25 Gifts That Makes Life Easier For Any Traveler

25 Gifts That Makes Life Easier For Any Traveler

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Have you ever been stumped trying to find the perfect gift for your travel-obsessed friend or loved one? Passionate wanderers often tend to be a picky group of people who usually don’t prefer to carry a lot of stuff and it can be intimidating trying to surprise them with something they like.

But fret no more!

These 25 travel gift ideas we’ve meticulously compiled include meaningful items for your loved ones, whether they’re just backpacking or traveling with a zillion suitcases to capture their memories, inspire their next adventures, and make their life on the road easier. It’s the little things that count.

Best Gifts For Travelers

1. Filter Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is crucial for any nomad and water expenses quickly pile up when you are on the road. A reusable water bottle, with filters and purifiers, is a practical gift that is environmentally friendly and would also be the perfect savior during any camping and trekking emergencies. We use Sawyer, a squeeze-type water filter.

Using Sawyer to fill water from villages
Filling water from villages along the EBC trail

2. Power Bank

It shouldn’t be too hard to recollect a situation when your device was on the last 1% of the charge and you were desperately wishing for a power outlet. A portable power backup can be a lifesaver if your phone ever runs out of juice when you are on the go. It makes for an essential and practical gift for every traveler. We are Ambrane 20000 MAH and MI 10000 MAH power banks. Both of them are equally good.

3. Airplane Ticket

Ah! What a thoughtful gift!

Could there be any other surprise more mind-blowing than gifting travelers with an airplane ticket? Unforgettable trips often happen to be unplanned and make the memories of a lifetime and travel is one of the most meaningful gifts you could give someone.

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4. Camera Bag

Packing a DSLR is a commitment and shooting photos on the move can be tricky, as any serious photographer would confirm, with all the fragile camera equipment to be carried around. A camera backpack can ensure a comfortable stress-free experience for any photographer, protecting his valuable camera gear and laptop.

5. Magnetic Compass

Magnetic Compass

Wherever the unbeaten track takes you, a magnetic compass helps you travel cool-headed. For hiking and camping lovers, this would make for their fondest gift ever.

6. Kindle

While we personally love hardcover books, we just can’t argue with the convenience and simplicity of ‘Kindle’. It is an avid reader’s wet dream – a portable library that’s cool and eco-friendly – and it makes for a fantastic gift.

7. Anti-Theft Hidden Pockets

With the jolly highs of traveling also come the inevitable lows of potential theft. It is an unfortunate reality that might happen in any seemingly safe haven. The best way to secure your valuables is to invest in anti-theft devices like hidden pockets, anti-theft backpacks, and tracking devices while also not hampering your fashion style.

You can also use small pockets for stashing cash and money inside your dress.

8. Camera Lens

Photographers are usually picky about their gear and spend a fair amount of time researching new upgrades. A seasoned professional will tell you that truly amazing travel photos happen with a DSLR. So gifting a new lens to your loved ones might be a big and exciting surprise for them to unwrap. But make sure your partner really needs them before buying one!

Note: Please check for F-stop, range, camera sensor type, and brand before purchasing.

9. Trekking Equipment – headlamp, trekking pole, sleeping bag, down jacket

Agalya and Atchaya at EBC trek
Agalya and Atchaya on the EBC & three-passes trek

Serious trekkers will find themselves needing robust and durable gear for their dangerous escapades. Consider investing in lightweight and waterproof equipment that does well against extreme temperatures, and makes their next adventure safe as well as fun!

10. Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is an arsenal staple for selfie-fanatics, it gets you Insta-ready with minimum effort. It works miracles to reduce hair greasiness in a matter of seconds without the need for water while you can stargaze and start your new day as if you’ve actually showered. Keep it as a carry-on or in your cosmetic case and it will make your life so much easier.

11. Menstrual Cup

Nothing is scarier than arriving at a new destination only to realize that you can’t find the brand of pad that you use regularly. That’s why you need a long-lasting alternative – a menstrual cup. Unlike pads and tampons, they are reusable, more convenient, and eco-friendly, lasting for approximately 5 to 10 years. This safe and wallet-friendly cup should be added to every women’s toiletry kit.

