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DIY Hiking Guide To Z-Point & Shanti Fall, Kemmangundi

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A second visit to Z Point and Shanti Falls left us truly gaping. This time we embarked during a different season and experienced an entirely different landscape. Time and seasonal changes did little to mar the beauty of the place but the chipping of time remained visible. 

The view of mountains on one side and the view of plains on the other side with a never-ending ridge line makes Z-point exquisitely unique and a ‘do-not-miss-place’ when you visit Chikmagalur.

Unlike the name, Z-point is not a single summit point; rather, a long ridge line where you can relax at different places on the hilltop. Shanti Falls is located en route on your hike to the Z-point in Kemmangundi.

As Z-point and Shanti Falls have attracted crowds over the years for their beauty and landscape, terrain improvements have also been made by the government in the region to encourage tourists and travelers. This guide will help you with every piece of information you might need to ensure you make the most of your visit to Shanti Waterfall and Z-Point on your trip.

Z-Point Hiking Guide

How To Reach Z-point From Chikmagalur?

There are no direct buses to reach Kemmangundi or Z-point from Chikmagalur. You can board a bus to Lingadahalli and then to Kemmangundi but note that the buses are not frequent.

The best way to reach Z-point is by using personal transport. You can also rent two-wheelers or hire a jeep from Chikmagalur city daily. The choice of personal transport is dependent on the number of people you are planning to go with.

As mobile networks don’t work in this area, we recommend you download offline maps or start navigating from your stay. Search in Google Maps for “Z point entrance rock garden”. You will lose your signal midway, however, it is a straight route to the gate. We encourage you to get help from locals if you happen to face any difficulty in finding the route.

Although two-wheelers were allowed just 100 m before the Shanti fall, cars were denied entry beyond the gate.

Network Availability

No cellular reception could be found among all the network operators including generally reliable ones like Airtel and Jio.

ATM Availability

No ATMs could be found at the place. The nearest ATMs are only available in Chikmagalur town. On your trip to the Kemmangundi side, carry sufficient cash, at least 1K per person (Rs. 500 for your jeep ride to Hebbe Falls which is situated nearby).

Please note that UPI and other digital payments cannot be done as the signal is extremely weak at best. 

Languages Spoken

The regional language of Kannada is the only language spoken by the people in the region.

Parking Availability

In the radius of the front gate of the Z Point is a No Parking Zone. You will be directed to the nearest parking point by a watch person standing in front of the gate who controls the parking of vehicles, and entry and exit timings. 

Although he redirects you to park uphill near the Kemmangundi sunset point and park, we recommend you choose the nearest parking lot that is on the side of the road near the sit-out.

Please be aware that there is an operational toll between Hebbe Falls and Z Point where Rs. 50 is charged for two-wheelers, Rs. 10 for walking, and more for other vehicles.

Restroom Facilities

There is no restroom near the Z-point entry gate. But clean, well-maintained, and paid restrooms (Rs. 5) are available near the Kemmangundi Sunset Point and Hebbe Falls which are nearby.

Best Time To Visit

View of z-point along the ridge line

Although Shanti fall is in full force during the monsoon months of July and August. However, these months form dense mist at altitudes allowing a very little window of time to view the scenery from the Z-point.

The best time to visit Z-point is during the post-monsoon months between September and January. This is the perfect time when you get to see the mesmerizing mountain ranges in all their glory, completely littered with different shades of green creating a view of a lifetime.

Where To Stay?

The nearest safe accommodation is the Kemmannugundi Hill Resort which is maintained by the government of Karnataka. They also offer jeep packages starting at Rs.5000 per day.

The most wallet-friendly option would be to choose your stay in Chikmagalur City and take day trips to Kemmangundi and nearby places.


Where To Eat?

Near the Kemmannugundi hill resort, there is only one restaurant and snack shop. Here you can have tea or coffee. There are no other shops or vendors in this place.

Things To Do In Z-point

Hiking is the most popular activity in Z-point. A nature walk to the Shanti waterfall is a highly recommended activity for adults and children.

Hiking Details

Distance from Chikmagalur KSRTC bus stand: 57 Km

Entry Fee: Free

Registration: No registration or online booking is required.

