Offbeat places to visit in Phuket , Thailand

Offbeat Places To Visit In Phuket (For Free)

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The tourist operators in Phuket will tend to suggest similar tours and take you to the same places. We suggest you ditch those cliched tours with Big Buddha, Tiger Kingdom, or Andamanda Phuket and try the places listed below. We promise it would be a welcome change from the crowded, touristy, over-hyped attractions. 

Phuket has many beautiful places, with several private beaches and viewpoints you should not miss. What is more, you would be free of the masses, allowing you to explore the shores of Phuket and soak in the island at your own pace. Or you could always hop onto a Grab bike or car and get to these places. 

Offbeat Places To Visit In Phuket, Thailand

1. Local Flea Market

Local market in Phuket

Trust us. With a grand total of few, this everyday evening market is filled with locals. Thank us when you get some steal deals, delicious Thai food, the freshest vegetables and fruits, and much more. Located close to the harbor, the flea market also allows you a glimpse into several marine organisms. The prices are fixed and written down on the boards. The locals are amiable and incredibly patient in explaining anything you want. 

2. Giypsy Beach

Giypsy beach and Gipsy village in Phuket

The Gipsy beach is where single waves hit the shores endlessly on the sands. And it looks as poetic as it sounds. The experience of watching the sun sink, painting the sky in a dozen hues, with the sand under our hands was an out-of-body experience. Aside from a couple of beachfront cafes, there were no tourists when we visited this hidden gem. We took a leisure walk along the Sea Gypsy village, where the speed boats to Phi Phi island start.

Another enthralling beach is Mai Khao Beach, which is near the Phuket International Airport. You can see flights landing so close it feels right above your head.

3. Patong Beach Viewpoint

Patong beach viewpoint, Phuket

Anything less crowded to behold has our hearts. The space close to the Bluepoint Luxury Condominiums Patong is one of the best viewpoints to see Patong Beach from up high. The entire shoreline is visible from the top. You can see parked boats, paragliders flying high up in the sky, and jet skiers making circles in the water. We stumbled upon this place while walking towards Freedom Beach. The best adventures are the ones where you do not have a map. 

4. Explore The Old Town

Phuket old town or old quarters

When you compare this to the Bangla Walking Street, the streets of the old town attract fewer tourists. With colorful and picture-worthy buildings, the old town is the perfect spot to hop between cafes, museums, and restaurants. The decorative streetlights add to the charm, and so does the fact that despite the absence of traffic police, people quaintly follow the rules. You can hop onto the local bus from here to Patong Beach. 

5. Visit A Buddhist Shrine

Phuket boasts over twenty-five temples, of which Big Buddha and Chaithararam temple (Wat Chalong) are the most popular. And we say, skin them to visit these much quieter temples – Phra Thong Temple, Wat Khao Rang Samakkhitham, and Wichit Sankaram Temple, to name a few.

This is a brief list of the things you can do in Phuket. We will constantly update the sheet with more hidden gems as we explore them. And if you happen to stumble across places that will not be filled with tourists, you can mail us at, and we’ll add you to the list.

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