Find The 6 Forgotten Giants In Greater Copenhagen

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“Forgotten Giants” is a project by Thomas Dambo, a famous recycling art activist. He, with the help of local volunteers, built the six large sculptures from scrapwood and recycled materials that are hidden in the greater Copenhagen area. This allows you to go on a treasure hunt in a nature-rich terrain making for an experience that is exciting and unique. At the least, it is sure to provide you with an engaging weekend.

Guidebook To Find The Forgotten Giants

How to Find the Giants?

All six can be visited on the same day, and the places are well-marked on Google Maps. You just have to enter your destination from your current location to find the route. 

Cycling/ Hiking

The hiking or cycling trail is the same. Both are economical but require time and a lot of physical strain. Check the weather and wear appropriate clothes. Good shoes are a must as they involve long distances. If you cannot cover all six in one day, plan for two days. 

Car/ Public Transport

Both car and public transport happen to lean towards being more expensive, despite requiring less physical taxation. Regardless, you might have to walk from the bus stop/parking lot to the destination. Use Rejseplannen (Android, IOS) or the DOT tickets app (Android, IOS) to check your ideal transport options. 

Since there are no dedicated parking spaces, you have to look for nearby spaces. It is usually free for a couple of hours.


Entry Fee

You are free to visit all the giants as they do not require any entrance fee. They are purposely placed amidst nature to attract visitors.

Opening Hours

You can visit the Giants any time. You can explore them around the clock.

Best Time to Visit


Any day when the sun is out is perfect for doing this activity. If not, take necessary precautions to brace for the weather accordingly.

Restroom Availability

Search in Google Maps for “Public toilet” to find the one closest to your location. They are generally clean and free to use. Otherwise, attend to nature’s call at the discretion that nature provides.

Signal Strength

The mobile network connectivity is pretty good throughout the path. We did not face any issues in connecting to the internet.


If you are planning to explore for 2 days, go home and continue the journey the next day. Although there are no separate stay options near the giants, you are free to pitch your tent, and make it a camping trip or find Shelter (Android, IOS).

Where to Eat?

Not many restaurants or supermarkets can be found en route. You have to take a detour if you find yourself craving a bite. Should you take a detour to a restaurant, it is always a good idea to use the restroom, refill your water bottle, and maybe charge your phone at the establishment itself. 

Our Experience

I was on the lookout for engaging outdoor activities to do on a weekend. When I was surfing Google, this caught my attention, it resonated with my traveler’s bones. So, after being a footnote on my to-do list for a few days, my friend and I finally decided and planned a weekend to hike this trail and find the six forgotten giants on foot. 

On the first day, we started our hike from our home and could visit only three. But our quest to find the other three was unsatiable which made us explore the other three the next day. We walked around 50 km in a span of 2 days. We were delightfully surprised by the different landscapes that change along the route, allowing us to experience the lakes and harbors, the parks, beautiful small bridges, arid open lands, and boring highways. 


Although it was a bit challenging, every time we found the hidden giant we felt as delighted as Indiana Jones felt when he found some lost piece of archeology. We took some snacks, packed our lunch boxes, and carried enough water for the journey. 

The Six Forgotten Giants

Despite the temptation of exploring the closing giant to you, we suggest you follow the below order as it is the shortest route. You can map these giants on Google Maps and customize a route for yourself to get started.

1. Sleeping Louis


Sleeping Louis is taking a peaceful nap on the small hill amid nature. It is made in such a way that you can enter the open mouth and take a nap inside. It is named after Thomas’s old assistant from England to honor his hard work and the efforts he had undertaken to aid him in finishing this sculpture.

  • Located municipality: Rødovre 
  • Hiking distance from Sleeping Louis to Hill Top Trine: 5.5 Km

2. Hill Top Trine


Trine is resting on the hilltop overlooking Avedøresletten which can be admired by climbing into her palms. It is named after one of the volunteers.

  • Located municipality: Hvidovre 
  • Hiking distance from Hill Top Trine to Oscar Under The Bridge: 8.7 Km

3. Oscar Under The Bridge


Oscar is beautifully located hanging under the bridge by the water. It is named after an artist from Chile who helped in building the sculpture.

  • Located municipality: Ishøj 
  • Hiking distance from Oscar Under The Bridge to Little Tilde: 6.5 Km

4. Little Tilde


As the name implies, Tilde is comparatively small and is found peeking at the lake between the trees. Thomas also made 28 birdhouses inside the sculpture providing shelter for birds and squirrels. It is named after one of the volunteers. 

You will find a small cable ferry from Little Tilde that enables you to pull yourself across the stream, which was the cherry atop the cake, of the entire chef’s kiss of a hike.

  • Located municipality: Vallensbæk 
  • Hiking distance from Little Tilde to Thomas On The Mountain: 500 meters after crossing the lake or 1.4 Km.

5. Thomas On The Mountain


Thomas can be found chilling on the mountain amidst a spectacular view of Albertsund. His legs are so long that you can sit and even comfortably entertain company. It is named after Thomas’s intern who was also named Thomas. The Giant was given the name to honor the monumental impact the intern had in carrying the entire Six Giants project to fruition.

  • Located municipality: Albertslund 
  • Hiking distance from Thomas On The Mountain to Teddy Friendly: 6.3 Km

6. Teddy Friendly


Teddy helps the people cross the stream by extending his hands. It was named after a teacher who has the reputation of being a very amiable and hardworking person.

  • Located municipality: Høje Taastrup 

This hike followed in the manner prescribed above will ensure you focus purely on the experience of the hike, and explore the nontouristy places, keeping you a safe distance away from the crowds. Hikes like this that engage with you, while also giving you the freedom to explore and appreciate nature make being a traveler so much more fulfilling. Stay tuned to be amused by even more unique experiences. Let us know in the comments about your experience and if your scavenger hunt was successful. We are also open to mapping out other hiking suggestions that you may be aware of.

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