Monsoon trek essentials - Must haves

10 Monsoon Trek Essentials: Packing Checklist

Few experiences in life come close to a monsoon trek. Picture yourself amidst lush green vegetation, natural waterfalls, drippy palms, and moist terrain; A monsoon trek makes for a rare & unforgettable experience. However, hiking during monsoon also means that you need to be more aware of your trekking journey and be prepared in order to take the right precautions to escape the heavy downpours.

With the pleasant weather, quiet trails, and an abundance of lush green foliage dripping dew drops, it is a surreal scenic journey that makes up for just about any discomfort that you might experience in completing your trek.

Being amply equipped with the right knowledge and gear makes a big difference in how efficiently you are able to tackle a monsoon trek. This article covers all the essential things you need to pack for a successful monsoon trek, regardless of the weather forecast during monsoon seasons.

Protip: Carrying a 1L water bottle during monsoons is plenty sufficient. You can refill your water bottles from the natural water streams or water bodies along the way.

Things To Pack For Your Moonsoon Trek

1. Raincoat/ Poncho

Rain protection gears - raincoat, poncho, and umbrella

The winds, heavy rainfall, and the general size of an umbrella make it an ill-advised gear to carry during your trek. Instead, you can cover yourself with comfortable rainwear. A Poncho will cover you beyond the knees & also shelter your bag. Raincoats are very comfy with no spare space to fly in case of winds. As both of them have their own pros and cons, it is up to you to decide based on your personal comforts and style of hiking.

2. Backpack Cover

Backpack covers are crucial as they help in keeping your belongings safe, and dry. Some brands provide rain covers attached to their bags. You can also buy them separately based on the capacity of your bag.

3. Footwear

While purchasing your hiking boots, make sure that they are waterproof. You need to invest in good hiking boots as they are also beneficial for walking on slippery rocks and boulders.

Have an extra pair of sandals that have a good grip and buckles that wrap your feet. It will come in handy when you are unable to hike further with your wet shoes.

4. Waterproof Phone Case

For accessing maps, attending to phone calls, or capturing the alluring landscapes, we might need to use mobile phones during hikes. During monsoons, it is important to safeguard your mobile from water going inside. A waterproof phone case gives total protection to your smartphone from the rain while also ensuring you can still use the touchscreen.

Tip: You can also have emergency cash with your phone.

5. Quick-Dry Outfits

What to wear during monsoon treks

You might be wondering what outfit you should wear for treks in the monsoon. Well, think no further,

  • Wear breathable lightweight synthetic fabrics that can dry quickly
  • Spare socks & undergarments
  • Microfiber towel

Avoid wearing thick pants and cotton T-shirts that take too long to dry. 

Pro-health tip: Avoid sleeping in wet clothes. Change to dry clothes as soon as you reach your campsite or indoors.

6. Extra Bags/ Zip Lock Covers

To store wet clothes, medicines, toiletries, cash, or ATM cards, you need to use reusable extra dry/plastic bags/zip lock covers. It also comes in handy in getting your things organized and preventing your stuff from being mixed with other items that are wet.

Dry bags are 100% waterproof reusable bags, used for water sports like kayaking and rafting. It is the perfect bag to preserve all your valuable electronics like cameras, lenses, etc.


7. Torch

During monsoons, the visibility might be low. So, it is always recommended to pack a torch, preferably one with a rechargeable head torch in order to keep your hands free. 

8. Mosquito & Leech Repellents

Mosquitoes and leeches are prevalent enough to become your clingy outdoor companions during the monsoon season. They can be found in most mountains. But not to worry, there are some right ways to get rid of the leeches, and Odomox or mosquito patches shoo away the mosquitoes. Make sure to have them added to your travel first aid kit, prior to venturing into your monsoon.

9. Power Bank

Trekking or hiking in remote regions of India means experiencing frequent power cuts or prolonged shutdowns. So, always pack your power bank to charge your mobile phone and other GPS devices that are imperative in emergency situations, etc.

Tip: Put your mobile in airplane mode if there are no signals in the region. This will save charge on your mobile phones.

10. Trekking Poles

Using trekking poles while crossing streams on a trek

Hiking poles are extremely useful while crossing streams and knowing the depth & force of the flowing water. It also helps in maintaining balance. If your trekking route involves crossing streams or rivers, we highly recommend you carry trekking poles.

Note: It is better to avoid climbing slippery boulders during the monsoon or when it rains. Also, avoid crossing heavy flooded streams and rivers where the currents might actually be much stronger than you gauge.

Also, above all make sure to buy lightweight gears. Remember, every little thing adds up weight over time while trekking. 

Have you experienced a monsoon trek? What else did you carry on your monsoon hike, that isn’t mentioned above? Comment below.

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