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Stock Content: Never Run Out Of Blog Post Ideas

Like most bloggers, sometimes you might find yourself staring at a blank screen trying to come up with fresh content. One of the biggest problems that seem to plague even the most experienced bloggers is writer’s block. We wish to assure you that we are all in this together. But what makes them experienced writers are their strategies to push through the block and produce content that is informative and appealing to their audience.

Regardless of whether you are a novice or an experienced blogger, we are glad to put forth our ideas that we have tested in several instances that might benefit you or give you the edge needed to gather blog post ideas and continue being creative.

With 100+ blogs in our satchel, we have curated this blog post to ensure you never run out of ideas, irrespective of your niche.

Stocking Content & It’s Advantage

Advantages Of Stocking Ideas

  • It makes blogging the joyous task it is meant to be. You find the entire process more streamlined as you have already organized them in your head.
  • Even while you’re away on a vacation, stocking content will help you remain consistent and ensure that your blogging calendar has only tick marks on your publishing schedule.
  • There might be days when no ideas seem to occur, and that is fine. But, having an article in your content arsenal will help you to fill these gaps.

Best Ways To Stock Content

Sometimes, we might experience moments where we have too many viable content ideas. It is tedious and difficult for us to remember them all. However, by noting them down online or offline, you can ensure that the idea is never lost.

  • Make a list of blog content ideas on a spreadsheet. Group them into relevant categories and create a new document using Google docs for each blog post idea. This method ensures you don’t just have a blank idea. Spending time mulling over it ensures that it is viable when you require it.
  • Any note-taking app on your mobile phone to ensure that none of your eureka moments are missed.
  • Notebook. Sometimes the most fundamental tools help you create the most monumental content.

Twin’s Tip: When you decide to write about a blog post idea, always write a corresponding hint or a list about what the topic is about. This will serve as the context for when you decide to expand and write upon the idea.

Gather Ideas For Your Next Blog

It is hard to comprehend, but we can assure you that you never have to worry about running out of blog post ideas! As it turns out, there are several simple and effective means to keep yourself inspired and content ready.

Social Media

Leverage the content posted on the social media platforms such as podcasts, YouTube, and Pinterest. Keep in mind that we are not telling you to plagiarize, in the content community there are few things as unethical copying content. We are recommending you get inspired by other creators and jumpstart your creative flow. If you do happen to source their content in your work, do the right thing by giving credit to the true owner of the content. 

Even a simple Instagram reel or YT short can be the source of your inspiration to pen down a blog of over 1000 words. 

The only factor that matters is always ensuring your content is authentic, original, and true.

Asking your Audience

Asking audience for feedback and ideas

Asking your audience is one of the surest ways to garner insights on the type of content expected from you. After all, it is for them that you produce content. You can create outreach content that addresses the various queries of your readers. Your readers tend to be curious about you, and showcasing your personality through these types of content helps the audience connect with you and legitimizes your platform. 

We generally tend to ask our friends and our followers on Instagram in the Q&A section and have written blogs addressing them. Sometimes, you might not be able to answer their questions at that time, but make a note of it and address it later. Everyone likes to be heard, so ensure your blogging platform is one that accommodates that when possible.

There is no shortage of these inspirations on platforms like Quora, Medium, Reddit, or AnswerThePublic


‘Eureka!’ moments are rare, and there is no real step-by-step plan that guarantees you will have them. However, we have found that the comments section of our blog is a place where the moment frequents. They especially tend to be frequent when you comb through the comments section of your competitor’s website. 

Comments generate a lot of noise and yes, it is home to internet trolls. But ignore them and do go through your comments. Even the comments on YouTube and Instagram can be discussed in a new blog post. Interact with your readers, and produce content that they request. It is a great way to build a community and for you to discover yourself as a writer.

Google Tools

You can find voluminous amounts of information from the Google Search Results Page (SERP) and also from other free Google tools like Google Trends—to remain appraised of current trends, Webmaster tools (every keyword searched on Google is logged in this tool), and search console, etc.

There have been more than a few times when we stumbled upon Google’s related searches section and FAQ blocks for blog ideas. We capitalized on these ideas by writing blog posts on them to improve the topical authority or even as follow-up posts.

Similar Websites

Being crafty goes a long way when you are analyzing competitors. But, be authentic about it. If there is a post of your competitor that inspired you, do contribute in some way that expresses gratitude in some form—can be a like, follow, share, mention, or even a request to guest blog. Seek inspiration from anywhere and everywhere, and when you implement them, ensure it is properly affirmed. 

Type “your niche” on Google and open the websites that rank. Go to their resources or blogs section. Check what your niche-specific bloggers are producing and fuel your creative process.

Alternatively, you can try googling  Blog Topic Ideas For “your niche”


Apart from general forums like Quora, some forums are specific to industry or niche. Google “Your niche + forum” lists numerous forums specific to your niche. The topics discussed on these forums could become potential blog posts, or at the very least, you can tailor your content around them.


Searching for content ideas in publications and magazines

Daily newspapers (great for a fresh and regional subject), monthly magazines published by popular companies, and email newsletters from bloggers are great ways to collect content ideas for your website. An interesting article written in a newspaper might serve as the root of other blog topic ideas.

Conference & Round Table Discussions

The topics discussed in the Meetup app, events, round table discussions, webinars, and conferences are generally some of the prime topics in the market, and certainly worth writing a blog post on. Include them in your list if your readers might benefit from them.

Blog Topic Generators

There are also online tools that help in brainstorming blog topics. Just type your niche or a broad topic that you have in mind. We found that Copy AI’s blog post generator tool is better when compared to others like HubSpot or Portent. 

There is an ocean of possibilities surrounding you. You just have to look for them at the right place. Now that you know where to seek inspiration for your upcoming blog posts, we hope you never run out of it. 

If you find this article useful, share it with your beloved content creators who are struggling to create new content every time.

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