Malaikottai or Rockfort

A Guide To Our Hometown – Trichy (Tiruchirapalli)

“Our feet may leave but not our hearts” 

True to this saying, our hometown, aka Tiruchi or Trichy, is very close to our hearts. We were born and brought up in this city and have enjoyed staying here for more than two decades. We have explored every nook, savored the regional cuisine, and shopped extensively in this beautiful city to date.

This post encompasses all the prerequisite information you would need while visiting our hometown. We have also shared some of our favorite to-do’s to ensure you experience our city in the best possible way.

Tiruchirapalli – Get To Know About the Rock City

Unique Facts

  • Located at the geographic center of the state, Trichy is the only district in Tamilnadu to share its boundary with 10 other districts.
  • Trichy Day is celebrated on the 1st of June of every year.
  • Ranks 12th in the list of Best Livable Cities in India and one of the best in Tamilnadu.
  • One of the top 10 Cleanest Cities in India.
  • The 5th safest city for women in India.

Best Time To Visit

Trichy is generally hot. The temperature oscillates between 20℃ and 45℃. Although you can visit the city any time of the year, as long-term residents, we feel the best time is from July to January to escape the heat and humidity.

Languages Spoken

Tamil is the regional language and is widely spoken. Most people are Bilingual and have proficient knowledge of English.

Network Availability

Prominent internet service providers Airtel and Jio provide 4G services throughout the city. The network is fast and reliable.

ATM Availability

There are many ATMs available across Trichy. As digital payments are not popular in the region, it is wise to carry sufficient cash and your debit/credit card with you at all times.

How To Reach

By Air

The only airport available in the district is Tiruchirapalli International Airport (Airport Code – TPZ) which operates international flights from the Middle East and South East Asia. From the airport, a twenty-minute drive via public transport or a cab will take you to the center of the city.

By Train

Tiruchirapalli Junction (Station code – TPJ) is the main railway station in the city. This station connects many South Indian cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Trivandrum, Mangalore, Ernakulam, and Kanyakumari, to name a few. This is the cheapest and easiest way to reach Trichy.

By Road

Trichy district is well-connected with the roadways. Public transport covers all of the district’s nooks and corners and is the most convenient option for exploration purposes. The government-run TNSTC buses and private buses offer services to other districts and neighboring states as well.

Getting Around Trichy

Buses are frequent and locals use them all the time. Mobile applications-based cab services like Ola and Uber are available in the main city.

Where To Eat


You can find almost any South Indian dish in Trichy. The majority of the restaurants here provide good quality food in large varieties. Some of our favorite restaurants and dishes include mini tiffin at Sangeethas, a buffet lunch at Dimora, and non-veg at Kannappa. Also, never forget to drop by the famous ‘Seekings’ Ice creams.

Note: Online food delivery services Zomato and Swiggy are available in Trichy.

Where To Stay

Although there are no hostels or homestays for tourists, there are numerous hotels to stay in the city. Here are a few recommendations.

Shopping In Trichy

You can buy branded items at Thillai Nagar and Karur Bypass Road. However, we recommend you go street shopping and support local vendors who provide similar products at a much lower price. Theppakulam and Periya Kadai Veethi are the best choices. Shopping from local vendors also gives you a clearer picture of the city and provides you with a refreshing experience. 

Places To Visit

Malaikottai Or Rock Fort

View of Trichy city from Rockfort
View of the city from the top of Rock-fort

3.8 billion years old, older than the great Himalayas, the rock fort is the most prominent landmark of Tiruchirapalli. Located at the heart of the city, this historic fort stands tall at 83 m which can be reached by climbing around 400 stairs. The best part is that, from the summit, one can get fantastic views of the whole town, the Kaveri and Kollidam rivers, and the gopurams of Srirangam. 

There are three temples and each has a dedicated story in Hindu mythology.

  • Manikka Vinayagar Temple at the base, dedicated to Lord Ganesha
  • ThayumanaSwamy Temple at the midway of the hill fort, dedicated to Lord Shiva
  • Ucchi Pillayar temple at the top, dedicated to Lord Ganesha
  • Distance from Chatram Bus Stand: 1 Km
  • Timing: 5:30 AM – 12 PM, 4 PM – 8 PM
  •  Best time to visit: Throughout the year
  •  Journey Difficulty: Easy
  •  Entry fee: Free for Manikka Vinayagar Temple, For the other two temples and reaching the top, Rs. 3 per person, Rs.20 for the photo camera, Rs. 100 for a video camera.
  • Climb time: 20-30 mins
  •  Parking facilities: Not Available

Srirangam Or Thiruvarangam Temple

view of Srirangam gopurams lit at night

Srirangam is a 600-acre island river town. The identity of the town, the first among 108 Divya Desams – Sri Ranganathaswamy temple or Srirangam temple lies on an islet formed by the rivers of Kaveri and Coleroon (Kollidam). This Vaishnava temple is dedicated to Lord Ranganatha or Vishnu. Spread across 156 acres of land, it has 81 shrines, 21 gopurams (tower gateways), 39 pavilions, and many water tanks integrated into the complex. This makes it the world’s largest functioning Hindu temple after Angkor Wat. The granaries, inscriptions, mandapams or halls, and sculptures built inside prove to be one of the oldest. The temple celebrates festivals year-round and Vaikunta Ekadashi is the most famous among them.

