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Top 5 Offbeat Experiences You Shouldn’t Miss In Badami

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Badami or Vatapi, is a quaint little town in the Bagalkot district of Karnataka known for its rock-cut cave temples. Initially, we had planned to visit the archaeological site but soon realized that the town has so much more to offer. Although the cave temple is intriguing, if you take a small detour and move away from the beaten path, you’ll discover a whole lot more. 

In this blog, we’ll take you on a quick journey wherein we participate in offbeat experiences that captivate your attention and make you yearn for more. So gear up to unravel the underrated/ lesser-known gems of Badami.

Top 5 Things To Do In Badami

The 10,000 BC Old Rock Paintings

Tall human beings

The rock paintings found on the rocks behind the Ranganatha Swamy Temple are said to be drawn between 10,000 BC and the 2nd century CE. We’ve written a separate blog on how to find these rock paintings of Badami, as it involves a short hike. Learn more about it!

Rock Climbing & Rappelling

Rock climbing at Badami, India

After seeing the rock paintings, on our way back, we encountered a few women. One of them was rappelling down using a rope, and we couldn’t help but stop in our tracks and watch them climb the rocks. Once they were done, we struck up a conversation and found that it was one of the best rocks they had climbed, ranging between 5b and 8b+. 

So, if you are into such activities, know that the rocks in Badami are safe to climb, whether you’re an amateur or a professional. To know more, contact Ganesha who guides people through the process and also offers accommodation in the place. You can contact him on WhatsApp and enquire about the price, the packages, and other details.

  • Contact: Ganesh (+91 9494809253), Speaks English and Kannada
  • Best time for rock climbing: Morning or evenings throughout the year
  • Location & Official Website

Rock Cut Cave Temples

Badami temple - Cave 3

Badami is known for its rock-cut cave temples. With numerous statues of Hindu Gods and other deities dating back to the 6th century, you must visit the four cave temples in the region. The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) also enlists these temples/monuments as heritage sites that tourists must visit. For more pictures and details about these fascinating structures, check out the Badami rock-cut cave temples blog.

Aerial Views Of Badami

Sri Bhootanaatha Gudi
Akka Thangi waterfalls (no water) behind Sri Bhootanaatha Gudi temple

With the help of a guide, we hiked to an unexplored place behind Shri Bhootaanatha Gudi. Behind the cave temples, we discovered hidden statues, but that wasn’t all. As we continued our hike we reached the top of the Akka Tangi Waterfalls. 

Badami Picture Map - All Places

From the mouth of the Akka Tangi Waterfalls, we could witness the entire Badami region, the Agasthya Lake, North, and South Forts. During July and August, the region receives heavy rainfall, and you will find an abundance of water cascading from the waterfall. However, during other months, the climate is dry.

Badami South Fort, Karnataka

We went further up until the South Fort’s end to get a clearer view of the town.

  • Private Guide Contact: Rajiv (+91 9986266209), Speaks Kannada and English
  • Guide Charges: INR 500 to 1000 per person, approximately
  • Entry Fee: Free

Note: Even if the water is falling in full force and standing tall in all its glory, you can visit the mouth of the waterfall and South forts.

Short Hike To The Upper Shivale Temple

Badami Archaeological Museum

A short hike from the left of the archaeological museum takes you to the top of the North Fort. This beginner-friendly hike has a simple route that takes till the very end. The terrain is easy to tread on, and en route, you’ll see several huge rock formations, Tipu Sulatan’s Treasury, ruined houses, South Forth, and the upper Shivale Temple.

Badami fort
  • Hike duration: 1-2 hours
  • Timings: 9 AM – 5 PM, closed on Fridays.
  • Entry Fee: INR 5 per person, Free for children upto 15 years of age
Upper Shivale Temple

Watch a gorgeous sunset from the South Fort or any of the rock hills situated near the Ranganatha Swamy temple. Another interesting activity to participate in is stargazing.

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