The Best Qatar Itinerary

The Best of Doha, Qatar Itinerary (For 6 Days)

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So you’ve got 6 days to spend in Qatar? Great! But where should you begin your trip? Where should you go, and what are the must-visit places? How do you make the most of it? That, my friend, is the million-dollar question.

Whether you have a day, a weekend, or a week to explore this fascinating country, we’ve got you covered. We have curated a day-wise itinerary that acts as the perfect guide for your trip to Qatar. All you need to do is just step into this Middle Eastern country and let us take care of the rest. Whether you’re planning to travel as a group or with friends, this Qatar itinerary works for everyone. Furthermore, it gives you room to customize it to suit your needs. Let’s jump right in.

Qatar Itinerary

Things to know before visiting Qatar

The itinerary is planned so that for the first 2 days, you will visit the major landmarks of Doha, the capital city of Qatar. On day 3, you can extend a bit further and explore the city’s outskirts. The desert lands will be your home on days 4 and 5. Finally, on day 6, you can take a day trip from Doha to the nearby states.

Day 1

National Museum Of Qatar (NMOQ)

National museum of Qatar

Start your day at the National Museum of Qatar (NMOQ), where you learn about Qatar’s rich heritage and fascinating history. Architect Ateliers Jean Nouvel started building this museum in 2011, which took 8 long years to complete. One of the key facets of the design is the desert rose, a mineral crystal found in the Gulf region. The architect aimed to depict the eternity of deserts and their fluidity through the design.

The museum offers several experiences that stimulate your senses and enable you to learn about Qatar’s past. In fact, as you make your way through the various galleries, you’ll notice that your sense of smell is also stimulated subtly with traditional incense of different aromas. You can also explore the hidden cave inside the museum.

One of the National Museum’s latest video installations: “Your Brain To Me, My Brain To You” is Pipilotti Rist’s first video installation in the Middle East, curated by Tom Eccles and Bouthayna Baltaji. The art piece symbolizes humanity’s collective unconscious and the power of the mind. Pipilotti Rist’s art has 12000 LED lights, creating the atmosphere of inhabiting the artist’s brain, which invites visitors to embark on a journey of self-discovery through a multi-sensory experience that inspires introspection and awe. 

Another fascinating aspect of the museum is the Sheik Abdulla Bin Jassim Al Thani, an old museum built in 1975, located in a special area inside the NMOQ.


Museum of Islamic Art

Museum of islamic art

Yet another museum in the vast MIA Park is an iconic landmark in Qatar. MIA museum, whose building is considered a work of art, comprises thousands of unique collectibles displayed in 18 galleries, including the masterpiece by legendary architect I. M. Pei.

In this place, you can learn about the world of Islamic craftsmanship, culture, history, and religion. The audio guides in multiple languages help the visitors understand the nuances of the above subjects. If you’re looking for some Grammable moments, you can go to the arch viewpoint on the open space. The place has a picturesque skyline as it overlooks Doha Bay. Apart from this, exhibitions and events happen regularly. Visit their official website to book the tickets online.

West Mound-Skyline Viewpoint (MIA Park)

Top 10 free places to visit in Doha, Qatar - skyline view point

Besides the arch viewpoint, MIA Park also houses the West Mound-Skyline Viewpoint. During the golden hours, the place mesmerizes visitors as the sun’s rays reflect on the tall buildings of the bay area, which in turn, reflect on the water. The visual is indeed a sight to behold.

The place is one of the best viewpoints to watch fireworks during Qatar’s National Day, which is celebrated on November 18 every year. On other days you can take a peaceful stroll by the Corniche area or even take a dhow cruise ride.

You must also see the Pearl Monument at the entrance and tour Banana Island. But make sure to visit during the day if you have plans.

Souq Waqif

Colorful Souq Wakif at the heart of the city

Situated just opposite the Museum of Islamic Art, Souq Waqif is a traditional marketplace that comes to life at night. From Arab spices, dates, nuts, home decor, garments, souvenirs, pet stalls, restaurants, and shisha lounges, you can get everything, and the place is packed with people. 

