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7 Reasons Why Nepal Is The Best Country For Trekking

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Nestled within the majestic embrace of the Himalayas, Nepal is a tiny South Asian nation that offers trekking experiences like no other. The trails are transformative, and a single journey on them will unravel natural wonders, cultural encounters, and self-discovery. The atmosphere and the region are unparalleled in every way; for a traveler, it just can’t get any better. In this blog, we look at the top 7 reasons why Nepal is the best country for trekking.

Why You Should Trek In Nepal?

1. No Trash On The Trails

Dustbins on the EBC trail

All national parks in Nepal are well-maintained, trash-free, and focused on providing a conducive environment for the flora and fauna of that region. Even on the popular Everest Base Camp (EBC) trek, we saw little to no trash on the trails. The authorities provide several trash bins and restrooms on the trails and strongly emphasize the importance of conservation and sustainable trekking practices. The only waste you might often encounter is animal excrete, which decomposes naturally. If you go on a trek here, ensure you do your part in keeping the trails clean. 

2. Safety

Female travelers across the globe tend to prefer Nepal over other countries due to its safety. You are not threatened by the thought of theft, robbery, kidnapping, and other issues women tend to face in several other places. There are forest checkpoints along the trail where the Entry/Exit is noted down, and the permit is stamped with the date. This helps record which person is on which part of the trail. We came across numerous solo trekkers (male and female) from different countries living their best lives out there in the Himalayan wilderness.

3. Guides & Porters

Packing list for EBC and three pass trek - comparison between porter and our bag

The greatest advantage of hiking in Nepal is the availability of multilingual and experienced guides. Guides from reputable companies speak many foreign languages like German, Spanish, English, and Japanese. They are familiar with the terrain, culture, and language, allowing you to have conversations with them and ensure your trip isn’t merely safe but also enjoyable. 

The porters carry your luggage as heavy as a human being and walk at the same speed as you are. They are far more fit than a good chunk of the tourists and are the most hard-working people in the community.

You can hire guides and porters on your trek by paying additional charges. The other way is to opt for a package tour where the agency will handle everything, including permits, food, and accommodation.

4. Natural Abundance & Best Views

Despite being a small country, Nepal offers a plethora of unique and off-beat routes, enabling you to escape the crowd and explore the remote regions. Different altitude treks with varying difficulty levels are accessible to everyone, from beginners to expert mountaineers. You can choose a trek that matches your fitness level and experience. The national parks are rich in wildlife, flora, and fauna.

View of Mt. Everest from Kala Patthar
Mt. Everest from Kala Patthar

Being home to eight of the fourteen 8000ers, the mountain ranges of the Himalayas offer a breathtaking backdrop for trekkers, with awe-inspiring vistas at every turn. The suspension bridges, waterfalls, glaciers, monasteries, and settlements in the valleys elevate the beauty.

5. Accessibility To Food, Water & Shelter

The best view of Namche Bazaar
Namche Bazaar

One of the major advantages of trekking in Nepal is that most of the trails have tea houses. You can stay in these lodges and enjoy freshly cooked meals, making the trekking experience comfortable and convenient. During the peak season, you can even see people selling their homegrown veggies and fruits just outside their homes. The shops in the villages sell everything from medicines, chocolates, groceries, etc. (exceptions apply to the ones situated at higher altitudes). You need not pitch your tents or carry your sleeping bags and cooking gear. Those necessities are provided by the tea houses so that the trekkers can have a luxurious experience. 

6. Friendly Locals

Friendly locals of Nepal

The Nepalese always welcome tourists with open arms. They are warm and kind-hearted and offer great hospitality to all their guests. The people will not only help you but also share crucial information with trekkers and are great to have conversations with. Your trek experience will become quite intriguing if you learn about their cultural practices and understand why they do what they do.

Besides this, Nepal is also a place where you can meet like-minded trekkers, hikers, and mountaineers worldwide. Furthermore, since the country is a haven for trekkers, tourism is one of the key contributors to the nation’s GDP.

7. Affordable

While mountaineering is expensive, trekking and hiking are extremely affordable in Nepal. For example, a permit to Sagarmatha National Park and the EBC costs only NPR 3500 ($25 approx). The price is worth the experience and the views. The trekking gear at Kathmandu, Thame, Phokara, and Namche is also relatively cheap. But ensure you check the originality of the brand before buying any product.

For these reasons and more, Nepal is one of our favorite countries to trek in the world. Which is your personal favorite? Tell us in the comments below. 

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