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Top 10 Budget-Friendly Places To Visit In Dubai Below 100 AED

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Home to mind-bending architecture and record-breaking high skyscrapers, Dubai has grown aggressively in the 21st century. It is one of the most luxurious, cosmopolitan, and popular tourist destinations in the world. Dubai is a city that never stops flooding you with new experiences. It has a countless number of places to visit but the majority of them are expensive. However, there are some places in Dubai that you can visit for free and some that are very wallet-friendly. We have rounded up the top ten places to visit in Dubai that would cost you as little as 100 AED. So don’t let monetary issues stop you from adventuring and exploring a tourist hotspot like Dubai

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Best Places To Visit Below 100 AED

1. Desert Safari

Desert Safari Dubai
Belly Dance Show

Desert safari is a half-day fun-filled adventure activity one should experience. Pick a package that includes different activities like dune bashing, camel ride, quad bike ride, sandboarding, henna painting, belly dance show, and barbeque dinner to get the most out of it. Bashing the dunes during the twilight hours in a 4*4 SUV in the middle of the desert, and experiencing the ups and downs of vast stretches of sand make it a joyous and eventful ride for everyone. 

Interesting Fact: Before you go dune bashing, the air pressure in the tires is reduced. Do you know why? The temperature of the sand is usually high and the friction between the tire and sand generates more heat. Because of the high temperature, the air in the tire expands which might puncture the tire which is why the air is reduced.

  • Cost: Starts from AED 50 for the basic package
  • Time: Around 6 hours

2. Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden

Head to the World’s Largest Natural Flower Garden which showcases about 150 million blooming natural flowers and plants. They are arranged in colorful arches, impressive patterns, and signature structures. This flower garden is renovated every season to welcome visitors. This place is truly remarkable. We highly recommend that you participate in the weekly live performance, parade, and musical shows. These events are bound to make a lot of Insta-worthy moments.

Some of the significant formations include the Floral Clock, Emirates A380, Disney Avenue, 3D Floral Designs, Lake Park, Floral Villas & Castle, and Heart Tunnel. This place also offers you the option to create memorable moments at the photo booth, purchase memorabilia at the souvenir shops, or just window shop bazaars.

Note: Opens only from November to May every year and remains closed for maintenance the rest of the year.

  • Entry fee: AED 55 for adults, AED 40 for children from 3 to 12 years, people of determination, and children below 3 are allowed free of charge
  • Timings: 9 AM to 9 PM on weekdays, 9 AM to 11 PM on Fridays, and 9 AM to 10 PM on Saturdays.

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3. Dubai Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden at Dubai

Dubai Butterfly Garden, located near the Miracle Garden, is the World’s Largest Butterfly garden. This place is home to 15,000 butterflies from over 45 species. It is an indoor garden with ten climate-controlled domes. Each dome is filled with thousands of butterflies flying around in vibrant colors, creating a picturesque show. Refrain from touching the butterflies, as you are not permitted to.  However, the staff can help you make the butterfly rest on you. They are very hospitable and will help you make the perfect pictures to capture the moments. There is also a mini koi fish pond in Dome 2.

This garden also helps to understand the life cycle of the butterfly. The entrance has the butterfly museum which displays stunning butterfly murals & art. If you are accompanied by children, be sure to check out the Kids Cinema.

Note: Opens only from November to May every year and remains closed for maintenance for the rest of the year.

  • Entry fee: AED 55 for adults and children above 3 years. People of determination and children below 3 are allowed free of charge
  • Timings: 9 AM to 6 PM on all days

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4. Dubai Frame

Dubai frame

The Dubai Frame is an iconic structure that holds the record for the World’s Largest Frame. One of the most unique features of this frame rests in the way its position, it is in such a way that one can see the modern Dubai skyline from one side and the old Dubai from the other. It is a fifty-story architectural landmark that has an observation deck spanning the top of the frame. The deck is outfitted with a glass-bottomed floor looking down almost 150 meters onto the building’s lower span. 

The lower span contains a museum showing the city’s history and a video exhibit predicting the city’s future. From the ground, Dubai Frame is best viewed from Zabeel Park which has an entry fee of AED 5 per person

  • Entry fee: AED 50 for adults, AED 20 for children from 3 – 12. People of determination and children below 3 are allowed free of charge
  • Timings: 9 AM to 9 PM on all days 

5. Global Village

Red Square Moscow at Global Village Dubai
Red Square Moscow at Global Village

Dubai’s Global Village can offer you a world tour in one night. It boasts to be the world’s largest tourism, leisure, shopping, and entertainment project. People from all over the world meet here to share their cultures. Over twenty pavilions represent each country’s art and craft, authentic food, traditional dance & entertainment, and regional products. Every location is curated, rich in color, and ideal to showcase on Instagram and your travel blogs. 

The Carnaval Funfair has more than 160 rides, attractions, and arcade games. Feast your eyes and tummy with 200+ restaurants, cafes, and a plethora of skilled vendors who specialize in street foods. Ensure that you try some of the local delicacies from the Indian Chaat Bazaar, Floating Market, Happiness Street, and Fiesta Street. It also offers a line-up of live entertainment and events like stunt shows, kids’ shows, fireworks & fountain shows, and street & cultural shows.

With an energetic galore of things to do and see, the Global Village is a treat for all age groups. You will find almost everything from various corners of the world. We do recommend that you spend your money cautiously. Otherwise, you will end up spending more than you anticipated.

Tip: Download the Global Village application for easy navigation through the park. 

Note: Opens only from October to April.

