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Mirissa: Where Sun, Sand, And Serenity Meet

Lazing along the Southern coast of Sri Lanka, Mirissa is a picturesque beach town. With its Hawaiian vibe, the small place is home to pristine sandy shores, turquoise waters, and a laid-back ambiance. The haven for beach lovers offers a range of activities and attractions to tourists and explorers who want to experience something off-beat. So whether you seek solace, serenity, adrenaline rush, or a jolly good time, Mirissa has got you covered. In this guide, we share all the details about the coastal town of Mirissa.

Mirissa Travel Guide

Best Time To Visit Mirissa

Untouched blue waters of Secret Beach Mirissa

The Southern coast of Sri Lanka is one of the best tourist attractions throughout the year. The different facets of the region come alive in different seasons. Since Mirissa is a small part of the vast area, it can be visited annually.

How To Reach?

By Air

After the flight lands at the Bandaranaike International Airport (Airport code: CMB, 179 Km), hop on a bus to Matara and get down at Mirissa.

By Train

There are direct trains between Matara and Colombo. From Matara, it is a 30-minute ride to Mirissa by road.

By Road

The best way to reach Mirissa is by road. However, frequent local buses from Matara, Galle, and Weligama pass through Mirissa.

How To Commute?

The attractions in Mirissa are pretty close to each other. You can walk or hop on a tuk-tuk to cover the whole town. All sites can be visited in a day.

Note: PickMe services are available in the region, but Uber services are not.

Languages Spoken

Most people in the region converse in Sinhala and English. Very few Tamilians live here.

Network Availability

Mirissa has reliable network connectivity with Dialog, SLTMobitel, and Airtel.

ATM Availability

There are many ATMs spread across the town.

Where To Stay?

Mirissa has numerous accommodation options ranging from hostels to resorts. You can choose them based on your budget and comfort. I stayed in Wake Up Weligama ($) and visited Mirissa as a day trip from Weligama. Here are a few other recommendations:


Where To Eat?

The Mirissa beach is lined up with cozy cafes and restaurants. The road parallel to the beach also has numerous restaurants. So whether you’re a seafood enthusiast, a sucker for local flavors, or crave international cuisine, Mirissa has various dining options to satisfy every palate. 

Places To Visit In Mirissa

The following places have no entry fees and dedicated timings to visit. They are open to the public at all times.

1. Coconut Tree Hill

Coconut tree hill, Mirissa

Enveloped by towering coconut trees, Coconut Tree Hill is a popular tourist spot in Mirissa. Perched on the hilltop, the spot offers breathtaking views of the sea and the long coastline. You can descend to the beach and take a stroll along the gentle waves. You will likely find a row of unique narrow boats the local fishermen use to earn a livelihood.

2. Parrot Rock

Parrot rock, Mirissa

Once you climb down from Coconut Tree Hill and walk for about 15 minutes along the shoreline, you’ll reach another hill known as Parrot Rock. Despite its name, the giant rocky structure is not adorned with parrots. In fact, we saw several crows soaring through the sky. 

Your ascent to the hilltop will involve climbing several bamboo stairs constructed for your convenience. Once you reach the summit, you can take a breath of respite and enjoy the panoramic view, a treat for sore eyes. You’ll see the confluence point where the two sides of the sea meet and waves crash against nearby rocks, creating a thin layer of ethereal mist. 

3. Mirissa Beach

Mirissa beach from the parrot rock
Mirissa beach from the Parrot rock

Mirissa Beach is a sprawling and well-known destination with charming beachfront restaurants and lively pubs. The vast stretches of shorelines, complemented by crystal-clear waters, create the perfect opportunity for a satisfying swim and warm bask under the sun.

From here, you must also go on a boat tour to venture into the Indian Ocean – Home to majestic blue whales, dolphins, and numerous other exquisite marine creatures. Seeing life thrive soothes your eyes and makes you introspect about several profound concepts. The tranquil atmosphere adds to the aura. However, if you’re truly an animal lover, do not opt for this tour, as the roaring sound of motorboats might scare the living creatures.

4. Coral Beach

Coral beach, Mirissa - Sri Lanka

At the end of Mirissa Beach resides Coral Beach. With many surf schools lined up by the shore, Coral Beach is an ideal spot for beginners who want to ride the waves. Take a leisure walk from Coconut Tree Hill until the end of Coral Beach along the coast and exit from here to the main road.

5. Secret Beach, Mirissa

Mirissa Secret Beach

Mark Mirissa secret beach on Google Maps as your next location. Start walking towards it or hop on a tuk-tuk. A walk along the hilly roads of the village will take you to the lesser-known Secret Beach. But the Secret Beach is not hidden anymore. More people are discovering this place, and there’s also a restaurant by the shore. Before it gets too popular, check the place out, as it won’t remain the same once commercialization takes over it. The vibe of this hidden place is surreal, and if you’d like to visit places untouched by the crowds, visit this beautiful beach. You will also be treated with a viewpoint that enhances your overall experience.

You can visit Mirissa for a day or two, covering these places. Hope this quick guide was helpful in sharing all the details you need to know about Mirissa.

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