Jogini waterfalls hiking guide,Manali

DIY Hiking Guide To Jogini Waterfall, Manali

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Favored by the scenic shots of Indian films for ages, the Jogini waterfall in Manali is a much-admired one. What makes it unique is the experience of being allowed to go behind the waterfalls, attracting tourists all year. The water pours from a whopping height of 150 m, overlooking the breathtaking valley, making it a side to behold. 

This blog elaborates on the must-know information about taking up the visit to Jogini waterfalls, the dos and don’ts, and what to keep an eye out for. We’ve included hiking routes, places to eat, and so much more to make the trip a memorable one.

Jogini Waterfall Hiking Guide

How To Reach?

There are two parts – lower and upper Jogini waterfalls. You can start navigating towards it by marking Jogini waterfall on Google Maps. There are no buses available to reach the base directly. You can hop on a bus that goes on the Manali – Leh highway and get down near the village of Bahang. From there, the base is at a walkable distance. You can rent two-wheelers from Manali or hop on a tuk-tuk as well. The walk is about 4.4 km from the Manali bus stand to the base, where the hike begins.

Best Time To Visit

Upper Jogini Waterfall full view

The summertime, between March to April, and wintertime, days between October and February, are voted as the best time to visit the Jogini waterfalls. The Jogini waterfall is inaccessible during the monsoon season, between July to early September.

Network Availability

Good signal reception is observed in both Airtel and Jio networks.

ATM Availability

The nearest ATM is available only in Old Manali and Vashist. Although this hike doesn’t require cash, it is always good to have some, just in case. UPI payments are accepted by the shop vendors at the base.

Languages Spoken

The locals speak the Hindi and Himachali languages of Kullu. Only a few people converse in English.

Parking Availability

There are a couple of paid parking spaces available en route near the trek starting point. Two-wheeler owners usually park their vehicles on the side of the roads.

Restroom Facilities

You are entirely dependent on nature once you start the hike. There are no restrooms available.

Where To Eat?

At the trek’s starting point, where the motorable road ends, there are a couple of vendors who sell snacks, drinks, and fresh fruits for the visitors. At the Upper Jogini waterfall, there’s this sweet lady selling tea and biscuits. You won’t find sit-in spots around here; those are all lined up along the main road. So, if you’re up for a waterfall snack, she’s got you covered!

Where To Stay?


It is usual for people to take a day trip to Jogini waterfall from Manali, Nasigi, Vashist, Old Manali, and other nearby settlements. We stayed at Bro’s hostel in Old Manali. Here are a few other recommendations.

Things To Do In Jogini Waterfall

View of Manali from Upper Jogini waterfall
View of Manali from Upper Jogini Waterfall

It is common for the locals to visit the temple located near the Lower Jogini Waterfall. Tourists hike to both the Lower and Upper Jogini Falls. You can even see rainbows at Upper Jogini during the afternoons.

You can take a dip on the Upper Jogini. The Lower Jogini is typically unreachable. However, be warned, the water is too cold, and most people can only handle dipping their feet in.

Hiking Details

Entry Fees: Free

Permission: Not Required

Camping: Allowed but not recommended as the water flow changes

Timings: Open 24*7

Duration: 1 hour for the ascend, 30 minutes to descend, and including the time that you spend at the waterfall; it usually takes at least half a day for the entire journey.

Min-Max Altitude & Elevation Gain: 2071 m – 2332 m, 261 m

Hike Distance: 1 km; one-way

Water Resources: The stream flowing from the Upper Jogini Waterfall is the only water source. It is better to filter the water before you drink it.

Difficulty Level: Easy, but it is highly subject to your fitness level.

Terrain: Forests, rocks, stone steps.

Hiking Route:

Jogini waterfall entry gate

A small entrance opens up the hiking path after the motorable road ends. There are two ways to reach the Upper Jogini waterfall.

Jogini waterfall steps route

One follows towards the mandir side with a proper staircase, followed by a trail route, while the other is on the opposite side, steep and short. When you ascend towards the mandir through the rocky steps, after 500 m of walking past the multiple twists and turns, a trail path follows up.

Upper Jogini Waterfall
Upper Jogini Waterfall

When you walk further, you’ll reach a flat terrain through which the beautiful waterfall comes into the picture.

Jogini waterfall hiking route

You can choose to descend via the other side. While descending, you will spot a huge boulder mid-way.

Lower Jogini waterfall
Lower Jogini waterfall

Taking a left here will lead you to the Lower Jogini waterfall. And then back to the base. Be careful, as the terrain is steep and slippery with loose sand.

Important Points To Remember

  • The use of plastics, smoking, and drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited.
  • As a hiker, it is incumbent on you to be responsible and not litter. Leave it better than it was before.
  • Although the directions are not marked along the trail, the chances of getting lost are very limited.
  • The route is available in OSMAND and You can download the GPS file and follow the route accordingly.

Essential Things To Carry

  • Ensure you carry at least 1 l of water per person.
  • Take a sufficient amount of snacks and energy bars.
  • Cap, sunscreen & sunglasses are essential to ward off the heat.
  • Carry a poncho or raincoat.
  • Wear comfortable shoes as the trip involves hiking.

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