4000 islands or Si Phan Don Travel Guide

4000 Islands: The Only Guide You Need

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Nestled in southern Laos, Si Phan Don, or the “4000 Islands,” offers a tranquil escape from the bustle of modern life. Here, the Mekong River branches into a maze of waterways, creating a serene archipelago with traditional villages. 

Backpackers seeking solace find refuge in the laid-back ambiance, where time seems to stand still. During the monsoon season, some islands vanish beneath the river’s surface, adding an air of mystique to the landscape. Life doesn’t exist in all 4000 islands, and accommodations are sparse. Whether navigating the waterways by boat or simply basking in the beauty of nature, Si Phan Don is a place you can tackle beautifully with all the information we’ve covered in this blog. 

A Complete Guide to 4000 Islands or Si Phan Don

How to Reach?

How to reach 4000 islands
  • Don Det – accessible from the mainland Nakasong by ferry
  • Don Khon or Don Khone – connected to Don Det by bridge
  • Don Khong – The largest, connected with the mainland called Hat via a bridge 
  • Don Som – Second largest and offbeat, accessible from Don Det and Don Khong by ferry

To travel to Don Det and Don Khone islands, motorboats depart from Nakasang, the nearest mainland. There are no public buses from Pakse or the Nong Nok Khiene Cambodia-Laos border, so travelers usually book limousines or minivans through travel agencies. These agencies also sell tickets for boat transfers to Don Det, Don Khon, and Don Khong islands.

Boats operate from Nakasang between 7:30 AM and 8 PM, with no schedule. Tickets for one-way or round-trip journeys can be purchased, with prices doubling from 6 PM to 8 PM. Bicycles and motorbikes can be taken on board for an extra fee. At the ticket counter, payments can be made in USD, Euro, or Thai Baht, with exchange rates displayed. However, card payments are not accepted.

ATM Availability

You can find one or two ATMs in Don Det and Don Khong, so it’s wise to withdraw cash from the mainland. We suggest withdrawing cash from the mainland instead. However, you can exchange USD, Euro, or THB at various shops on the islands, which typically offer favorable exchange rates.

Network Availability

Lao Telecom provides reliable internet on the islands. If the 4000 islands are your first stop and you need a SIM card, don’t worry. Some shops sell them. Plus, nearly all restaurants and accommodations offer Wi-Fi services.

Best Time To Visit

4000 islands or Si Phan Don

The best time to visit 4000 islands or Si Phan Don is the dry season between November and April, when the weather is pleasant for exploration and relaxing. It rains from May to October. Some islands get submerged in the water. Although local life does exist on the main islands during the monsoon, tourists do not travel during those times.

Where to Eat?

You’ll find many restaurants and bars in Don Det, Don Khon, Don Khong, and Don Som, offering a variety of cuisines such as Indian, Thai, Italian, French, and Lao. Additionally, most accommodations include their own restaurant.

Where to Stay?


In the 4000 islands, bungalows with hammocks are a popular lodging choice, offering basic amenities. Many properties are not listed online. We stayed at Namknong View on Don Det and have a few other recommendations for you.

How to Commute?

There’s no public transport on the islands, so renting a bicycle is your best bet for exploring. Motorbikes are rare in the area. You can also hop on a shared boat to visit nearby islands.

Don Khone has well-maintained cement roads, while Don Det mostly has unpaved paths with sand and stones, so be cautious when cycling. Walking is also a good option for exploring. Tuk-tuks are available for sightseeing on Don Khone Island.

Things To Do in 4000 Islands, Laos

We’ve explored the Don and Don Khon islands and focused our activities on these two. In the coming days, we’ll update the blog with more activities as we explore the other islands.

1. Kayak on the Mekong River

Kayaing in Muang Ngoi and Nong Khiaw

The full-day kayaking tour is the top activity on the 4000 islands. Starting at 8:30 AM, the tour includes visits to two waterfalls: E-Toud on Don Xom Island and the impressive Kone Phapeng on the mainland of Nakasong. If you’re lucky, you might spot rare Irrawaddy dolphins. The tour includes tuk-tuk transfers and food. You can also opt for a half-day or sunset kayaking tour or rent a kayak to explore independently.

2. Observe the Locals

Local life at 4000 Islands

Tourists often embrace the slow pace of life on these tranquil islands. Renting a bicycle or taking a leisurely walk allows you to observe the daily lives of the local residents. You’ll see unique stilt houses with hammocks underneath, farming activities, various modes of local transportation, and children playing happily on boats in the water.

3. Watch Sunrise/ Sunset

Sunset at 4000 islands or Si Phan Don

Sunrises and sunsets on the island are truly spectacular and shouldn’t be missed. Keep an eye out for the vibrant afterglow, painting the sky in shades of orange and red, reflecting on the Mekong River. Passing boats add to the picturesque scene, making every evening a magical experience during the golden hours.

4. Swim on the River Beaches

River beaches at 4000 islands

Tawan Beach, Nature Beach, and Happy Beach on Don Det Island are perfect spots for swimming all day. You’ll find inviting sandbanks along the Mekong River, where you can take a refreshing dip in the hot weather. Nearby shops offer drinks, allowing you to relax on the slow-moving waters for hours.

5. Explore the Waterfalls

Khone Pa Soy Waterfall, Laos
Khone Pa Soy Waterfall

You can explore Khone Pa Soy Waterfall and Li Phi Somphamit Waterfall on foot on Don Khone island. Water flows from large rocks, creating streams. Swimming is allowed at Khone Pa Soy but not at Li Phi Somphamit due to strong currents.

The bridge to Khone Pa Soy Waterfall can be tricky to find, but local kids near the restaurant can help you, especially if you offer food or tips. Li Phi Waterfall is majestic, with different sections resembling separate waterfalls. Follow the path to find a sandy beach where the river curves.

  • Entry fee: 35000 KIP per person for Li Phi Somphamit Waterfall, free for Khone Pa Soy Waterfall.
  • Timings: 8 AM – 5 PM

6. Float on a Tube

Tubing during the golden hours is a perfect way to enjoy the stunning natural scenery. In Don Det, you can rent tubes for as little as 30,000 KIP for a full day, from 10 AM to 6 PM. Be sure to inquire about safety spots with calmer water flow, perfect for tubing.

7. Don Det – Don Knone Bridge

Don Det Don Khone Bridge

The bridge connecting Don Det and Don Khone islands is a popular spot for locals and tourists in the evening. Kids play while adults do their daily tasks, and watching the sunset here is breathtaking. Remember to admire the bridge’s reflection on the Mekong River as you walk by.

You should definitely include the 4000 islands in your Laos itinerary. We hope this guide is useful. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below. We’re always happy to help. For more detailed destination guides, travel tips, tricks, hacks, inspiration, etc., subscribe to the newsletter and follow us on social media – Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube!

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