Antharagange Caves

Hiking Guide To Antharagange Hill (& Caves)

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Antharagange is one of the few spots near Bangalore that offers hiking and cave exploration. Located in the Kolar district of Karnataka, the spot is perfect for beginners who want to experience the outdoors in an off-beat fashion. The natural cave formations caused due to volcanic eruptions are quite unique, and the region seems relatively untouched by humanity. If you’re intrigued by the place, here’s everything you need to know to plan a day trip to Anthargange Betta and its caves.

Antharagange Hike & Cave Exploration

How To Reach Antharagange?

The best way to reach Antharagange is by using your vehicle, as the public buses go only to the Kolar bus stand (3.3 Km away), and from there, you’ll have to hop on an auto to reach the hike’s starting point.

Best Time To Visit Antharagange

Exploring the rocks near cave #1

Antharagange can be visited throughout the year. The best time to visit Antharagange is during weekdays. During the weekends, the place is too crowded, and you’ll take longer to explore the caves.

Network Availability

Antharagange has good connectivity with both Jio and Airtel.

ATM Availability

There are no ATMs near the base. About 3 Km away near the Kolar, you can find ATMs. Digital UPI payments are accepted in all shops.

Languages Spoken

Most people speak Kannada in this region. Several speak Hindi and a few speak Tamil and English.

Parking Availability

Parking space is available for two and four-wheelers near the hiking base.

Restroom Facilities

We found restrooms near the forest checking gate. But they were locked and not in use for a long time. So, you have to attend nature’s call outdoors. These super helpful public restroom tips come in handy during travels.

Where To Eat?

There are a few snack shops available near the entrance. They sell fruits, bhaji, vada, cool drinks, water, snacks, and chocolates, to name a few. Many monkeys roam around this spot, waiting to snatch your food. So be careful with whatever you buy.

Where To Stay?

Antharagange makes up for a great day trip from Bangalore. Thus, you will not need accommodation in this place. However, if you’re looking for a place to stay, you can find many places on National Highway 75 (NH 75) between Hoskote and Kolar. One of the best and closest is The Elite Narasapura, a member of Radisson Individuals.


Things To Do In Antharagange

Antharagange is a pilgrim site for residents living nearby. Worshippers and theists usually visit the temple, while the hikers explore the caves by hiking uphill.

Antharagange Temple

Antharagange Sri Kashi Vishweshwara temple

Antharagange is famous for Sri Kashi Vishweshwara Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva. No restoration activities have been conducted on the premises besides a few minor ones. These include renovation activities for cement steps, gates, and other necessities.

The place comes with its fair share of lore and mythical tales. One of the most fascinating ones is about a saint who meditated and prayed for water. As there was a scarcity of resources in nearby villages, the monk did penance to get water for the villagers. His prayers were answered most miraculously. Water erupted from the ground at a specific spot throughout the year non-stop. It had medicinal properties and was rich in minerals. Locals used this water for drinking and carried umpteen amounts of the resource to their homes. Even if the water was emptied, it would replenish within 24 hours (even today). Due to this, the sacred temple tank is one of the main highlights of the temple.

Antharagange Caves

There are several caves on Antharagange Hill and the surrounding ones. But the public is allowed to explore only two of them. These caves can be reached only by hiking (more information below).

Cave #1

Antharagange Cave #1

Known as the Trekker’s Cave, cave #1 is the longer (500 m) of the two. Delve through open and closed rock formations that formed over thousands of years and explore these caves like never before. The path tests one’s agility and is appealing to adventurers and tourists who like to click pictures of the Gram!

Antharagange viewpoint near cave #1

You can also go to the top of the rocks of the trekker’s cave to get a panoramic view of Kolar town and the rocky hills nearby.

Cave #2

Antharagange Cave #2 Exploration

Known as Antharagange Cave, cave #2 is only 50 m long. The cave is quite narrow, and you’ll have to keep your belongings outside and crawl. One specialty is the water flowing inside the cave. Nobody knew the origin of the water or where it ended. However, it is also said that the water flowing inside the cave is said to be flowing 24*7 throughout the year. We drank the freshwater and found it to be the tastiest.

Hiking Details

Distance to the base: 3 Km from Kolar and 67 Km from Bangalore

Forest Department Entry Fee: INR 250 on weekdays, INR 400 on weekends, plus taxes. The price includes the guide charges as well.

Registration: Pre-online booking is mandatory. Register for the hike through the official website.

Timings: 6:00 AM – 3:30 PM. Last entry is permitted until 11:30 AM

Duration: 3 hours to ascend and explore the caves, 40 minutes to descend

Max Altitude: 3331 feet or 1015 m

Hike Distance: 2.3 Km (one way)

Difficulty Level: Easy – highly subject to your fitness level.

Terrain: Rocky steps, rocks, boulders, grasslands, and caves

Hiking Route:

Antharagange forest entry gate

Climb a few flights from the entrance to see the forest checkpost entry gate on your left. The hike starts from the forest entry gate, which can be spotted about 100 steps before the temple.

Antharagange hiking route

Walk uphill for about 500 m along the visible route until you reach a junction where the sloppy rocks welcome you on your left.

Antharagange hike - crossing boulders enroute

Move further along the steps carved on the rocks.

Direction marks on the Antharagange hike

The red-painted direction marks will guide you for the next 500 m. Hike until you see a rock where the word caves is written with direction markers pointing towards the left. The guide will show you the entry and exit of the caves.

Explore cave #1 and came back to the same junction. Hike down for about 100 m to explore the cave #2. After experiencing both caves, we walked past the same junction and hiked further up.

Beyond The Caves:

Way to the Villa village, Antharagange hike

Although the way to the village was blocked after some distance, we proceeded further left after walking on an open flat grassland on a visible trail to settle on a huge boulder overlooking the nearby hills.

Villa village entrance, Kolar - Antharagange route

Entry to the village is prohibited for visitors. You can relax near the temple and go forward on the visible trails on the left to witness the surrounding views of the mountains. We relaxed for a while, ate a few snacks, and came back. The return is the same route down.

Other Places To Visit

Chotta Ladakh and Kotti Lingeshwara Temple are two spots near Kolar worth checking out.

Important Things to Remember

  • A guide is mandatory to hike the Antharagange caves. The forest officials have spotted 5 leopards in the Antharagange and the surrounding hills. Also, cave exploration has to be done with proper safety guidelines so you don’t get lost in the wilderness.
  • The use of plastics and smoking is strictly prohibited. As a hiker, it is incumbent on you to be responsible and not litter. Collect and bring back the waste and dispose of it in proper dedicated bins.
  • There are numerous monkeys all along the hike right from the starting point. Learn how to deal with monkeys.
  • Shops are available only at the base of the hike.
  • The freshwater inside the Antharagange cave is drinkable. Apart from that, there is no water source along the hike.
  • Wear proper hiking shoes with traction and grip, as the rocks are slippery, and you’ll have to climb and slide through boulders.

Essential Things To Carry

  • Ensure you carry at least 1 L of water per person.
  • Have your first aid kit handy.
  • Cap, sunscreen & sunglasses are essential to ward off the summer heat.
  • Carry a poncho or raincoat in case of rain.
  • Wear comfortable shoes.

Read the blog to know more about what we usually carry for day hikes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a guide required for the Antharagange hike?

Yes, a guide is mandatory for people visiting the Antharagange caves. A forest guide will accompany you right from the entry gate.

Is camping allowed at Antharagange?

No. Camping is strictly not allowed due to the wanderings of wild animals in the area and other reasons.

Can the Antharagange hike be done in a day?

Absolutely. Antharagange caves can be hiked and explored in half a day.

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