  • Distance from Chatram Bus Stand: 12 Km
  • Darshan timings: 9 AM – 12 PM, 1:15 PM – 9 PM. These timings change during festival days.
  •  Best time to visit: Throughout the year
  •  Temple entry fee: Free. Extra charges for quick darshan.
  •  Parking facilities: No dedicated parking. People park on either side of the road near the north or east entrance.


Puliyancholai water stream and trekking path

Located at the base of the Kolli hills, and concealed by lush forests, Puliyancholai is a favorite picnic spot for the locals. The water flowing from Aagayagangai waterfalls, which are said to have medicinal properties flows through the base, Puliyancholai. There is a trekking route (5 – 6 hours one way) to reach the Aagayagangai waterfall which can be done only after getting permission from the Forest Department Officer.

The water at Puliyancholai is of shallow depth and people enjoy the water from the flowing streams. There is also a park, unfortunately, it is not well maintained. Fresh seafood, jackfruit, and pineapple are sold here. Food shacks and mini-restaurants are also available in the area.

  • Distance from Chatram Bus Stand: 70 Km
  • Timings: Open 24*7. But it is safer to visit before it gets dark
  • Best time to visit: September to March
  •  Entry fee: Free
  •  Parking facilities: Available
  • Restroom Facilities: Not available
  • Nearby attractions: Pithukuli cave and Shiva temple

Grand Anicut Or Kallanai

Kallanai Dam in its full glory

Built by Karikala Cholan in 100 B.C., it is the fourth oldest water diversion or water-regulator structure in the world and the oldest in India that is still in use. It is one of the prime spots in Tamil Nadu. It is constructed to divert waters of the Kaveri River to the delta districts to boost irrigation. The two rivers Kollidam and Cauvery join at Kallanai which then splits into four streams. There is also a well-maintained children’s park.

  • Distance from Chatram Bus Stand: 15 Km
  • Timings: 7 AM – 6 PM
  • Best time to visit: September to March
  • Entry fee: Free
  • Park entry fee: Rs. 5 per person
  •  Parking facilities: Available
  • Restroom Facilities: Available

Butterfly Park

Butterfly park

Spread over 35 acres of land, this green paradise has a 1.2 Km walkway for visitors with fountains, artificial ponds with boating for kids, suspended bridges, sculptures to attract visitors, a children’s park, and huts to rest, making it an ideal place for family and kids. Unlike the name, there aren’t many butterflies to be found in the vicinity. The area is well-maintained by the government. It is a picturesque place, hidden from the city. There is also an eatery that serves snacks and cool drinks.

The park also includes a ‘Nakshatra Vanam’, or a collection of trees that corresponds to the Zodiac signs and stars based on Indian astrology. This park features 27 trees or plant species corresponding to 27 stars of the Hindu almanac and 12 trees or plant species corresponding to the Zodiac signs. Visitors can plant a tree free of cost according to their sign, making your visit here truly memorable.

  • Distance from Chatram Bus Stand: 15 Km
  • Timings: 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM. Closed on Tuesdays.
  • Entry fee: Rs. 5 for children, Rs. 10 for Adults. Extra charges for the camera.
  • Time required: 2-3 hours
  •  Parking facilities: Available. Rs 10 for two-wheelers
  • Restroom Facilities: Available but not well maintained

Note: There is no public transport available to reach Butterfly Park. The only way to reach the park is by vehicle.

St. Joseph’s Church

St. Joseph's church or Our Lady Of Lourdes Church

Also known as Our Lady Of Lourdes Church or St. Joseph’s Church is one of the oldest churches situated in the center of the city. The main tower standing tall at 220 feet is an icon of Trichy. Constructed in the Gallo catholic design, it is a replica of Our Lady Of Lourdes Church in France. To maintain its antiquity, the exterior of the church has not been renovated over the years but has been maintained regularly to ensure sturdiness while retaining its vintage charm. Prayer masses are conducted every day at specific times.

