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48 Hours/ Weekend Itinerary To Mysore, Karnataka

Mysore is one of the most culturally rich cities in Karnataka. The place has so much history in its temples and palaces. Furthermore, it also offers scenic beauty, which is easy on the eyes and rejuvenates you. So, a trip to the place is a must for all travelers and explorers. What’s even better is that the people are warm and welcoming, and the food is truly finger-lickin’ good! 

Although you can spend a few days in this city, a weekend trip can also be your perfect getaway. We are sure you’ll have a memorable journey and take quite a few things back home. If you want to make a trip out of the weekend, we’ve got you covered. In this itinerary, we will take you through the best places to visit, how you can reach the city, and pepper some intriguing facts about the heritage city.

So, use this Mysore Itinerary as a travel guide on your journey, as it will help you plan your mini-holiday and make the most out of your tour.

Mysore Itinerary

Before we jump in, here are a few fun facts: 

Interesting Facts

Exploring the streets of Mysore
Exploring the streets of Mysore
  • The present state of Karnataka was actually called Mysore until 1973.
  • The Wodeyars ruled the kingdom of Mysore between 1399 and 1947. Wodeyars are the only royal family in the history of India to have ruled for over 500 years straight. The royal family exists even today.
  • The world-famous Dussehra festival is lavishly celebrated every year at Mysore.
  • The city is the second most populated in the Karnataka state after Bengaluru.
  • The silk sarees, Pak (a sweet), and the sandal soaps you get in this place are named after the city itself.

Best Time To Visit

Although Mysore can be visited throughout the year, the best months to visit Mysore are the winter months, from October to February. The temperature is relatively colder and aids tourists in exploring the city without getting too tired.

Languages Spoken

The people in the city speak Kannada. But if you do not know the language, you can also communicate in English and Hindi. 

Most people understand English and Hindi to a great extent, and you can get by for a basic conversation about destinations, prices, and more.

Network Availability

Prominent internet service providers, Airtel and Jio, provide 4G services throughout the city. The network is fast and reliable. So you wouldn’t have to worry about going AWOL or not being able to reach out to people over the phone or the internet. 

ATM Availability

Since Mysore is a city, there are enough ATMs across the place. In fact, most shops and businesses accept digital payment via Google Pay or PhonePe. However, carry some cash with you in case you need it for emergencies or you’re going to a far-off location from the city.

How To Reach?

By Air

The nearest airport is the Mysuru airport (Airport code: MYQ, 12 Km). From the airport, a fifteen-minute drive by public transport or a cab will take you to the city’s center.

By Train

Mysuru Junction railway station (Station code – MYS) is the city’s main train station. This station is well-connected to many South and North Indian cities. Located in the city center, this is the cheapest and easiest way to reach Mysore.

By Road

Mysore district has good road connectivity. The government-run KSRTC and private buses also offer services to other districts and neighboring states. The intercity buses have a separate bus terminal and can take you to all the sightseeing places across Mysore.

Exploring Mysore

Buses are frequent, and locals use them all the time. Popular cab services like Ola and Uber are available in the main city for you to commute to different places. However, if you don’t want to be tied down to any of this, you can hire a two-wheeler to go in and around the city.

Where To Eat?

Since Mysore is in the Southern part of the country, the South Indian food here is the most authentic and the best. In fact, it is also the most prevalent cuisine as well. But besides these, numerous restaurants offer excellent food from other cuisines. 

A few of our favorite restaurants include Original Hanumandhu Devi Mess, Since 1930, and Vinayaka Mylari. While you’re trying different dishes, do not miss the most popular sweet of the region, the Mysore Pak.

Note: Doorstep food delivery services like Zomato and Swiggy are available.

Where To Stay?

Mysore is home to hotels, homestays, hostels, and luxury resorts. You can choose any accommodation based on your budget and the amenities you want. In fact, you can select the location based on the distance from the city center as well. So, booking a stay won’t be a hassle. Here are a few recommendations.


Mysore Itinerary

We’ve curated the list of sites and destinations such that if you visit Mysore for even a single day, you can visit the places mentioned under the Day 1 section. But if you go for a weekend trip, you can follow the Day 2 itinerary. Furthermore, if you stay longer, check out the historic palaces and other places in Mysore.

Day 1

Chamundeshwari Temple

Chamundeshwari temple, Mysore

Start your day with the beautiful sunrise you can witness from the Chamundi hills. If you’re a spiritual being, the Chamundeshwari Temple here is a must-go place. Situated 13 km from the city, the Chamundeshwari temple is a popular temple over 1000 years old, dedicated to Goddess Durga, an incarnation of Goddess Parvati. 

Royal families, pilgrims, and fanatics visit often to seek blessings from the Goddess. During Dussehra, grand rituals and ceremonies take place and transform the complete aura of the place. 

