The best viewpoint of Koh Phi Phi island, Thailand

DIY Hiking Guide To Phi Phi Viewpoint

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With an astounding aerial view spread out beneath it, the Eastern hills of Koh Phi Phi Don Island allow you to gaze into the islands of Koh Phi Phi Don and Koh Phi Phi Leh. The bays on either side of the isthmus shape the land between them. Phi Phi Viewpoint is a breathtaking view that offers the world below in a rich and humble way. This blog follows how to reach the viewpoint, some essential things you should know, and much more.

Phi Phi Viewpoint Guide

How To Reach Phi Phi Viewpoint?

Well, there are several ways to reach the Koh Phi Don island. After reaching the island, locate the Phi Phi viewpoint on Google Maps. Three viewpoints are popping up, i.e., point 1, Phi Phi Viewpoint, and Phi Phi Viewpoint 3. We suggest you mark Viewpoint 1 on your map and start navigating as per the instructions.

The staircase to the viewpoints

he staircase leading you to the viewpoint is at a walkable distance from both Ton Sai Bay and Loh Dalum Bay. You can also find direction boards near the place. 

Keep in mind that Koh Phi Phi Don Island is very small. Vehicles, except for the emergency services, are not allowed on these narrow streets. 

Sunrise or Sunset?

As someone who loves sunsets, we would say you should go with the setting sun greeting you. Majestic orange hues spread across the sky, with the clouds weaving patterns far above your head, sunset is definitely the best time to capture the whole beauty of this viewpoint. However, be warned that it is pretty crowded. You cannot see the sunrise from the Phi Phi viewpoint. The island comes into view when facing west, offering a scenic panorama, while the eastern side is densely covered with trees, providing a less fully covered sight.

How To Avoid The Crowd?

If you are willing to hit the viewpoint before eight in the morning, you can escape the rush of tourists. It is too hot to undertake the hike during noon, making it much less crowded. Unfortunately, during sunsets, the most beautiful time is typically packed with people. 

Network Availability

I had a True SIM card with me, and it received a good reception at viewpoints 1 & 2 and throughout the hike. You can also use the free WiFi available at Viewpoints 1& 2.

Restroom Facilities

Neat and clean restrooms are available at Viewpoint 2. You can utilize it.

Where To Eat?

You can find snacks, soft drinks, and water at the ticket counter. At Viewpoint 2, the locals have a fresh juice shop. Restock on snacks, soft drinks, water, and smoothies, or get coffee there. Bob Bar and Phi Phi Viewpoint 2 Cafe are also located on Viewpoint 2 (Phi Phi Viewpoint).

Where To Stay?


Several accommodations in Phi Phi island cater to different ranges. The hostels are a bit on the pricey side here compared to other places in Thailand. We stayed at the Phi Phi Paradise, and it was good. The restroom was spacious. Here are a few recommendations.

Hiking Details

Entry Fee: 50 Baht for viewpoints 1 and 2. Additional 20 baht for Viewpoint 3.

Registration: No registration or pre-online booking is required.

Timings: From 6 AM to 7:30 PM

Duration: 30 minutes to 1 hour for the ascend and 20 minutes to descend.

Maximum Altitude: 130 m

Hike Distance: 320 steps to the ticket counter or about 1 Km in total to the Phi Phi viewpoint (viewpoint 2), one-way

Difficulty Level: Easy, highly subject to your fitness level.

Terrain: Steps and concrete pathway

Hiking Route & The Viewpoints:

Ticket Counter at Koh Phi Phi Viewpoint

After climbing 320 steps, you will reach the ticket collection area for the viewpoint. After you hit this place, keep moving to your right, as per the direction board pointing you to Viewpoint 1.

Koh Phi Phi viewpoint 1

An adorned garden featuring seating areas, shelters, and signboards I Love Phi Phi and Viewpoint 1 would greet you. Butterflies flutter around vibrant blooms, and wandering cats add to the tranquil ambiance of Viewpoint 1.

Hiking route from Viewpoint 1 to viewpoint 2

Viewpoint 1 is at a much lower elevation. The higher the merrier. But that also means you do not have to climb more steps. There is a concrete pathway leading you to the next viewpoint. It is pretty much a straight walk and a little climb as you get closer to the viewpoint.

Koh Phi Phi Viewpoint 2

Phi Phi Viewpoint (viewpoint 2) and Phi Phi Viewpoint 3 have similar views, but the latter is at a higher elevation. We didn’t personally visit Viewpoint 3, but you can do it.

Important Things To Remember

  • A guide is not required to hike the Phi Phi Viewpoint.
  • Direction boards are kept along the way. The probability of getting lost is zero.
  • The use of plastics and smoking is strictly prohibited. As a hiker, it is incumbent on you to be responsible and not litter. Collect and bring back the waste with you or dispose of it in proper dedicated bins kept en route.
  • There are sit-outs, or rest stops where you can rest for a while.

Essential Things To Carry

  • Ensure you carry at least 1 L of water per person.
  • Stock up on energy bars and snacks.
  • Have your first aid kit handy.
  • Cap, sunscreen & sunglasses are essential to ward off the summer heat.
  • Carry a poncho or raincoat in case of rain.

Read the blog to know more about what we usually carry for day hikes.

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