Mirissa Secret Beach

Mirissa Secret Beach Is Not A Secret Anymore; Visit Here Instead

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Sri Lanka is home to numerous beaches where tourists go every year to relax, unwind, party, shop, eat, and have a gala time. However, among them is the Mirissa Secret Beach which has managed to be away from the hustle and bustle of touristy crowds. Commercialization hasn’t occurred in this place, and the beach is as pristine as it gets. 

Mirissa Beach is a hidden gem slowly rising to prominence, thanks to Instagram reels and the growing conversation on social media channels, blogs, and websites such as ourselves. In this blog, we take you through the various facets of the beach and help you discover the place by yourself before it starts trending on IG Reels. Brace yourself because you wouldn’t have seen such a peaceful and serene place in the country. Let’s dive right into it.

Hidden Places In Mirissa

Mirissa Secret Beach

Nestled amidst humble village households, the Secret Beach in Mirissa has hidden its ethereal beauty from the masses. But as more and more people learn about it, the crowd here increases. In fact, a beach restaurant has also been set up to benefit the people who come here in search of something untouched and uncorrupted by humanity.

Mirissa Secret Beach is divided into two parts. On the right side, a restaurant is set up where you can comfortably sit on mattresses along the shores and enjoy the sea. On the other side, you have vast stretches of sand and a natural ambiance ready to welcome weary travelers. The two parts are connected by a boat full of plastic, serving as a reminder that conserving the environment and such tourist spots is imperative.

The Secret Beach is adorned with beautiful tree shades, which elevate the vibe and soothe you. In fact, we realized how the man-made restaurant, in a small way, disrupted the place’s aura and seemed out of place. Nonetheless, the beach had a surreal atmosphere, transporting us to a different dimension. So if you want to sit with your thoughts, beat the crowd, or enjoy true natural beauty, Secret Beach is for you!

Mirissa View Point

On my way back from the Secret Beach, I diverged from the beaten path and stumbled upon the Mirissa Viewpoint.

Mirissa View Point

As I wandered from the beach, I noticed a path on the left that led me to a cliff, lined with coconut trees. From the vantage point, I could see the lighthouse perched on a small hill and the gentle waves caressing the brownstones. However, what I saw became infinitely better due to what I heard.

Mirissa Coconut trees over the hill

The sound of water crashing on the shore, the breeze brushing against my cheeks and whistling into my ears, and the music of chirping birds. I felt like I belonged and could just sit here doing nothing for eternity.

Niayana Wella Beach

But the hike hadn’t ended. Curious about what lay further, I continued walking on the visible path toward the lighthouse. The trees grew denser, the path narrower, but I could still see where I was heading. Finally, after a short descent of about 5 minutes, I reached Niayana Wella Beach. A place devoid of humanity, save a lone fisherman trying to make his livelihood.

Mirissa light house near the navy camp

Niayana Wella Beach offered a closer view of the lighthouse and seemed to invite me to explore its fascinating brown rocky patches scattered along the shoreline. Engulfed in such an atmosphere, my only companions were my thoughts and the sound of my heart gently beating. I resided in solitary confinement for a short period, and the glee I felt could not be expressed in mere words. Mirissa Secret Beach and Niayana Wella Beach stirred something within me, and I wouldn’t forget my experience for a long time.


Mirissa has so much more to offer beyond its famous attractions, and the two beaches are among the hidden gems that make the journey truly memorable. Whether you’re a beach lover or a traveler seeking an off-the-beaten-path experience, this is the place to be. So, let go of crowded shores and venture into the unknown. The secrets will unravel before you and please your mind, body, heart, and soul.

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