Travel while working in a full time job

How To Travel While Working Full Time (9-5) Job

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A 9-5 job has developed out to be one of the most priced positions of an average human. From schooling to his undergrad, and postgrad, many persons are nurtured with one goal, get a high-paying 9-5 job, and make sure they sustain it. It does make sense that people would sacrifice the better part of their lives and focus all of their efforts on sustaining themselves in a cut-throat-rat-race work environment.

Companies take advantage of this mindset that forces their employees to deliver on all days, leaving very little time for luxuries like vacations. But it would be unfair to put all the blame squarely on it. Several financial constraints prevent individuals from vacationing. But, while the employment culture will need a lot of years to do an overhaul, the financial constraints can be managed through budget travel.

Although every person’s financial situation is different – loans, EMI, family obligations, and healthcare, there are many ways in which exciting, relaxing, and refreshing travel can be made possible on a budget. We know this with certainty because we have been doing that for years. We are a middle-class family and don’t have anyone to sponsor our trips. We have learned to balance our travel, money, and a full-time (9-5) job and we know with the fullest confidence that you can too.

Carpe Diem, my fellow travel enthusiasts! Make every day count!

Travel tips on how to travel while working 9-5

Truly passionate travelers, always find a way to squeeze in a solid trip in the holidays provided. Planning ahead is the foremost rule of thumb. But considering our experiences, we have come to realize that impromptu trips can be pretty epic too. So here are our most guarded tips to ensure that you can pull off a budget trip while safely securing your employment.

How To Travel More With A Full-Time Job

  1. Weekends are golden travel opportunities, utilize them. Just google “weekend getaways from <your place name>”. You will be surprised to see how many explorable regional places there are that you’ve never even heard of.
  2. Travel at least once a month if not often. You will be able to cover 12 new places in a year.
  3. Take shorter trips and cover nearby places instead of saving for huge, super-long adventures that have the same chance of happening as pigs flying.
  4. Take a long leave around the public holidays. Plan well ahead of time as the prices soar up and last-minute reservations would turn your vacation into a nightmare. If the public holiday falls on Thursday or Tuesday, plan your leaves to encompass the preceding or subsequent days, i.e., Friday or Monday respectively. This converts your two-day trip to four days.
  5. Ensure you utilize the chance to work at different places. Putting down roots is important but it is equally important to ensure that you don’t get stuck in a rut. So opt for transfers or start your adventure by choosing jobs that are not based in your region. This is a wise decision for people who are always interested in new experiences.
  6. Call in sick and extend the trip. Hush! Might be an overstep, but you know you deserve that extra day off, for the efforts you have put in the rest of the month. Moreover, if your travel needs any flexibility or situations where you need to extend the trip or if you feel like you haven’t experienced the place to the fullest, that day off ensures that your R&D time is utilized to its fullest.
  7. Choose to work from home or remotely. With COVID-19, many companies have adapted to this system lately. As long as you have a good internet connection or Wi-Fi facility in your accommodation, you have an opportunity to work with a view and get to enjoy with like-minded people. Moreover, Workation is a serious trend right now.
  8. Take advantage of travel programs or business trips offered by the company. Most multinational companies provide onsite opportunities to work from the client location. Agalya got an onsite opportunity to reside in Denmark.
  9. Utilize your earned/ privilege as the saying goes, “Travel because money returns, time doesn’t.” Instead of converting your earned leaves to money, travel and invest in an enriching and life-changing experience.
  10. Book an overnight journey whenever you can and learn to sleep during transport. When you’re exhausted, sleeping on planes and trains can be surprisingly comfortable. Don’t waste your precious holiday on sleeping or transit rest stops.
  11. If your company is flexible, work on a weekend and take a complementary off on your desired day.
  12. If you are planning to join a different company, take a break in between. It is a healthy choice. Typically, people plan to take a long vacation of 30 days or more before resuming their 9-5 work schedule.

It is a great feeling when you get to go on a vacation. You can relax and have some time for yourself. The lifespan of a human being is incredibly short. Even if you map out the bare minimum of 60 years of life, the time you actually get to live and experience life on your terms is barely 15-20 years. Don’t lose that limited time by immersing yourself in work. It’s not only an unhealthy choice, but constant work will also make you counterproductive over time. These tips will ensure that you get the best possible chance to maintain the ideal work-life balance. If we can travel while working, you can too!

As avid travelers who happen to hold permanent jobs, we are always on the lookout for interesting and convincing excuses to secure holidays. So do let us know in the comments the craziest ways you convinced your manager for holiday. As always, stick with us for more great content on every aspect of travel.

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