Toilet essentials for women

7 Must-Have Toilet Essentials For Female Travelers

Traveling internationally, for a lot of people, can be an overwhelming and stressful experience. If you’re a traveler, who also happens to be a woman, there are some challenges that you need to be ready to tackle. The adversity of a challenge, that is at the top of the list is dependent when you discover the bathroom situation.

With a lot of things to keep track of when you’re traveling, it’s easy to forget the little yet important details, like toiletries. So before you embark on your journey, take note of these seven must-have toiletries every female traveler should pack to ensure your trip goes as smoothly as possible. These toilet essentials will help you stay fresh and clean while away from home!

The Essential Toiletries Kit For Travel

#1 Toilet Paper Roll Or Pocket Tissues

Carry a toilet paper roll with you which can not only be used to clean your genitals but in certain situations, it can also be repurposed as facial tissue. If you run out of paper, make use of the pocket tissues available in cafes, restaurants, and hotels. Grab and store them as a backup to toilet paper. Once used, kindly dispose of them in dedicated bins.

#2 Menstrual Cup

Advantages of using menstrual cups

Tampons, pads, and panty liners along with the packaging and individual wrapping generate more than 200,000 tonnes of waste per year. A greener alternative is to use the reusable menstrual cup. These cups are made up of flexible medical-grade silicone. A single cup lasts for 5 – 10 years of regular use with good care. Menstrual cups are more convenient and more hygienic (regardless of the number of uses). Furthermore, it is easier to swim, travel, or do any physical activities while wearing a cup. We have switched to a menstrual cup and can’t recommend it enough.

We are using the Boondh menstrual cup and even repurchased it again.

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#3 Female Urination Devices

Female urination devices or pee funnel

Colloquially called the Pee Funnels, this reusable device is a savior or bathroom solution for females. They can use this device to stand and pee in any public loo or anywhere without having to worry about dirty toilet seats or removing too much clothing. It is compact, lightweight, and designed to fit against any female body easily. Made up of soft flexible thermoplastic rubber, you can just wipe it clean and reuse it as many times as you want! This also protects you from the risk of contracting any disease or infection from using public restrooms. 

#4 Disinfectant Toilet Spray

Rather than using disposable toilet seat covers that add to the environmental waste, the best alternative is to use toilet seat sanitizer or deodorizer spray. These can protect you against illness-causing germs, bacteria, and viruses. You do not need to wipe it as it evaporates in 5-10 seconds after you spray it. It improves hygiene and can be used on toilet surfaces, taps, flush, and door handles thereby reducing the discomfort of using public washrooms.

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#5 Sanitizer

Sanitizers are very useful when there is no water around. They protect you from germs, and you can use them for your hands if you wish to skip regular handwash. Sanitizers are a must to add to your toilet kit to prevent infections on the go.

#6 One Toiletry Bag

Toiletries Bag

A separate bag with designated compartments to carry your toilet essentials. It’s best to use a separate bag, as you don’t want them to mix with the other stuff in your backpack.

#7 Other Basic Needs

Other basic toilet essentials that we use in our daily lives include the items listed below.

  • Shampoo + conditioner
  • Body soap
  • Face wash
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Razor and refill

Health and hygiene are crucial for travelers. For travelers who are women, they are a necessity. Proper toilet essentials save us from bathroom-borne diseases like diarrhea and urinary tract infections (UTIs) on the go and at home.

It is best to pack most of your toilet stuff than buy things at your destination location when you arrive. This way you have constant access to brands that you are comfortable with. Most importantly, whether they are used or not, you get to travel anywhere with confidence. That extra space that your toiletries take is a very small trade-off to ensure peace of mind. 

You may encounter awkward toilet experiences during your travels. Be mentally prepared. Wishing you safe and healthy travel ladies. For more travel tips such as this and much more, stick with us – The Wandering Twins.

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