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A Day Trip To Rohtang Pass (Everyday Tour By HP Tourism)

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Located 51 km away from Manali is the Rohtang Pass. A sightseeing tour is organized daily by Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (HPTDC) for the public to visit the Rohtang Pass via the Atal Tunnel. It is one of the best budget-friendly packages available and would be perfect for you if you’re traveling solo. We went on this tour and are now here to share our wisdom, knowledge, and everything we picked up on our journey. 

Rohtang Pass Tour By Himachal Pradesh Tourism

Rohtang Pass & Atal Tunnel

Rohtang Pass 13058 feet, Manali

The Rohtang Pass, located at a whopping 3970 m, is a high-altitude mountain pass on the eastern end of the Pir Panjal mountain range that connects the Kullu Valley to the Lauhaul and Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh. This pass is blocked during the winter due to snow making the districts of Lahaul and Spiti inaccessible during these months. This raised a need to build a road tunnel under the pass. The Atal Tunnel was built in October 2020 and has been operational since then, reducing the travel time from 4-6 hours to 30 minutes. 

Two-wheelers are not allowed via the Rohtang Pass (however, cars are allowed). Hence, the government undertook the initiative to make the pass accessible to anyone who wished to see it. Scroll down to learn more about the day trip, tour plan, booking, and other details.


Booking is mandatory prior to going through the Rohtang Pass. The booking can either be made in person at the HP Tourism office located next to the Manali bus stand or online. We opted to book the tickets online, and the e-tickets were emailed with the PNR number. 

Himachal Pradesh tourism office, Manali

Due to the lower number of bookings, a small van/tempo was arranged for us instead of the usual bus, and the schedules that we had picked earlier became invalid. We were allotted the leftover seats lastly. Another thing to note while booking online is that you can also book the tickets on the same day as your journey, i.e., early in the morning of that day. However, you have the option of booking even two months ahead of time. We would suggest that it is best to book the seats offline in advance by going in person. 

HP Tourism Office Contact Number: +91 01902 252116, +91 94182 13024.


Though it was mentioned that the buses would depart at 9.30 AM, it started around 10 AM, and the trip concluded at 5 PM. The bus does wait a couple of minutes in case of late passengers boarding. Both the pickup and drop locations remain at the Manali Bus Stand. 


The cost per person for the day tour was INR 700 when the booking was made offline, while it is INR 700 + transaction charges when the booking is made online.

Rental Gears

There are over three hundred shops lined along the highway. The bus would be stopping at one of them, where the driver insists that everyone rent snow gear to keep warm. However, if you’re layered adequately and have your thermals and down-jacket on, you can skip this. Sunglasses and shoes are a must.

Check for the temperature and wind, then decide if you need extra layers. We were sufficiently warm in our layers. We opted to tour during October and did not rent the gear. Both cash and UPI payments are accepted. The costs are as follows. There might be changes due to demand.

  • Shoes – INR 100
  • Dress – INR 250
  • Dungre set – INR 250
  • Overcoat set – INR 200

Also, note that the gears can also be rented near the Rohtang Pass.

Tour Plan

Himachal Pradesh tourism, Rohtang Pass

Although the proposed plan was a bit different online, we’ve compiled the tour that we were taken below. The view of the valley down your side and the mountains above will keep you engaged. The zig-zag roads make the journey further interesting.

10 AMThe bus departs from the Manali Bus Stand
11:30 AMA quick stop for 15 mins at Rahalla Waterfall
12:30 PMStop at Marhi (3340 m) for lunch
1:15 PM – 2:45 PMStop at the Rohtang Pass for 1:30 hours
3:30 PMA quick stop at Atal Tunnel for 10 mins
4:15 PMStop at Solang Valley for 30 mins
5:15 PMReached Manali bus stand.

The driver keeps an eye on all the passengers’ whereabouts. The time given for each pitstop was sufficient. If anyone is late, the driver informs them patiently that the time is up.

At Rahalla Waterfall 

Rahalla Waterfalls

It is a pristine cascading waterfall. Avoid climbing on the sloppy, slippery rocks for safety reasons.

At Marhi

Marhi, Rohtang pass tour

Visit the nearby temple. You can also see paragliders doing tandem joy rides for a brief distance. You will not have time for the paragliding adventure, but you can enjoy seeing others.

At Rohtang Pass,

Rohtang Pass summit with flags

Embrace the snowy vibes! Folks often indulge in play and ascend to the highest point planted with flags.

Shop at the top of Rohtang pass

At the peak, a makeshift setup offers piping-hot delights like Maggi and bread omelets, which are extra enjoyable in the chilly weather. Snowboarding and quad biking add an element of excitement to the experience. You can see the photographers wander, eager to capture picture-perfect moments for a fee. If you fancy, strike a pose and get those DSLR-worthy shots.

At Atal Tunnel,

Attal Tunnel Rohtang pass, Manali

Take a brief restroom break near the Atal Tunnel entrance. You can click a few cool pictures and head back.

At Solang Valley,

Solang Valley Ski Center

The Solang Valley offers numerous adventure activities, such as skiing (in winter), ropeway, zorbing, paragliding, etc. You can try one at the given time for extra cost.

Important Things To Note

The zig zag roads to Rohtang Pass
  • Eat light as you’ll be traversing a lot of zig-zag roads and gain huge altitude in a short time. 
  • Bring enough water and snacks with you, especially if you have kids traveling along with you.
  • If you notice the symptoms of altitude sickness, inform the driver or someone near you.
  • Check for the temperature and wind at Rohtang Pass and layer up accordingly.
  • You should stick to the seats allocated to you. Mixing and matching the seats is not allowed.

For other vehicles visiting Rohtang Pass, a permit is made mandatory. For more details, visit the official website.

Our Thoughts

A private vehicle would cost anywhere between INR 3500 and INR 5000, depending on the car that you choose. Of course, there is more comfort, privacy, and flexibility, but it all comes at a cost. But if you are traveling on a budget, the tour organized by HP Tourism is your best bet. The tour justifies the money that you pay. We did enjoy our time and had a great day with the tour package!

Other Tours Offered From Manali By HP Tourism

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  • Manikaran – INR 600

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