Duvil Waterfall - stunning waterfall in Lankagama, Sinharaja rain forest

Waterfall Tour At Sinharaja Rainforest, Lankagama & Wathugala

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Enveloped in the lush greenery of the Sinharaja Rainforest, the entrance at Lankagam is a portal into the world of cascading waterfalls, the hidden gems of the tiny island we all know as Sri Lanka. The picturesque view and the rustic atmosphere devour you and make you a part of itself. There are five stunning waterfalls, each one with a unique charisma.

In this blog post, we’ll give you a virtual tour of these waterfalls hidden in the Sinharaja Rainforest. But unraveling such places is our passion. So, sit back as we take you on a journey and share all the information to access these places that don’t deserve the word beautiful but something more ethereal. But before we get there, here are a few pointers you must remember.

Waterfall Tour At Sinharaja Rainforest – Lankagama & Wathugala

Important Points To Remember

  • You cannot hike to these waterfalls independently without a guide for multiple reasons. One of them is the presence of wild animals in the region.
  • The 5 waterfalls in Lankagama are located within less than a Km distance. It will take around 3-4 hours to hike across these sites. Don’t forget to enjoy your swim at the Duuvil Waterfall before returning.
  • The 3 waterfalls in Wathugala will take about half a day for you to hike.
  • Sathmala Ella waterfall is located outside the rainforest and doesn’t need an entry fee.
  • Name boards are kept near the waterfalls highlighting the name, height, elevation, and water source.
  • We have the GPS recording of the hiking route. If you need it, drop an email to hello@twinsontoes.com
  • Although all the waterfalls originate from the Gin Ganga River, they are very much different from each other in their landscape, vibe, water flow, etc.

Refer to this detailed guide for other details about the guide charges, entry fees, timings, things to carry, how to reach, etc.

Sathmala Ella Waterfall

Sathmala Ella waterfall

Outside the Sinharaja Rainforest, Sathmala Ella Waterfall is tucked away in the village formed by the Gin Ganga River. You can reach here by an invigorating walk, hopping onto a tuk-tuk, or driving your own vehicle. The roads are stunning, and you can stop at several places to click photographs of nature and capture the marvelous nature.

Once you reach the waterfall’s base, descend a flight of stairs leading you to a magnificent four-tiered waterfall. If you’re lucky, you’ll also spot a vibrant rainbow and be dumbstruck by the view before you. Before returning, I sat there for a few hours enjoying the water and ambiance.

Waterfalls From The Lankagama Entrance

Sinharaja rainforest - Lankagama entrance

Brahmana Waterfall

Brahmana Ella Waterfall

Brahmana is the first and the highest waterfall in the rainforest. What’s fascinating is that you’ll only see the first tier of the waterfall at first, so don’t stop there. Instead, continue your hike, and as you cross different parts of the forest, you’ll see the actual size of the water and how majestic it looks.

  • Height: 31 m
  • Water source: Hariyawa Stream
  • Elevation: 237 m

Uran Watunu Waterfall

Uran Watunu waterfall

Uran Watunu is the upper half of the Brahmana waterfall. As you continue your hike, you can quickly climb uphill and cross a stream. Voila! Uran Watunu Waterfall will be present before you. The waterfall is misty, and you can feel its gentle kiss on your skin as the water slides from one tier to another. The spectacle made me stop in my tracks and take a few moments to absorb the view.

  • Height: 24 m
  • Water source: Hariyawa Stream
  • Elevation: 349 m

Gal Oruwa Waterfall

Gal Orruwa waterfall

The narrowest waterfall is Gal Orruwa. The water flows between two rocks with immense force and crashes at the bottom. Unlike other sites on the list, you can only see this waterfall from a distance and cannot go near or touch it.

  • Height: 12 m
  • Water source: Hariyawa Stream
  • Elevation: 336 m

Thattu Waterfall

Thattu waterfall

After descending from Gal Oruwa, you’ll encounter a few streams. Cross them, and you’ll find Thattu Waterfall. The two-tiered falls are wider and form a shallow pool at the base. If you’re tired or want to unwind, dip your feet in the water, wash your face with the fresh water, and gear up for the next place.

  • Height: 15 m
  • Water source: Hariyawa Stream
  • Elevation: 293 m

Duuvil Waterfall

The best and the most scenic of all is the Duuvil Waterfall (cover image). Cross the stream formed by Thattu Waterfall, and ascend quickly to Duuvil Waterfall. Words don’t justify what the location offers. When we see places like these, the thought of preserving and conserving them almost immediately occurs. After all, without such places, there would be nothing for us twins to explore and experience. So swim here but be careful as some parts of the pool are shallow and others deep. Another gentle stream runs on the other side, which you can stop at while returning.

Note: We had lunch here, went for a good swim, and enjoyed a natural, free fish spa.

  • Height: 25 m
  • Water source: Hariyawa Stream
  • Elevation: 318 m
  • Best for swimming.

Waterfalls From The Wathugala Entrance

There are 3 waterfalls accessible from the Wathugala entrance: 

  • Kekuna Ella Waterfall
  • Pathan Oya Waterfall
  • Malmora Waterfall 
Kekuna Ella Waterfall - Sinharaja rainforest, Wathugala

We visited only the Kakanuna Ella Waterfall of the three. Kakuna Ella waterfall is only 500 m from the Wathugala entrance check post office, while the Pathan Oya Ella and Malmora Ella are about 1.7 Km and about 2.7 Km, respectively.

Wathugala entrance is at a walkable distance from the Lankagama entrance. Therefore, you can hike to all 8 waterfalls if you start early, at around 6 AM.

Hiking to these waterfalls nestled inside a dense rainforest is an experience. Spend a few blissful hours in the presence of nature’s majesty, allowing it to soothe you. The symphony of water falling from a massive height, the crickets bickering, and the birds chirping create a sense of serenity. So absorb it, enjoy it, and live in those moments.

Experience the grandeur of this hidden treasure, and create memories that will stay forever.

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