There is also a separate area where you can spot falcons and camels. The buildings with narrow paths, dating back to the 20th century, have a good Arab market vibe. From here, catch the sight of the Al Koot Fort or Doha Fort, a historic military fortress closed for visitors to enter.

Ohh! Did you spot the public art of the golden thumb while roaming around? If not, search for it. After visiting all the above places, you must be tired and hungry. End your majestic day with an authentic Qatari dinner and call it a day.

Day 2

Msheireb Museums

Msheireb Museums celebrate the history of 4 historic houses at the heart of downtown Doha: Bin Jelmood House, Mohammed Bin Jassim House, Company House, and Radwani House. They also have a gift shop and mini library. Each home raises awareness among people by portraying the house’s past, present, and future. The interiors perfectly blend the classic and modern design and elevate the places’ aesthetics. 

Msheireb Museum requests visitors to dress conservatively, covering the knees and shoulders, as a sign of respect for Qatari culture. The entry might only be allowed if your clothing is appropriate.

State Grand Mosque

State Grand mosque Doha, Qatar

Imam Abdul Wahhab Mosque, also known as the state grand mosque, is the largest mosque in the country. Entry is open to all visitors, irrespective of religion, during non-prayer hours. The people must dress conservatively, and the women are provided with scarves or even abayas if needed.

The three-storied air-conditioned mosque consists of a total of 93 domes. The arches, marble flooring, corridors, large courtyards, and domes are modern. This simple yet elegant architecture houses separate prayer halls for both men and women, a library, and beautiful gardens.

Note: Footwear, food, and beverages are not allowed. Photography is prohibited inside prayer halls. Children less than 7 years of age are allowed only inside the women’s prayer hall.

Doha Corniche

Qatar nightlife - doha corniche

The waterfront promenade stretches for 7 km along Doha Bay. One of the most attractive skyscrapers in the world is the Doha Corniche. The corniche promenade and park are popular among the locals who gather with families and friends for running, walking, and other social activities. Pick your corner and relax along the corniche. 

Katara Cultural Village

Katara cultural village mosque

With many cultural events happening daily, Katara Cultural Village is a go-to destination for festivals, concerts, live shows, and entertainment. The beautiful Katara Masjid, the Golden Masjid, the Opera House, a drama theater, an amphitheater, galleries, gardens, and the dove tower are a few landmarks in the Katara village.

For FIFA’22, the village hosted 51 events covering more than 300 activities, with the participation of 22 countries. Check the official website for the latest events happening in the village.

You can also play at the Katara beach sands, which are located nearby. Grab a bite at Tasty Street for a lot of quick grabs and street food.

Pearl Qatar

Pearl Qatar bird eye view

Pearl Island in Doha is an artificial island on the Gulf coastline which spans about 4 Km. The similar-looking buildings cover the magnificent yachts and restaurants along the sides with a designer mall.

The place imbibes a grandeur that seems far away from the city you visit on day 1. You can look at the luxurious yachts in Porto Arabia, where you can take a stroll. You must visit the dancing fountain in Souq Al Medina’s courtyard that lights up the sky after sundown. Besides these, witness Marsha Arabia and Viva Bahriya, circular lagoons surrounded by tall towers and high-end brand showrooms, such as Ferrari, Rolls Royce, and Versace. 

Pearl Qatar - Qanat Quartier venice view

Qanat Quartier is known as the country’s own little Venice. The Venetian charm inspired the place and combined the rustic look with Arabian chic. Flanked by candy-colored buildings and water-front restaurants, you can experience a glimpse of Venice.

Visitors can move around the island by hitchhiking in a free tuk-tuk. The blue tuk-tuks, usually parked outside Qanat Quantier’s main gate by the valet parking area, are available daily from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. You can call +97450664834 and ask to be picked up within the pearl. Waiting time is typically less than 15 minutes.