  • Distance from Chatram Bus Stand:  800 m
  • Timings: 5 AM – 7:30 PM
  • Entry fee: Free
  • Parking facilities: Available.
  • Restroom Facilities: Available.

Kaveri Bridge

Cauvery bridge

Best hangout spot for both locals and tourists. You get to bask in the cool breeze while you stroll the length of the bridge (0.61 Km) during morning and evening hours. There is street food and chat snacks on either side of the bridge for you to take a quick bite while enjoying your walk. A great place to appreciate the most beautiful sunrises with your friends.

  • Distance from Chatram Bus Stand: 1.5 Km
  • Timings: No specific timings. But police will question if you hang out at late night
  • Best time to visit: Morning and evening
  • Entry fee: Free
  •  Parking facilities: Not available
  • Restroom Facilities: Not available

Mukkombu Dam

Mukkombu dam with flowing water

Upper Anaicut or Mukkombu dam, constructed in 1836 is about 685 m long.  It splits the water that is coming from Mettur into two rivers, Kollidam and Cauvery, thereby named Mukkombu which means “three branches” in Tamil, the native language. Favorite picnic spot among locals and tourists, especially for people who fancy themselves as ornithologists, as many migratory birds come here. The picturesque place is also packed with parks and eateries. This place also has great fish-centric snack vendors.

  • Distance from Chatram Bus Stand: 15 Km
  • Timings: 10 AM – 5 PM
  • Best time to visit: July-January
  • Entry fee: Rs. 5 per person. Charges for vehicles and cameras are collected separately.
  •  Parking facilities: Available
  • Restroom Facilities: Available but not well maintained.

Note: Direct buses are available to reach the place. But, we recommend, you take your vehicle or use shared auto services to cover most of the place.

Anna Science Center-Planetarium

Anna science centre - Planetarium entrance
Image Souce: Wikipedia

This place is for kids, and any space enthusiasts who are interested in anything beyond earth, the ecosystem, and biodiversity. Two theatres, one related to space (screen time: 40 – 60 mins) and a science 3D show will be screened at specific timings. There is also an herbal garden, an evolution park, and an environment gallery prompting the budding generation to learn more about the environment, animals, and scientists respectively. A canteen with snacks and cool drinks is available inside the campus. This place is highly recommended for parents looking to spend time with their kids in a productive manner.

The Science Centre hosts frequent sky watch programs where you can view celestial objects through a provided telescope for free. Such programs are also conducted during eclipses.

  • Distance from Chatram Bus Stand: 9 Km
  • Timings: 10 AM – 5:45 PM
  • Theatre show timings: 10:30 AM, 1 PM, 3:30 PM, 4:45 PM (Tamil), 11:45 AM, 2:15 PM (English)
  • Closed: Only on Republic Day, Independence Day, and Gandhi Jayanthi
  • Entry fee: Rs. 45 per adult and Rs. 25 per child. The ticket price is inclusive of all the shows.
  •  Parking facilities: Available
  • Restroom Facilities: Available


Pachamalai - Koraiyaru waterfalls
Koraiyaru waterfall

Spread across three districts, Pachamalai translates to “Green Hills.” It is located in the Eastern Ghats mountain ranges and is home to three main waterfalls including Korayaru Falls, Chinna Mangalam Falls, and Mayil Oothu waterfall. Numerous guided trekking tours through water streams and pristine forests are offered by the Tamil Nadu Tourism Department. These tour packages also include stay and meals.

The indigenous tribes of these hills are called ‘Malaiali’, and they are not to be confused with people from Kerala, who are called ‘Malayali’. ‘Malaiali’ when translated means people who reside in mountains, signifying the place they reside. While ‘Malayali’, when translated means people who speak Malayalam, the native language of people from Kerala. This hotspot is a must-visit for nature lovers and trekking enthusiasts.

  • Distance from Chatram Bus Stand: 86 Km
  • Timings: No specific timings
  • Best time to visit: July-January
  • Entry fee: Free. Additional charges for guided trekking tours.
  • Trekking: Allowed. No permission is needed.
  • Stay option: Available at Top Sengattupatti village.
  • Internet connectivity: Poor or nil

Note: If you wish to see the waterfalls, ask the locals. This is one of the places that are so off the grid that Google Maps can prove to be useless. Since most of the places are covered by forests, go in groups to maximize the experience.

Although a few of the above places are situated on the outskirts of the city, all of them are worth it!

We love our tiny middle of nowhere amazing hometown. We are certain that you would find the place refreshing and intriguing, and over time truly endearing. We would be happy to take you on a city tour, should we be available in our hometown during your visit. Do share this blog with your friends and check how many of these places they have visited. Also, tell us about the uniqueness of your hometowns, as avid travelers we are always on the lookout for great places to explore.

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