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One Day Guide To Amritsar, Punjab

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A city in Punjab, Amritsar is known for its immense spiritual importance in the Sikh community around the world. Home to the Golden Temple, it is littered with vibrant bazaars, restaurants offering delicious Punjabi cuisine, and a rich heritage that attracts tourists and pilgrims alike.

A day trip to this city would be the perfect way to get the most out of the city. The attractions of utmost importance can be covered in a day. This blog serves as a guide to how you can do just that!

Exploring Amritsar In A Day

Best Time To Visit Amritsar

The temperature soars above 40 ℃ during the summer months from April to September, while the months through October to February during the winter are more bearable, with temperatures ranging between 25 – 35 ℃. The monsoon season is set between July and August. We vote that the best time to visit Amritsar is during winter. 

How To Reach?

By Air

Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport (IATA code: ATQ) is the nearest airport, 11 Km from the city. You must take a bus or taxi from the airport to the city center.

By Train

The Amritsar Central Railway Station (Station Code: ASR) is close to the city’s premises and has good connectivity to the nearby cities and towns in Punjab and Northern India.

By Bus

There are several overnight buses available from different nearby states, including Chandigarh, Jammu, Dharamshala, and Delhi. You can easily reach the city via public transport.

Exploring Around

We recommend you choose your accommodation at a walkable distance from the Golden Temple. The places to visit, namely the Golden Temple and Jallianwala Bagh Memorial, are nearby. You can explore them on foot. For the Attari-Wagah Border retreat ceremony, you can take a shared taxi, HOHO bus, or a private cab based on your comfort. You can also rent a two-wheeler or a car that is not needed for a day trip.

Languages Spoken

Hindi and Punjabi are widely spoken in Amritsar. Few people converse in English as well.

Network Availability

Amritsar has reliable and good 4G connectivity for both Jio and Airtel networks.

ATM Availability

There are several ATMs available in the city of Amritsar.

Where To Stay?


Ranging from budget hostels to Airbnb to resorts, Amritsar has numerous accommodation options for visitors to stay. You can choose your stay based on your budget. Here are a few recommendations.

Apart from these, you can also stay at the Golden Temple for FREE for up to three days. Expect only basic comforts and shared restrooms.

Where To Eat?

There are several restaurants in Amritsar. Be sure to check the Google reviews of the restaurants, and you will be good to go. You could also try eating once at the Golden Temple langar.

Punjabi food - Lassi

Atchaya is not a huge fan of lassi, a milk-based drink. But she loved it after tasting it in Punjab. The taste and the quality are unbeatable and can be compared to nowhere else. Lassi is a must-try drink when in Punjab. All the milk-based sweets like Peda and Kova, etc., taste best in Punjab. Kulcha roti is also famous among locals. Be sure to try out these items on your tour. 

Places To Visit In Amritsar

Plan your day so that you can visit the Golden Temple early in the morning. Walk on the heritage street to reach the Jallianwala Bagh Memorial around noon. You can then ride to Attari to witness the Wagah Border retreat ceremony in the evening.

The Golden Temple

Golden Temple complex, Amritsar

Amritsar is considered the holiest city in the books of Sikhism, and the Golden Temple is the religion’s most important gurudwara. Also known as Harimandir Sahib (the house of God), the temple is surrounded by a man-made pool called Amritsar or Amritsarovar (Amrit means nectar, sar, short form of sarovar, means pool) built in the 16th century and the sanctum is connected by a causeway. 

The temple dome, sanctum, doors, exteriors, and interiors are made of marble and gold, giving it its famous name. It is an open house for worship for people from all walks of life and faith. Over 150,000 people visit the temple every day.

The temple complex has a Langer Hall, a community-run kitchen, and a dining hall where vegetarian food is served to people without discrimination every day, round the clock. The list of things you should know before visiting the Golden Temple is explained in a separate blog. Do give it a read!

Jallianwala Bagh Memorial

Jallian Walla Bagh memorial, Amritsar

The tragedy of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre on 13th April 1919 was an important event in the history of India and its independence. During the Baiksakhi festival, a gathering of people assembled at Jallianwala Bagh to protest the Rowlett Act and other oppressive British policies. The horrific story goes on where Colonel Dyer, with his hoard of soldiers, marched into the gathering and ordered an open fire against the unsuspecting and unarmed crowd, marking it as one of the inhumane things that the British rule put our country under. With the exits blocked, over a thousand people, including women and children, lost their lives that fateful day. 

Bullet marks visible on the Jallian Walla Bagh

Even to this day, the bullet marks are visible on the walls of the park. A memorial stands as a remembrance of the lives lost. The galleries exhibit visual representations of the event for the public. They also showcase key aspects of India’s struggle for independence, showcasing the transformation of Punjab over time, and much more.

  • Timings: 6:30 AM – 7:30 PM
  • Entry Fee: Free.

Attari-Wagah Border Retreat Ceremony

Indian BSF and Pakistan Rangers in action

A ceremony worthy of goosebumps occurs every day at the Attari-Wagah international border, located 32 Km from Amritsar. Standing as a testament to patriotism, it happens at sunset before the closing of the border gates. With elaborate drills, the lowering of the flag, and a coordinated display of military pageantry by the Indian Border Security Force (BSF) and the Pakistan Rangers, it is an enthusiastic and wonderful sight to behold.

Attracting spectators from around the globe, the soldiers perform in a mesmerizing manner, with perfect synchronized marching, exuberant high kicks, and other choreographed movements that display national pride and patriotism. With the crowd cheering and chanting, do check out our exclusive blog that covers the details of this particular ceremony!

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