and post-monsoon periods.

Water Availability & Depth

Water flows at Kuang Si Waterfall all year long, but it tends to slow down during the dry or summer months. You can swim here, except in the first cascade, which is considered holy. The pools created by the waterfall can be shallow or deep, so keep an eye out, especially if you’re not too confident in the water. The rocks in the water can be slippery, so be careful.

Dress Code

Swimming at Kuang Si Waterfall

You can swim in the Kuang Si Waterfall wearing a bikini. While there aren’t any strict rules about what to wear, it’s important to note that nudity is not allowed. Just keep in mind that there aren’t any dressing rooms around, so plan accordingly before you take a dip


Restrooms are available at the parking lot and close to the waterfall entrance.

Network Availability

At Kuang Si Waterfall, the internet connection can be spotty. But when traveling from Luang Prabang, don’t expect good phone reception. To stay on track, download offline maps using apps like OSMAND or maps.me for navigation help.

Where to Eat?

Near the waterfall entrance, you’ll find a row of shops selling various items, such as handmade souvenirs, home decor, clothes, snacks, fresh fruits and vegetables, and cold drinks. There are no restaurants inside. 

Where to Stay at Kuang Si?


Many people travel from Luang Prabang to see Kuang Si Waterfall. In the city, you’ll find many places to stay, from budget-friendly hostels to fancy resorts to comfy homestays. Pick what suits your budget and preferences. We personally stayed at La Casa Hostel, but here are some other suggestions.

How To Avoid Crowds?

Kuang Si Waterfall is always busy with visitors throughout the year. To dodge the crowds, try to go when it opens or near closing time. Group tours from Luang Prabang typically begin after 9 AM. The place tends to fill up as the day continues, with most people leaving around 4:30 PM. If you hang back until around 5 PM, you might have the waterfall all to yourself.

Bear Rescue Center

Bear rescue center at Luang Prabang

As you enter Kuang Si Waterfall, you’ll see a bear rescue center right along the way. It’s pretty hard to miss. They’ve made a fenced forest area with swings and shelters for the bears to move around in. You can spot them from nearby. Laos is home to two endangered bear species: the sun and moon bear. There are signs with information about them. If you’d like, you can buy a T-shirt or donate to support Free the Bears, a nonprofit charity.

Kuang Si Waterfall

The turquoise blue waters of Quang Si waterfall

The turquoise-blue water of Kuang Si Waterfall is simply mesmerizing. The white limestone and cascading steps add to its beauty. You have to see it for yourself to fully appreciate it. You can stand on a bridge before the waterfall for a great view. The water’s color comes from sunlight reflecting off the limestone, which is high in Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3). Stone benches are available where people can sit and admire the scenery.

Quang Si Waterfall travel guide

The waterfall is divided into five sections. The first, towering at approximately 200 meters (cover picture), holds a sacred status, prohibiting swimming. Following this, the water cascades into four additional falls and pools.

The Kuang Si Waterfall, Luang Prabang

In the second section, shallow water and steps characterize the landscape. Subsequently, the third section offers an opportunity for a refreshing dip, where the natural flow of water provides a therapeutic massage. Moving forward, the fourth section boasts a spacious pool ideal for swimming. Lastly, the fifth and final section may be small, but the water is deep.

Hike Up to The Mouth of Kuang Si Waterfall

On both sides of the final cascade, paths lead to the top of the waterfall. The left path has stairs, which are easy for elderly people to navigate. The right path is shorter but slippery compared to the stairs. We went up the slippery path and came down the steep stairs.

The head of Kuang Si Waterfall

Once you reach the top, you can’t see the waterfall below. Even along the trail, the waterfall isn’t visible. However, a large inviting pool is surrounded by greenery, perfect for swimming. You’ll also find a swing and a relaxing sitting area at the top.

Rice Farms

Rice terraces near Luang Prabang

On your way back from Kuang Si, make a pit stop at the Rice Farm Cafe to catch a breathtaking sunset over the rice fields. The charming brown huts amidst the lush green fields create a picturesque scene. Take some time to unwind before heading back to town.

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