Don’t miss the water taxi that connects Porto Arabia to the canals of Qanat Quartier at only 25 QAR (two-way). The water taxi runs daily from Porto Arabia (Gate 11) to Qanat Quartier (by Evergreen Organics cafe) every 20 minutes.

Lusail City

Ride along the modern manufactured Lusail city to witness the unique skyscrapers lit along the road. You must have your dinner at the Marina food arena, which is home to a variety of delicacies from different countries. The drool-worthy dishes are worth every penny spent, and you will thank us!

Day 3

After soaking in so much history and heritage and having delicious food, it’s time to head to the city’s outskirts. Unlike the previous two days, the next two will be more relaxed, and you can experience the city’s other side away from its hustle and bustle.

3 2 1 Qatar Olympic & Sports Museum

Qatar olympic and sports museum near the Khalifa stadium

Any sports enthusiast will feel like they’re in heaven when they step into the 3 2 1 Qatar Olympic & Sports Museum. The world’s second-largest sports museum’s design is inspired by the Olympic Rings and resides next to the Khalifa Stadium. The museum is a comprehensive guide to sports history, from the ancient age to the modern Olympics. In fact, you can get an immersive experience by playing specific games in the Activation Zone.

The museum is abode to some of the most famous sports artifacts, such as Maradona’s “Hand of God” jersey, Mohammed Ali’s gloves, rings, and many more. The sheer presence gives any sportsperson, athlete, or aficionado goosebumps as they stand amidst the preserved glory of such players.

The Khalifa International Stadium beside the museum was first built in 2006. Also known as the National Stadium of Qatar, the Khalifa International Stadium was renovated for the FIFA World Cup 2022. If you get the chance, do visit this majestic stadium.

Aspire Park

Aspire Park is a calm and serene place home to an artificial lake where swans and ducks reside. You can also go boating and kayaking in the lake, and the park has a dedicated play area that keeps the kids and adults engaged. 

The park also offers an alluring view of the torch tower, which you can see while walking on paved footpaths. There are also restaurants and stalls where you can satisfy your appetite. Above and beyond these, the park also has Kidszania, Jungle Zone, and Trampo Extreme, which are quite fun. Overall, Aspire Park is a perfect picnic for families and friends who love to spend time outdoors.

Villagio Mall

I love Qatar in Villagio mall

Well-known for its sky rooftop and gondola ride, the Villagio Mall has dining options, world-class brands, an ice rink, a movie theater, and an adventure play area. You will be in awe of the interiors that exude panache and have a touch of royalty. At night, the mall is lit with dramatic lights, which elevate its aura and will leave you astounded. The place is known for its avant-garde shopping experience, and you mustn’t miss it.

Day 4

For the fourth day, we’ll take you to the desert sands of Qatar and intriguing places far from the city. But before we go, here are a few things that’ll help you prepare better for the adventurous day ahead.

  • Carry enough snacks and sufficient water for the day, as you’ll find no shops or restaurants on your journey.
  • No proper roads are laid to reach these spots, so you’ll be offroading. Moreover, the GPS works well, but many routes are misleading. 
  • It is highly recommended to go in a high-ground clearance vehicle.
  • Return before the daylight ends.
  • Ideally, you must visit the place during the cooler months of the year as you can enjoy the pleasant weather.

With multiple yet no dedicated routes, you’ll feel like a true explorer for whom the journey is more enjoyable than the destination. Another fascinating thing about these places is that you wonder how the various places, such as the sinkhole, rocks, art, and more, came into existence in the middle of nowhere.

Musfur Sinkhole

Musfur sinkhole - Qatar

Musfur sinkhole is a natural cave 300 feet deep and 40 feet wide. According to researchers, Qatar’s deepest accessible cave is said to be about 500,000 years old. In fact, the rock formations are unique, but as you tread into the cave, you must be careful since the rocks are slippery. 

