Lesser known beaches of Unawatuna, Sri Lanka - Black sand beach

6 Lesser Known Yet Beautiful Beaches In Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

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Unawatuna is a popular spot for tourists, thalassophiles, and explorers who love to unwind on its beach. The main Unawatuna Beach harbors a vibrant culture as people from all around flock to this place for restaurants, cafes, and parties along the shore. While the place is a haven for anyone who wants to escape the mundane life, Unawatuna has much more to offer. 

Unawatuna is a treasure trove of lesser-known beaches that remain untouched by commercialization and touristy crowds. You can consider these tiny bubbles of serenity where you will stay undisturbed and tap into nature’s tranquility.

In this blog, we invite you to discover these underrated beaches that offer a glimpse into a more secluded and peaceful side of Unawatuna. So, if you’re seeking a beach experience away from the tourist crowds, join us as we dive into the unspoiled beaches we found while exploring around Unawatuna.

Lesser Known Beaches Of Unawatuna

1. Unawatuna Upper Beach

Sunset from the Upper Unawatuna beach
Sunset from the Upper Unawatuna beach

The Upper Beach in Unawatuna is located at the end of the main Unawatuna beach. The place offers a picturesque sunset overlooking a lush line of coconut trees. The site is quite secluded, but we can help you get there. En route to Devoll Devalaya, you’ll encounter Lemongrass Cafe & Restaurant. Turn right after the cafe and walk for about two minutes. The path will lead you to the top of a rock, from where you can see the sun setting on the horizon and the sky splashed with orange and pink hues.

2. Jungle Beach

Jungle beach, Unawatuna

The view of the vast coastline of the Galle and Galle Fort is adorned by Jungle Beach. Surrounded by trees on either side, the beach seems like a shore at the edge of a wild forest. The place is quite relaxing, and very few people will disturb your vibe. A few small shops and a parking space is available at the entrance for you to grab some snacks and refreshments. To reach jungle beach, walk for a KM from the main road, and the short hike will lead you to Jungle Beach.

3. Dalawella Beach

Dalawella beach rope swing

The popular Instagrammable rope swing resides at Dalawella Beach. It is a private swing near the Dream Cabana – Rooms, Restaurant, and Rope Swing. They charge you LKR 500 for 4 swings. People rush to this place at sunset to capture the mesmerizing view of the Gram! The place is quite cool, and swinging at such a height does pump your adrenaline.

4. Turtle Beach

The frog rock
The frog rock

Just after Dalawela Beach lies a huge rock resembling a frog. Walk past that to see a red flag near the Wijaya Beach Restaurant.

Turtle beach, Unawatuna

At that exact spot lie two huge turtles hanging around the seashore. Upon observation, we realized that the turtles were attracted to the area because a man was providing them with food. The man sold the food to the tourists who came to watch the turtles. However, as responsible travelers, we do not support such activities. Nevertheless, the location is exquisite, and it offers a chance to witness turtles in their natural habitat.

5. Black Sand Beach

Black sand beach

Black Sand Beach resides a short distance from Turtle Beach. As the name suggests, the place is home to jet-black sands with a unique aura. The place is also home to coral reefs and stones on the shore and flaunts crystal-clear water, which sets this beach apart.

6. Talpe Beach

Talpe beach

Further away on the same stretch lies a natural swimming pool that has existed for millions of years. You’ll find multiple small, square-shaped rocks varying in depth in the pool. The sight reminds us of a private jacuzzi. Besides this, you will also see a larger pool to take a dip. However, be careful as the rocks are slippery. The place has a changing room and shower for a nominal fee of LKR 250. The community uses the funds to maintain the place.

Note: You can commute from one beach to another by foot. You can hop on a tuk-tuk or use local buses to reach Talpe Beach and take a walk from there if that best serves your convenience.

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