Bungee jumping at Jumping Heights, Goa

Bungee Jumping At Goa (INR 4850): Worth It?

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Traveling and backpacking have their thrills, and adrenaline junkies will know that the best part is to take on new challenges, push your physical limits, and conquer fears. Well, we certainly did that when we signed up for bungee jumping at Goa.

Like scuba diving at Netrani Island, we tried bungee jumping for the first time in Goa. It was safe, affordable, and a lot of fun. So, you must know a few things to take the plunge like us. In this article, we’ll be sharing our experience and taking you through all the details necessary to learn where, when, and how you can book your spot and experience bungee jumping for the first time. 

You might have several questions, such as if the experience lives up to the hype, what the charges are, and most importantly if bungee jumping at Goa is worth it. Well, allow us to answer it for you!

Bungee Jumping At Goa

What Is Bungee Jumping?

Bungee jumping is one of the most fun activities for thrill-seekers due to the amount of adrenaline rush it causes in your body. Simply put, your body is attached to a harness and safety cord, and you jump from a height to experience free fall. Interestingly, the fall lasts slightly longer than you would anticipate. It’s a unique activity as it practically combines the nuances of base jumping and skydiving. However, it is less dangerous when compared to the latter. 

Jumping Heights At Goa

Jumping Heights is the name of the organization which organized over 1,00,000 jumps in Rishikesh. Post this, they partnered with Goa Tourism and opened their second project in North Goa, in 2019, over the scenic Mayem Lake.

Run by ex-army officers, the certified jump masters are trained extensively by experts from New Zealand. Jumping Heights adhere to the Australian and New Zealand safety standards for bungee operations. Knowing all this about the company and seeing how they operated made us feel quite secure. 


Facilities at Jumping Heights, Goa

You’ll have almost all the necessary amenities, such as a cafeteria, free lockers, free wifi, hygienic restrooms, and even free parking. Visitors can park their vehicles at the entrance and use all facilities at Jumping Heights. 

To reach this place, you must enter Mayem Lake, which will cost Rs. 25 as the entry fee. Remember that drinking and smoking on the premises are strictly prohibited.

Points To Remember

  • You should be between 12 and 45 years of age and weigh between 40 Kg and 110 Kg.
  • Although it is not mandatory, wearing shoes for bungee jumping is recommended. Slippers are not allowed. The other option is to jump barefoot.
  • Empty your pockets and place everything in the locker. Do not carry any valuables or loose objects.
  • No jewelry should be worn, including chains, rings, sunglasses, etc. Contact lenses can be worn.
  • Videography and photography are prohibited in the bungee tower area. However, you’ll get an HD video of your jump.
  • The activity cannot be done after alcohol consumption.

Ticket Booking

There are three ways to book tickets. You can reserve your slots online, go directly to the counter to buy tickets, or in the booking office from the address below. 

Booking office address: Shop No. 1 Sauta Vadda, Baga Calangute Road, Opp. to Candelaria Chapel, Calangute, Bardez, Goa – 403516.
Contact No. : +91 9022902358, +91 9022902355

On holidays and weekends, reserve a spot at least a week before. Also, note that an online reservation doesn’t mean a priority pass. The jumps are done on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Rs. 4850, including GST. The price also includes video footage of your jump. The payment for the activity is non-refundable and non-transferable.


Jumping Heights is open from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM from Wednesday to Monday and remains closed on all Tuesdays.

Briefing Session & Health Check

Briefing session before bungee jumping

A pre-recorded video is played on TV, which educates the participants on the dos and don’ts, safety measures, and other instructions. Following this, you can ask your doubts and queries in a Q&A session. After this, you’ll need to fill out a form giving your medical conditions and basic contact information and also do a weight check. Your weight is noted down with color sketch pens on your fist for the jumping master’s reference.

  • Blue – between 40 and 60 Kg
  • Green – between 61 and 85 Kg
  • Red – between 86 and 110 Kg

Please note that bungee jumping is not for people who have any of the following health conditions: 

  • Back or neck injuries
  • Recent fracture or dislocation
  • High BP
  • Asthma
  • Neurological disorders
  • Epilepsy
  • Heart conditions
  • Osteoporosis
  • Pregnancy.

Wait Time

Depending on the crowd, the wait time differs between 10 and 40 minutes. Usually, the place is crowded on weekends and holidays, so you’ll have to wait longer.

Safety Lockers

Keep all your belongings safe, including your jewelry, mobile phones, etc., in a locker (free of cost) before going for the jump. The key is also kept in a safe box. The entire place is under CCTV surveillance. So, do not worry about your belongings.

Our Experience 

We were quite pumped to jump from a height of 55 meters and let the adrenaline kick into our system. The sight of the jumping pad got us even more excited, and the sight of Mayem Lake was like a cherry on top. As we walked toward the jumping area, we had no fear or hesitation, and a large part of the credit goes to the instructors and officials. They were patient and supportive and seemed sure about their safety standards. We took turns getting our safety harnesses on as we reached the spot. The closer we were to the edge, the more hyped all our senses. 

Quite often, it’s moments like these when you seem to co-exist in two spaces. One where you can hear everything around you and feel everything. The other is where you feel almost numb to whatever happens externally, and you just hear your heart pound on the inside. We could feel all this as we went over the edge. 

The next thing we knew, we were falling. The cold wind made our skin quite numb, the water surface at the bottom felt almost blurry, and the adrenaline had finally kicked in. When the harness tightened for a second, everything stood still. As we oscillated, we absorbed the surroundings, the lake, and felt that we had just been freed and liberated. We had a sense of elation erupt within us, and the only way we could express it was through our broad and gleeful smiles. We knew we had just accomplished something, and this was the moment to cherish it. 

Got guts to bungee jump?

When the two of us gathered again, we congratulated each other, gave each other hi-fives, and celebrated our glory, which might seem tiny in the larger scheme of things. But it was everything to us in that instant, and we knew we would experience more such moments. Bungee jumping at Goa is worth trying, and you mustn’t miss it when you go there.

Video & Certificate

You can collect the “I’ve Got Guts” badge and a certificate for completing the jump successfully. An HD-edited video of your jump is sent to your email ID, which you must check before leaving, as they keep logs of such videos for just one month.

Become A Club Member

You can mark your entry into the “Got-Guts club” after completing successful jumps at both Rishikesh and Goa locations. The club members get exclusive benefits for subsequent jumps, including priority, discounts, food, an entry into the official website Hall of Fame, plus an Instagram feature, and so much more.

Other Things To Do At The Mayem Lake

Apart from bungee jumping, you can go boating on the Mayem Lake waters (Rs. 200 per person) and visit the Mirror Maze (free entry).

Bungee jumping is a thrilling activity that everyone should try, whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or a first-timer. It’s fun and exciting, and the best part is that it’ll give you an exhilarating experience that you never thought you could feel as a person.

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