Furthermore, a fence protects this natural wonder from animals and other things. Another intriguing aspect is that the deepest part of the cave has a lower temperature than the outside. In addition, there are no bats or water at the bottom. These facets of the Musfur Sinkhole make you ponder how the place came into being and why it is the way it is. 

The mystery and enigma of the place captivate the visitors, and you must ensure you only go to the site in broad daylight. One more thing you need to be mindful of is not to throw waste around and bring back all your trash.

Al Karaana Lagoon

Birds found at Al Karaana Lagoon, Qatar

The Al Karaana Lagoon is bird watchers’ and wildlife photographers’ home. The place is almost mystical because you can find water in the middle of a desert and spot numerous wildlife species in their homeland roaming freely. The place is not frequently explored, hence is quaint and relaxing. This is your perfect getaway if you want to spend time by the water or gaze at the lagoon while standing in a desert. 

Dukan Public Beach

If the adventurer in you is still unsatisfied, visit the Dukan Public Beach. The place has various watersports activities you can indulge yourself in. If you are more walk-along-the-shore type, you can peacefully stroll and even collect different seashells. 

You can see people fishing, boating, and all the usual sea-shore activities. The white sands, turquoise blue crystal clear waters, and a golden sunset by the beach are bewitching and make for gram-worthy moments.

Zakreet Rock Formations/ Mystery Village

Although the village is a fascinating destination, you must catch the unique rock formations just before you reach the place. These are known as the Zakreet Rock Formations, and their timeless natural beauty captures your attention like nothing else.

You can also climb to the top and explore the rocky terrain. We played a game while visiting this place: ‘ What’s this!’ The idea is to associate each formation with something tangible, like a bird or an object. It makes up for fun conversations as you reach the top, which offers a panoramic view of the area.

East-West/ West-East

east-west west-east art by Richard Serra

If you have a vehicle that could ride through the desert sands, visit the East-West/ West-East by Richard Sierra and the Film City. East-West/ West-East is a work of art amidst the wild surroundings, situated in the Zekreet desert, and is surrounded by Ras Brouq’s white cliffs. The art installation gets its name from its structure and purpose. The 4 tall steel sculptures (each over 14 m in height) reflect the sun’s movement as it rises from the east and sets over the Qatari desert in the west.

Film City

Qatar Film city

Mimicking an old Arabic home in the desert sands, the film city is a deserted fort built with mud, bricks, plenty of gates, and a Qatar flag hoisted at the entrance. You must visit the place if you’re into urban exploration and abandoned architecture photography. The place is occupied by a caretaker who lives inside a room and is very welcoming to tourists.

Day 5

Desert Safari & Inland Sea

Inland sea - dessert safari

The adventure doesn’t end on day 4. On day 5, you can bash the desert’s dunes in different ways. Choose a half-day package with camel rides, quad biking, and sandboarding. The experience is a must for anyone who visits Qatar or other Middle Eastern countries.

In Qatar, the package comes with visiting the Inland Sea or Khor Al Adaid, an extraordinary landscape where crystal clear blue seabed meets the yellow sands of the desert. The golden hours are the best time to go to this site!

Day 6

Al Zubarah fort

Now that the adrenaline junkie in you is satiated, you can take a day trip to nearby states on day 6. Baladiyat, or the municipality of Al Wakrah, Al Khor, and Qatar’s only UNESCO world heritage site, Al Zubarah Fort, are a couple of places you can visit. The latter was once a thriving fishing and trading port known for original pearls.

With its Middle Eastern architecture, Souq Waqif in Al Wakrah stands out amongst others on the list. You can choose either of these 3 places depending on your time and comfort.

With this, the itinerary comes to an end. Qatar is a place that combines history, sports, adventure, desert, water bodies, and more. There’s something for everyone here; you can visit the place with friends, and family, or even come solo. 

Was this itinerary helpful to you? We’d love to hear from you. We would appreciate it if you drop your comments below and share the itinerary with your friends and relatives who plan to visit or live in Qatar.

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