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Vacation is all about taking a break from the daily rut and discovering yourself. But, there is an element of being unproductive that makes it difficult for a lot of people to go on vacations. So wouldn’t it be great to take a vacation where you can actually do work? 

A workation is your chance to get away and detox from the stress that your work-life flushes in while still keeping up with your professional responsibilities. What better way to recharge than by getting some fresh air, exploring new places, and making real connections with people from different cultures? A workation, if anything, provides more meaning to your work and ensures that your life isn’t on the verge of burnout. 

This blog guides you on the things you need to consider before confirming the stay, packing essentials, tips to reduce costs, and much more. But, most importantly, this blog illustrates how to enjoy a workation without having to compromise on your career productivity. 

Workation – Work From Anywhere

What Is Workation?

Why take a weekend trip when you can take longer vacations? In the aftermath of the pandemic, a lot of prominent organizations don’t care about the physical location of their employees as long as their tasks are completed within the ruling parameters. In a time where WFH/remote work is the new normal of work-life, the idea of a workation is more appealing now than ever. 

Work + Vacation = Workation

A workation is the perfect way to kick back while also ensuring that your work, professional responsibilities, and career remains beyond reproach.


Why Do You Really Need Workation?

There has been a paradigm shift in the way we work today. We moved from claustrophobic cubicles to working from the comfort of our residences. Infrastructurally, most of the work for people who do not work in the manufacturing and mechanical industries, their work can be performed with efficiency from anywhere with their laptops. That is how internet-reliant the world has become. The flexibility that the WFH option accords you is that you are not being micromanaged, and you have the freedom to finish the work to your satisfaction within the set deadlines.

Imagine working in an environment that will inspire you to explore, try different cuisines, admire the golden sky, or anything in between, while also ensuring you’re more productive at work now than ever.

How cool is that?

Things To Consider Before Deciding On Your Workation Place

Working with the view of mountains

The kind of place you choose is directly proportional to how productive and relaxing you are at the same time. Secluded, quiet mountain cottages or refreshing beach houses are ideal for when you wish to disconnect. However, ensure that the home you are staying at offers basic amenities like internet and a working cellular network connection to make your stay convenient and pleasant.

It is always best to verify the following details with the host, as you are planning to stay for a considerable amount of time.


  • Sanitization
  • Bedsheet change routine
  • Room and restroom cleaning routines 


  • CCTV camera installations for security
  • Safety locker for securing personal items
  • 24/7 Staff availability or alarm system in case of emergencies


  • Kitchen area with utensils
  • Food inclusions in the package
  • Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian friendliness
  • Availability of restaurants or hotels nearby (in circumstances where you didn’t like the food offered)

Utility Provisions

  • Washing machine
  • Fridge
  • WiFi
  • 24/7 electricity with Inverter/UPS provisions
  • Drinkable water or RO water
  • Availability of hot water/ geyser
  • Gender-specific rooms or shared dorms if that is what you are looking for.


  • Geographical accessibility of the accommodation
  • Commuting options

Crowd & Vibe That Resonates You

You could be a person who loves nights, coming home and seeing the communal rooms full of people laughing and joking, or the night where everyone sits and eats together, or the nights where you feel alone, and there’s always someone to cheer you up or give you that little head tickle that makes you realize that actually, you’re far from alone. You’re all in this together, just one huge family that you stopped by, to be a part of for a little while.

If you are a partying person, check if the place offers drinks or if drinks are even allowed.


  • Group picnics or private tours
  • Community dinners
  • Organized events
  • Leisure/ sports/ fitness activities

Mobile Network

It is always best to check which operator works best and if the connection is reliable in the region.


Some places do not allow you to venture out during nighttime due to safety concerns. It is better to check the visitation timings if there are any.

The best place for workation is where your necessities such as the ones mentioned in the list above are met.

Packing Essentials For Workation

  • Adaptor
  • Extension box
  • Earphones and eye mask
  • Dongle if needed
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Cutlery – A plate, a multi-use utensil & spoons
  • Bathroom sandals – extremely useful if you are going to use a shared bathroom
  • Pillows and bedsheets (optional)
  • Padlocks – Take the extra minute to lock your valuables
  • Toilet essentials

Who Offers Workation?

Many hostels, hotels, homestays, and resorts offer workations that can be checked on their websites or their social media platforms. You can also call the hotel directly and craft your desired package depending on the number of days you stay.

Another option is to stay as a paying guest, usually called PG in cities, or rent an apartment at your desired location.

If you want more privacy and feel at home, you can go for high-end resorts, Airbnb’s, and homestays. If you don’t mind sharing and are on a budget, hostels are the best.

The Best Workation Destinations

The best places for Workation

There is no such thing as “the best place” as each place offers a unique experience. Choose your destination wisely based on the seasons and climate information. It also depends on where you want to let loose- offbeat hidden gems or popular touristy sites.

Do some research on what the place offers. Choose the best that fits you and book a workation right away!

How To Do Workation For Free or Reduce Costs?

For some, a few bucks might be cheap, whereas some cannot afford the same. The cost depends on how much you’re willing to spend. Workation can add up costs over time as you tend to venture out often. If you are on a shoestring budget, here are some of the ways you can cut costs.

  • Exchange your skills for free stays & meals. (For example, Photography, tailoring, cooking, etc.)
  • Volunteer to get free food and accommodation.
  • Help in cleaning the hostel rooms like sweeping, mopping, etc., to reduce costs.
  • Bargain or haggle and settle only for cost-effective deals

Things To Do Once You Have Arrived

  • Check the internet speed as you are going to rely on that.
  • Get the current contact of the reception desk or the host.
  • Figure out your workstation, be it a desk, a quiet corner, a hammock, or even a patio, just ensure it is a place that allows you to work without hassle and disruption
  • Check the feasibility of the amenities that they have listed/promised.
  • Say Hi! and invite people for fun group activities. If you end up making friends, you could become travel buddies! 

Pack your backpacks and have the best time of your lives! You deserve to be happy and find happiness in whatever you do. Work no longer has to be the high-octane, high-stress, and burnout-inducing venture. The right workation can even inspire you to be more productive than you normally are. A workation is greatly recommended for people who are starting to hate their jobs. 

What are your top tips for workation? We’d love to know! Do comment below. Peruse our blogs to find out the hidden remote places where you can travel, and stick with us for information on anything related to travel.

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