Different way of taking pictures while traveling solo or alone - 12 fresh ideas

12 Fresh Ideas To Take Pictures Of Yourself While Traveling Solo

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Are you a fellow lone explorer? Do you find yourself traveling alone and wanting to take pictures of yourself? Wondering how other Instagrammers make it seem so easy? Well, believe us, there is no impediment to capturing the best moments of your travel just because you travel alone. 

This post is about some of the foolproof techniques you can use to take photos of yourself without the help of anyone else. Additionally, these ideas will hopefully give you a few ideas to add to your photography repertoire. 

These 12 tips will aid in documenting your journey by becoming the best solo selfie ever.

Tip: Understand your equipment be it a mobile, GoPro, or DSLR in order to fully utilize it.

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Solo Photography Ideas

1. Place The Camera On The Ground

Put your camera or mobile on the ground or on any flat floor surface. Set the timer and face the camera upwards. You might end up getting a cool perspective.

2. Drone Shots For Aerial Views

Take pictures of yourself from a height you never thought possible. Bird-eye views can be captured using a drone. You can play around, try different angles, and get epic far-off shots. Drones are easy and fun to use. However, before you start snapping, it would be best if you know how to use them, so take them on plenty of test spins, to ensure that you get the hang of them.

Note: Check drone restrictions in the area as many countries banned drones and watch out for winds.

3. Using Monopod

Using Monopod to take pictures with unique perspective
Imagine a selfie with a long Monopod in such a scenic location

Monopods are a longer version of selfie sticks on a single leg, unlike the 3 legs that are found in tripods. Monopods come in handy in places where drones are not allowed, as monopods can be extended to 3+ meters giving you an aerial look. With a monopod and a wide-angle lens, you can capture a lot of impressive scenes.

4. Self-Timer On A Tripod

Tripods are your best photography companion & travel buddy. Position the tripod facing the scene you would like to capture. Set the timer, hit the capture button, and run to place; Voila!

Make use of the “Burst Mode” or “continuous mode” (with desired time intervals). They look perfectly natural & candid. Also, you’ll have a lot of photo options, and you can choose the best from them.

5. Tripod With Phone/ A Bluetooth Remote

If you want to go farther or if you need some time to pose, a Bluetooth remote is very convenient to use in these situations. If you have mounted your camera on the tripod, you can use your mobile as a remote control. Most known camera brands have a compatible smartphone application that enables you to sync operations & and control the camera with your mobile. Once connected through WiFi, you can download the images instantly and post them on the Gram.

Pro tip: Make sure to hide your mobile or remote in such a way that it doesn’t come into the picture.

6. Selfies

While it is debatable if the use of mobile phones makes for a rustic travel experience, it can never be overstated how reliable they are for taking pictures. So, take it out, point the camera towards you and click. Some people might stare at you when you take selfies. But pay them no heed. Do not let temporary bystanders’ unwarranted judgment ruin your travel experience. Ignore them and have the best time.

Pro tip: Wide-angle selfies make the scenes look more interesting. A selfie does not always have to be a picture of you covering head to toe. Try taking a cute pic of your hands and feet with the breathtaking view behind them.

7. Balance With Something/ Anything

Balancing GoPro to take picture of yourself

If you don’t own fancy camera equipment, all you have to do is balance your mobile on anything nearby like a wall, rock, tree branches, or with the things that you own – a backpack or water bottle. Set the timer, click, and pose. Ta-da, your self-portrait is ready. 

Call it a ‘rockpod’ or ‘treepod,’ if it balances your mobile it most certainly acts as a pod.

Pro-tip: Given the fickle terrain you’re going to use a pod, it is highly advised you use a strong phone case and appropriate screen protection. 

8. Attach With Cello Tape/ Adhesive Tape

In situations where you are not able to balance your camera on anything, cello tape or adhesive tape comes to the rescue. You can use cello tape in the most unexpected places and angles. So, keep one always in your bag. For instance, stick your mobile or GoPro on the wall or tree branch, and wrap it with cello tape. Put on the timer. Click click click!

However, keep in mind that they are only temporary adhesives, so click that photo fast. 

9. Gorillapod

If you feel good lightweight tripods are heavy on your pocket, try gorilla pod – they’re extremely versatile, light, and easy to transport. A Gorillapod is so flexible that you can wrap its adjustable legs to non-horizontal surfaces such as a street pole, arms, and railings to take super cool shots.

Note: Before you buy tripods, Gorillapods, or Bluetooth remotes, make sure it is compatible with the mobile, camera, and GoPro that you own.

10. Ask A Stranger

Asking a stranger to take photo of you while traveling alone

Yes, it is not always the safest option. But you are traveling to explore and soak in the culture. So, what better way of breaking the ice than by asking a stranger for help in taking that perfect photo. When asking, ensure you are clear with your instructions and tell them everything in detail. Set the angle & frame, and tell them where you will be coming from in the picture. Just ask them to hit the capture button.

Check the picture. Make adjustments. Request them to take multiple photos so you have a few to choose from. Don’t forget to offer to take a picture of them too.

Be smart. Look around. If you find any traveler or photographer with a camera, approach them and ask if they know how to use one. Asking a younger person also works.

11. Take Pictures From Videos

Perfect action shots are difficult to freeze while traveling alone. Shoot your movement in 4K in video format. Use the “Grab Photo” option available in the GoPro Quik app (android, iOS) which converts your video into multiple images that can be saved separately. Another option is to pause videos and take screenshots. But you lose pixels even if it is shot in 4K.

12. Use Mirrors or Reflective Surfaces

We are not talking about your Gym or bathroom mirrors. Get creative. Car rearview mirror selfies, sunglasses, reflections on water, and convex mirrors (placed at curves for a wider view) are a few cool ideas to consider.  You can also play with shadows.

Note: Don’t leave your valuables unattended at a distance to take pictures. The farther you are, the greater the risks are. Do a little research about the area and be cautious. Avoid large crowded areas, peak hours at popular attractions, and busy streets where you might get lost in a fraction of a second.

Some bystanders might think you’re being a little insane when you are trying to get that perfect photo. But as aforementioned, ignore them. Just be yourself. The less you care about what other people might think, the more natural your pictures will be. Living in the moment and taking that perfect picture will save you a lot of regrets later. Ensure you don’t trade your memories with 10 minutes of awkwardness. Your expression and your memories of your travel matters much more than the thoughts of a random stranger whom you might never see again.

Next time when you travel solo, try these tricks to take beautiful pictures of yourself. Keep adding ideas in the comments section, we always love hearing your thoughts. Stick with us, the traveling twins, for more content on travel and adventure.

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