  • Entry fee: AED 15 per person. However, people of determination, seniors above 65, and children below 3 are permitted free of charge.
  • Timings: 4 PM to 12 AM on Saturday to Wednesday. 4 PM to 1 AM on Thursday and Friday and Mondays are reserved for families and ladies.

6. Flying Cup Dubai

Dinner in the sky

Flying Cup is an innovative concept of food and thrill with 360-degree aerial views. A 20-minute ride rising 40m above the ground. Dining in the sky with your feet dangling in the air is one of the most unique & memorable experiences you will have. For adventures that are acrophobic, we assure you there is nothing to be worried about. This is a refreshing experience where you sit back, relax, and enjoy the seascape. It is suitable for all age groups. You can also find distant views of Burj al Arab and Atlantis The Palm.

  • Ticket Fare: Adult ticket plus refreshment costs AED 80 for Adults, and children (between 4 to 12 years). The ticket with refreshments costs AED 60. These tickets are valid any time during opening hours on the booked date.
  • Timings: 3 PM to 10 PM on all days

7. Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai Glow Park
Too pretty with reflections on the water

The Dubai Garden Glow is the World’s First Unique Glow Garden. This largest glow-in-the-dark garden is the most unique theme park that has over 10 million LED lights. You can wander around the different attractions and be amazed by the world of imagination. The park changes themes every season to keep visitors entertained.

Glow Park houses many eco-friendly models constructed based on the theme with handmade lights. It is bright, magical, and colorful. The Dinosaur Park has more than 120 animated dinosaurs that teleport you back to the Jurassic era. These artificial animals move and roar, and are wonderful in captivating children’s minds. The Art Park is eco-friendly and was built using different types of recyclable materials. It stands as the epitome of uniqueness and creativity. The Magic Park has 25 exhibits and 3D artworks that simply transcend imagination. We highly recommend you take numerous fun pictures that create an optical illusion. Unfortunately, the Ice Park is under maintenance and is not open for visitors.

Note: Open only from October to April

  • Entry fee: AED 65 per entrant for Glow Park, Dinosaur Park, and Art Park. An additional AED 45 to enter Magic Park. However, children below the age of three are allowed free of charge
  • Timings: 5 PM to 10.30 PM from Saturday to Thursday, 5 PM to 11 PM on Fridays and National holidays

8. Dubai Dolphinarium

Dubai Dolphinarium

Dubai Dolphinarium is an indoor attraction that attracts the audience by offering different shows with adorable dolphins, playful seals, and talented birds. You get to treasure the experience of a lifetime. Watching the dolphins and seals perform completely illogical acrobatics, dance, and even songs is joyously confounding. You can also swim, touch, and play with the dolphins for an additional cost. This place also features the most exotic bird talent shows. The birds perform tricks that are intended to delightfully captivate the audience.

  • Dolphin and Seal Show Entry fee: AED 105 for regular seats for adults and AED 50 for children between 2 to 11 years.
  • Bird Show Entry fee: AED 50 for adults and AED 30 for children between 2 to 11 years.
  • Dolphin and Seal Show Timings: 11 AM, 2 PM, and 6 PM from Monday to Saturday and closed on all Sundays.
  • Bird Show Timings: 12:15 PM, 3:15 PM, and 7:15 PM from Monday to Saturday and closed on all Sundays.

Tip: Book online to get a discounted price for the Dolphin and Seal Show. AED 70 for adults and AED 40 for children between 2 to 11 years. However, these discounted seats are applicable only on Friday and Saturday for the 11 AM show.

9. Watersports At La Mer Dubai

Watersports at La Mer Dubai

La Mer indicates the French towns by the sea. This beachfront showcases several Instagram-worthy arts and graffiti hotspots. These places almost appear to be designed to refine your Instagram feed. 

The exciting way to enjoy Dubai from the sea is to indulge in an adrenaline-pumping adventure. The watersports through the blue waves at La Mer Beach flood you with adrenaline, dopamine, and other good hormones that make you take a break from the rut of daily life. Furthermore, the complex also has a multitude of shops, restaurants, and cafes. These offer activities for everyone in the family like the play town, waterpark, skateboard park, trampoline park, and a cinema.  

Watersports tickets can be booked online and the price differs based on the activities you choose. Few that cost below AED 100 is a kayak, stand-up paddle, and water step bike. 

  • Timings: Although beaches are open at all times, the timings for other activities differ. 

10. Chillout Ice Lounge

Ice Lounge Dubai

Chill at the Middle East’s First Sub Zero Lounge housing spellbound ice sculptures and ice seatings with illuminated interiors. They provide essentials like a jacket, a hat, shoes, and gloves with a complimentary welcome drink. Since the city is hot and humid most of the year, Freezing Dubai is a great escape from the brunt of the desert climate. The temperature here is maintained at -6 degrees Celsius.

  • Entry Fee: AED 40 for children and AED 80 for adults.
  • Timings: 10 AM to 10 PM from Saturday to Wednesday and 10 AM to midnight on Thursday and Friday.

Dubai is a place that has shown a tremendous amount of growth in terms of economy. Tourism has been a significant contributor to this progress. Consequently, it feels that every season brings in newer attractions. When you’re traveling, you would lean towards having the best time and having memorable moments. Money does not enter the equation of travel enthusiasts. But the aforementioned places are designed to provide every traveler with some of the greatest life experiences at costs that are truly wallet-friendly

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Vacationing doesn’t always need to put a dent in your savings. You can experience the same mind-altering and relaxing vacation on a budget. What are your favorite places in Dubai? If you’ve visited the place, please do share your experience in the comment section. As always, for more content on anything about travel inside and outside India, peruse the other posts and stick with us for more invigorating content!

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