We use Boondh Cups and even repurchased it.

12. Hard Disc Drive

It is paramount to have physical storage space for your digital footage and content. If you aren’t backing up your data, you definitely should be. Virtual storage spaces like Cloud or Drive rack up costs every year and require immediate access to the internet. Hard disc drives come in handy and are an absolute necessity for every traveler. Recently, we switched to Solid State Drives (SSD) which are more compact and faster when compared to HDD.

13. Portable Luggage Scale

Excess baggage fees are frustrating for any traveler. If you are thrifty, it is smart to weigh the luggage after you are done packing. This portable luggage scale helps you save on your treasured pennies.

14. Travel Tripod

Almost everyone travels with a camera or smartphone. To capture all your amazing moments with minimal effort, adding a tripod to your photography gear would be beneficial. The tripod has the combined privilege of flexible size, ease of use, and portability.

15. Travel Books

Travel books will change the way you see the world and inspire you to dream of visiting lands far far away. Unlike Kindle, reading hard-copy books is intimate and magical in its own right. Feed the wanderlust of your friends and family by gifting them books.

16. GoPro

Action cameras have been gaining a lot of traction recently. Their compactness, flexibility, and easy mountability combined with their ability to shoot high-quality footage make them a go-to option for daring activities like scuba diving, skydiving, treks, and much more. 

GoPro’s latest model ‘Hero 12’ stands out for its exceptional stabilization but if that’s too heavy on your wallet, consider lower versions.

17. Solar Chargers

Although power banks can last for a couple of days, renewable solar chargers are more practical to use for a longer journey. Keeping your devices sufficiently charged is especially challenging when you are backpacking or trekking, and this makes a portable solar charger ideal for traveling.

18. Travel Accessories – Neck Pillow, Earplugs, And Eye Mask

A one-stop solution for a comfortable travel experience be it business, adventure, or leisure is the 3-in-1 combo sleeping kit. If your trip involves a long journey by car, bus, plane, train, or even if you just need an afternoon nap, grab this kit to rest in lavish style and comfort.

19. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones would be a great choice if you like to read, sleep, or indulge in any work and require a tranquil experience devoid of unwanted ambient noises. They are generally expensive but worth the extra investment.

20. Number Lock

Number locks are an immensely handy product to lock and protect your valuable belongings when you stay in hostels/hotels or when you travel with your luggage unsupervised.

21. Universal Travel Adapter

There are a variety of unique plug types that are used by different countries, which means purchasing different adapters to plug in or charge your electronics. 

This Universal Travel Adapter can be used in over 150 countries and it comes in a compact design that is easy to use.

22. Smartphone Lens Kit

Smartphones nowadays prevent the hassles of lugging a delicate DSLR around and save on much-needed baggage space, and they also come with comparably top-notch cameras. For any mobile photography nerd, gifting a smartphone lens kit would be the ideal choice. 

Currently, “Moment” is one of the leading brands in the market when it comes to smartphone lenses.

23. Travel Insurance

No matter how prepared you are, you might encounter unexpected hindrances during a trip. Not only does travel insurance cover any medical emergencies or accidents, but it also covers your personal property if they are lost or damaged. We have been looking to try this out for our next trip as well, so do share your personal experiences with travel insurance in the comments below.

24. Refillable Journal

Best ways to spend time during layovers

Although everyone in the modern world has resigned to using phones to take notes, nothing can truly beat the satisfying feeling of using a pen to scratch down your thoughts and experiences on good old solid paper. A nifty notebook would be a great addition to an inquisitive traveler’s next adventure.

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25. Gift Vouchers

Still confused about gifting a perfect present to celebrate the big day?

Digital gift cards are a lifesaver that gives the choice to pick whatever they need the most by making it a memorable present. As a virtual gift, it will go to them instantly, to spend whenever!

Tell us in the comments below if we’ve missed anything that you think would make for a valuable gift.

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