Collection of best travel docuseries available on Netflix

Top 10 Best Travel Docuseries On Netflix

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Travel films have always inspired us. Watching fictional characters explore cities, towns, villages, and countries stirs our wanderlust. We feel hopeful and thrilled at the thought of visiting such places and seeing them through our personal lens. But what we love even more are travel docuseries and the innate sense of realism that comes with them. We get immersed in the journey the narrators take us on and feel like we’re in those places, interacting with those people. So we thought, in a world of movie/book recommendations, why don’t we share our inspirations? So, here are the 10 best travel docuseries on Netflix that inspired us.

Best Travel Docuseries On Netflix

1. Tales by Light

Tales by light
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Genre: Nature, Exploration, Humanity

Tales by Light is a unique Australian docuseries joint venture between National Geographic and Canon. The series showcases photographers capturing different places, people, and moments with a powerful story behind them. 

It is not surprising to see the most picturesque frames in the series. But what was fascinating were the tales of various locations and their inhabitants. You’ll see the series covering a myriad of terrains and kinds of people – whether it’s mountains, forests, tribal areas, deserts, and more. It almost feels like a privilege to know such tales that we don’t come across in today’s world.

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2. Dark Tourist

Genre: Exploration, Adventure, Bleak

For the uninitiated, Dark tourism is a concept where people visit tourist spots that have a bad or dark past associated with them. For instance, Hiroshima is a dark tourist destination as it was the place where the first nuclear bomb was dropped. 

As the name suggests, Dark Tourist is about a journalist and a New Zealand filmmaker who go across countries and continents to visit places that have an unusual history. The series is captured in a grounded yet fascinating way, and you get a closer look at some of the people and places you might have heard/learned about in passing. If you’re someone who is looking for content that is documentary-style yet adventurous, this is your go-to show.

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3. Night On Earth

Night on earth - travel docu series
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Genre: Nocturnal, Nature, Wildlife

The night is mysterious to humankind as we don’t entirely understand what lurks in the shadows. But fret not, for Night on Earth can solve that problem. The docuseries looks at different nocturnal species and their activities using cutting-edge technology that gives us proper visibility into the animals’ behavioral patterns, what they do, and more. The docuseries is quite unique as it blends a mesmerizing aesthetic with a compelling insight into the lives of animal species. 

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4. Magical Andes

Genre: Culture, History, Nature

This 6-part docuseries will take you across 6 nations in South America whose people find their homes in the mountain Andes. It explores their relationship with the mountain and the natural, spiritual, and cultural significance the mountain holds in the lives of those people. The docuseries is insightful and also helps us understand the different ways in which people may perceive nature. It makes us realize that faith can be subjective in different parts of the world, and that’s completely normal.

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5. Our Great National Parks

Genre: Wildlife, Nature, Exploration

Narrated by Barrack Obama, this 5-part docuseries will take you on a journey like no other. You see National Parks from around the world and learn about the species of animals found there. Obama’s narration carries a lot of depth as he educates the viewers about national parks, their significance, and how they help sustain our environment. It’s quite intriguing and you don’t feel bored at any point.

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6. Street Food Asia

Street food Asia
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Genre: Culinary, Culture, Lifestyle

Street Food Asia is one of the best docuseries about food and culture in the Asian continent. It is a spin-off from the series Street Food but somehow seems more relatable and fascinating. The different tales in the show depict how people’s lifestyle is innately connected to the food they eat and enjoy. Food history is portrayed in an interesting fashion, and you also see how people’s stories come to the forefront through the food they prepare and eat. It’s a docuseries that has got a lot of heart in it.

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7. Our Planet

Genre: Wildlife, Marine, Exploration

There’s nobody like David Attenborough when it comes to telling stories about nature, wildlife, and the world we live in. Our Planet showcases how birds and animals across terrains migrate. It dives deep into the mindset of these animals and helps the audience understand the rationale behind their actions. The picturesque frames will keep you captivated throughout the series and leave you dumbfounded.

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8. Down To Earth With Zac Efron

Down to Earth by Zac Efron
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Genre: Lifestyle, Culture, Exploration

Down to Earth is an underrated docuseries where Zac Efron goes around different places worldwide. He travels with a wellness expert to understand different ways to live a healthy and sustainable life. During his journey, he meets different people, learns about their culture, and even participates in different activities of the locals. While some might find the idea of a star trying to be sustainable pretentious, this documentary does shed light on some intriguing practices that are environment-friendly.

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9. Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father

Genre: Comedy, Lifestyle, Family

Comedian Jack Whitehall and his father embark on an adventure in different parts of the world. While the two are travel companions, they have different outlooks on their journey. The series is quite wholesome, funny, and fascinating. While the two explore different cities and countries, we also see their relationship evolve and see how their perception of travel and the world around them shifts through the course of their journey.

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10. Connected: The Hidden Science Of Everything

Connected, the hidden science of everything
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Genre: Science, Nature, Lifestyle

Connected is perhaps the most offbeat travel docuseries on this list. Helmed by science journalist Latif Nasser, Connected showcases the bizarre ways in which the different things in our world are connected to each other. This includes the most minute things you see in your everyday life to the most magnanimous things you might have heard of. During this portrayal of different things, the viewers are taken on a journey across different places, and they witness people from various walks of life. The show is unlike anything else you would have ever seen.

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With this, our top 10 Netflix travel docuseries come to an end. Check these out, and we promise you won’t be bored or disappointed. Each show will offer a new experience and in the end, perhaps you will also feel like being an explorer just like we did.

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