How To Buy A Local SIM Card In Qatar

How To Buy A Local SIM Card In Qatar As A Tourist In 2024?

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Qatar is a geographically small Emirate situated on the Arabian Peninsula in the Persian Gulf. It has a population of over 2 million and has been developing economically since oil was found in the 1930s. Despite its size, Qatar is full of opportunities for tourists to explore both natural and man-made wonders. Traveling the wonders of this little emirate can be made so much easier by leveraging the advantages that the internet provides. This is where local SIM cards come in handy as roaming data can be expensive. Using local SIM cards is usually cost-effective and convenient to connect to your desired online space. 

As a tourist, you may be wondering which Qatar SIM card will work best for your travel needs. There are a few things to consider when choosing a Qatar SIM card. How much data do you need? Which plan to choose? Does it have good network coverage? To name a few. If you’re not sure which is best suited for your needs, then this blog post is for you!

Qatar Sim Card – Buying Guide

SIM Card Providers In Qatar

Ooredoo and Vodafone are the only two network operators and SIM card providers in Qatar. 

Ooredoo is the largest mobile operator offering country-wide coverage and high-speed internet. However, it is a bit pricey when compared to Vodafone. 

Vodafone provides great value for money, but, offers relatively slow internet speed. However, it does provide a decent network connection within city limits.

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What Are The Documents Required?

To buy a SIM card, you need only provide one copy of a valid ID. Preferably, a scanned copy of your Passport.

Who Can Buy A SIM Card In Qatar?

People who are above 18 years of age are eligible to buy a SIM card in Qatar. However, before making the purchase, do ensure that the phone is not locked with the carrier. Sometimes, your mobile phones are locked when you purchase them with a contract with a particular network carrier. The simplest way to find out if your mobile phone is locked or not is by inserting a SIM card from another carrier. Contact your network carrier if it is locked.

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Where To Buy Your Preferred SIM Card?

In Your Home Country

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Ooredoo SIM cards can be bought from the Ooredoo stand or their respective kiosk and Vodafone SIM cards can be found at their retail outlet. Both are located in the arrival terminal of Hamad International Airport, Doha. Here you can buy a SIM card and also do a top-up. 

Official Outlets

Look for authorized stores near your location. They can provide almost every possible assistance. 

Other Places

Many local shops, supermarkets, and shopping malls sell SIM cards throughout the country. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Ooredoo SIM cards are free. Whereas, you need to pay 10 QR to get a Vodafone SIM card.

Disclaimer: The below-mentioned rates are for your reference only and the plans are subject to change. Please, refer to Vodafone or Ooredoo’s website for the latest and more precise plans.

Ooredoo has introduced a visitor SIM card for 35 QR that includes 250 MB data, 25 local minutes, and 25 international minutes. This SIM card is valid for 7 days. You can also choose the mobile broadband option for 300 QR which includes 40 GB of data, valid for 30 days, and a free My-Fi device.

Ooredoo Hala 5G recharge plans start as low as 5 QR which offers 1 GB data, 15 mins international calls, and 25 mins local calls. Which is valid for 7 days. It also has an all-in-one pack or Flexi pack starting from 5 QR which includes 30 Flexi points + 100 MB data, but the validity ends on the same day. Choose different bundles and other packs depending on the number of days you stay and the usage.

Note: Flexi Points can be used to obtain data, SMS, local minutes, or international calls.

Vodafone flex recharge starts from 10 QR which includes 70 flex for 3 days and 260 MB. Which is valid for 4 days. The combo+ pack starts from 20 QR valid for 7 days and includes 1 GB of data, 25 local minutes, and 15 international minutes. 

Note: You can also recharge directly with Flexi Points with Vodafone.

We recommend you go through the websites, extensively review all the offers, and choose various combos and other packs based on your preferences.

Which One To Choose?

Initially, we recommend going for Ooredoo with the visitor SIM card and later recharge or top-up according to the usage and the duration of your stay.

Internet Speed

Based on the report by Statista, Qatar ranks first in mobile internet speed in the world. It was also one of the top five countries in terms of Internet speed in 2020.

Is 5G available In Qatar?

More than half of the country has the infrastructure in place to ensure compatibility with 5G services. Both Vodafone and Ooredoo offer 5G services to prepaid and postpaid customers.

How To Check The Balance?

Install the respective service provider’s mobile application and log in with your mobile number to check the balance. You can also simply dial *129#.

Pocket Wi-Fi Devices

Pocket-friendly Wi-Fi devices can be bought in Qatar for reasonable prices. It is one of the most secure and easiest ways to connect multiple devices to the network. It comes in handy, is economical, and provides seamless internet connectivity. It is good to own one if you are a frequent traveler.

Free Internet In Qatar

You get free Wi-Fi at Hamad International Airport only if you fly with Qatar Airways. Free internet can also be found in places like hotels, restaurants, and cafes. Additionally, a few public parks like Al Wakrah and Corniche Al Khor serve as free wireless internet hotspots. But always remember that connecting to free WiFi poses certain security liabilities. 

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Buying a new SIM card while visiting a new country can be confusing. So we hope this breakdown of how to purchase one in Qatar has illustrated how easy it actually is. Whether you’re an experienced traveler or not, we hope this guide helped you on your trip to Qatar. Your suggestions and inputs are always welcome, so please comment if you feel we have missed out on anything. Check out the rest of our blog for more useful tips and tricks and stick with us through social media for everything related to travel.

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