Timings: From 6 AM to 6 PM. The gate to Shanti Falls, rock garden, and Z-point are locked at 6 PM. It would be ideal if you arrive at 6 PM.

Duration: 1 hour for the ascend, 30 minutes to descend plus the time you spend at the peak.

Summit Height: 1436 m

Hike Distance: 2 Km one-way

Hiking Route:

hiking at Z-point - day hike backpack

After stepping inside the gate, walk for 100m. You should be able to find a rock garden on your left with a play area that includes a swing, and a sea-saw among other playground equipment. Walk straight past the play area for about 1.5 Km. The route has no shortage of lush greenery, made ever more refreshing with tall trees. You will also be skipping across small streams en route if you hike during the monsoon months.

Narrow path near the Shanti waterfall

When the route narrows down, the roar of the Shanti waterfall continues to crescendo. You will be at the site after walking about 100 steps.

Shanti falls, Kemmangundi

Do not miss tasting the water. The falls is essentially a freshwater spring and as a result, it is the purest and tastiest you’ll ever drink.

Right after crossing the waterfall, you can see a steep uphill route on your right.

Z-point hiking route - steep uphill climb

This is a tricky yet short route. After hiking for about 10 minutes past the boulders, it is an easy hike to the top. Or you can ignore that route to take the left and walk for a few more meters. Climbing up either path will lead you to the top, it is just a matter of experience.

Be very careful during the rains, as the terrain tends to get slippery. Do not roam on the far-off edges, or attempt to create insta moments. Safety should always be your priority. Safety ensures you continue to experience spellbound places such as this.

Z-point easy path to the peak

Multiple uphill routes will lead you to the top. Choose whichever is easier for you.

Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate, highly contingent on your level of fitness.

Terrain: Stones, rocks, and boulders. The muddy paths are slippery during the rainy and monsoon seasons.

At The Z-point Summit:

Z-point summit and view from the peak

Take good cliff pictures to flood your social media with the coolest content. The breeze is so powerful that it can knock you to your knees. So, make sure you’re well aware of your surroundings before you attempt anything. The pleasant weather, leisurely walk along the ridge line, and the freedom to choose your corner of a majestic landscape admiring trivial yet wondrous aspects of nature make the Z-point a perfect place to visit.

Permission: Not required.

Important Things To Remember

  • The use of plastics and smoking is strictly prohibited. As a hiker, it is incumbent on you to be responsible and not litter. Collect and bring back the waste with you and dispose of them in the appropriate bins.
  • Illegal trekking is strictly prohibited, and trespassers will be prosecuted.
  • Follow the only visible route to reach the summit.

Essential Things To Carry

  • Ensure you carry at least 1L of water per person. You can refill your water bottles at the Shanti waterfall.
  • Take sufficient snacks and energy bars, as there is only one shop available that can be found 500 m away from the base.
  • Cap, sunscreen & sunglasses are essential to ward off the summer heat.
  • Carry a poncho or raincoat in case of rain.
  • Above all, ensure you wear comfortable shoes with good traction and grip.
  • Carry leech-repellent spray like Dettol as they are prevalent during the rains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Z-point a sunrise trek?

You can do Z-point as a sunrise trek.

Is a guide required for the Z-point trek?

The guide is not mandatory for the Z-point trek. The straight route from the gate will lead you to Shanti waterfall and climbing further uphill from there will lead you to the Z-point ridge. You can do this trek on your own without a guide.

Is camping allowed in Z-point?

Z-point is a reserved forest maintained by the government of Karnataka. Camping is strictly not allowed.

What are the places to visit around Z-point?

Hebbe Falls, Kemmangundi sunset point, Krishnarajendra Flower Park, and Rock Garden are must-visit places near Z-point.

This hike was simple, pure, and above all richly rewarding. The sights from these places create an imprint in you that provides you with a renewed appreciation of nature. We hope this guide provides you with all the motivation and information you need to complete this hike.

We encourage you to post your experiences below and your hiking suggestions. Before you embark on our next adventure, ensure you subscribe to our newsletter to ensure you are on the toes of Twins on toes.

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