Alternatively, if you’re not a spiritual person, the place has something for you as well. The intricate architecture and the quadrangular-style structure depict the classic Dravidian culture and are a sight to behold. Above and beyond this, the hill at 3489 m also offers a bird’s eye view of the complete Mysore city.

The well-laid motorable road leads you to the hilltop. The government-run KSRTC buses run every day for pilgrims and visitors. After you exit the temple, you can have breakfast and begin your descent.

Lalitha Mahal Palace

Lalitha Mahal Palace

Residing at the foothills of the Chamundi hills, Lalitha Mahal Palace is another site you can stop by on your way back from the Chamundeshwari Temple. The Maharaja’s Palace is a two-storey structure that hosts important guests such as the Viceroy of India. The white color and overall architecture exude royalty and will leave you amazed. 

Interestingly, the Palace is also a 3-star luxury hotel where people can stay, but access to visitors is restricted to the ground floor and the restaurant. The first floor is for residents only. Furthermore, the place is open only for certain hours, and you must pay an entry fee. You can check these out in the detailed blog.

St. Philomena Cathedral

St. Philomena Church

The second-tallest church in all of Asia, St. Philomena Cathedral, has stunning symmetrical architecture. Built for European residents in 1804, the design has a Gothic vibe and seems to cater to the Europeans and their style of buildings. Every inch of the structure’s exterior carries overtones of panache and splendor. This includes stained glass windows, Corinthian columns, plastered niches, and more.

The church’s twin spires stand tall at a majestic height of 175 feet, where one cannot capture the full frame without using a wide-angle lens by standing inside the premises. So if you’re a photographer, ensure you carry the necessary equipment to capture the church in all its glory.

Mysore Palace

Side view of the Mysore palace

Also known as Amba Vilasa, Mysore Palace is the second most visited palace in the country. You get a glimpse of the aristocratic and noble life and can only imagine what it would have been like to live in such as mesmerizing place. 

Every nook and corner is built with such precision that it makes you wonder how such a magnificent piece of structure was created by man in a time devoid of current technologies. We have created a comprehensive guide that describes the palace and its diverse facets, which can elevate your experience when you visit the palace.

This is the one place you must visit because, without this, your trip to Mysore would be incomplete. See this place for yourself and maybe try telling us about it because we can’t find the words to portray such a work of art. 

Brindavan Gardens

Brindavan gardens, Mysore - at night

A brief ride from the city will lead you to the evergreen Brindavan Gardens. Take a stroll around the park and witness perfectly groomed terrace gardens, fountains, and clean walkways. On the other side, you will find the Krishna Raja Sagar (KRS) dam. After dawn, you can cross the waterfront via a boat or a bridge and experience the music and light show.

Day 2

Mysuru Zoo

Mysuru Zoo

Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, or Mysuru Zoo, is a conservatory for wild animals. The zoo offers exemplary welfare services for the animals. In addition, the place also conducts conservation breeding of endangered species, houses exotic animals from around the globe, and persistently improves the natural habitat of captive animals. The zoo also serves as a good educational experience for school kids. At present, the zoo is home to more than 1450 specimens comprising 150 species from 25+ countries.

Karanji Lake

Boating at Karanji lake

Located beside the zoo, Karanji lake is a clean spot that offers tired travelers a calm and serene atmosphere. A few activities inside the park include pedal or motor boating, bird watching from the watchtower, walking, watching colorful peacocks inside the peacock park, playing at the children’s park, and buying plants from the forest nursery, to name a few.

Buy Mysore Silk Sarees

Mysore silk sarees are famous among Indians and foreigners for their fine quality. Visit the Government Silk Factory, where you can witness the craftsmanship and the making of such sarees. The sheer skill involved will leave you baffled as you see artisans at work. You can also get a walkthrough of the entire weaving process, right from choosing the thread to finishing silk sarees. Apart from this, there is also an outlet where you can buy these sarees.


Somnathpura Chennakesava temple, Mysore

The Chennakesava Temple at Somnathpur is an architectural marvel and depicts Hoysala-style. The sculptures are minute, with intricate details depicting stories from Indian epics, ancient popular Puranas, and more. This 13th-century old temple still stands strong even today, but no poojas are performed inside the temple. Curious to know the reason? Read about Somnathpur in detail. Although it is slightly far from the city and is on the outskirts (35 Km from the city center), it is worth visiting this place.

Talakadu & Shivanasamudra falls (Optional)

Shivanasamudra waterfall - Barachukki, Gaganachukki falls

En route to Bangalore, do visit the Talakadu and Shivanasamudra falls, namely Barachukki and Gaganachukki. If you have more time on your hand, check out the list of 15 fascinating things to do in Mysore.

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