How to Buy Used Bicycles In Denmark

How to Buy Used Bicycles In Denmark – An Extensive Guide

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With an estimated 1.3 million bicycles, it is by far the most popular means of transportation in Denmark. This number accounts for 33% of the country’s total population. It is important to note that the Danish government encourages cycling by providing an extensive network of bike paths, making it easier & safer to get around. They’re economical, environmentally friendly, and more or less fun. 

Buying a new bike/bicycle is an expensive undertaking. However, you can go for more cost-effective used bikes. In Denmark, used bikes are available at much lower costs and are more often than not in good condition. It is important to note that it is always prudent to have money set aside for repairs, as second bikes don’t come with warranties. 

With several conundrums to consider while you buy a used bicycle, it can feel like you are muddling through the swamp. But, with this guide, it’ll get much easier than ever for you to buy & pedal your perfect second-hand bicycle!

Buying A Used Bicycle In Denmark

Where To Buy?


The Facebook marketplace is one of the easier sites where you can buy and sell free of cost. You can research and join relevant Facebook groups where you can find new posts of bikes for sale every day. The retail on this site is relatively hassle-free for both buyers and sellers.

Advertisement Services

DBA – Den Blå Avis (The Blue Newspaper)

DBA is one of the more popular, widely used, and largest ad markets where you can buy, sell, or exchange almost anything, new or used. The sellers just have to pay a small fee in advance to post the ad.

Gul og Gratis (Yellow And Free)

Gul og Gratis is similar to DBA. This online market has a large collection of items that you can buy, sell, or even rent. However, it is not free, as the name suggests. You need to pay a small fee to post ads. On the plus side, for a nominal fee, they drop the purchased goods at your doorstep.

Note: It is always good to buy from a person who has verified their identity with NemID while purchasing from these advertisement sites.

Auction Sites 

Among the numerous auction sites in Denmark, Lauritz is the most popular. It is the first Danish auction house to provide online auctions. Here you can buy and sell both new and used items for free. Each auction typically runs for 5 days. You can also visit any of the 12 auction houses in Denmark. Search for “cykle” to shortlist the products among the multiple categories.

Bike Shops

Few bike shops sell reconditioned or refurbished bikes. This might be a bit pricey compared to other used options. You can check out Buddha Bikes and Baisikeli, they sell both old and new bikes.

What Bicycle To Buy? 

Used Bike In Denmark

Different types of bikes solve different purposes like commuting, carrying luggage, exercising, adventure, etc. Based on your purpose, you can choose from road bikes, mountain bikes, vintage bikes, cargo bikes, or even electric bikes.

You will find numerous bikes from supermarket chains like Bilka, Fotex, Thansen, Harrald Nyborg, Kvickly, etc. These bikes are relatively cheap but have average quality. It is always recommended to go for some reliable brands like Raleigh, Kildemoes, Centurion, MBK, Everton, Betavus, and the like.

Questions To Ask The Seller Before You Buy

Here is a list of ideal questions to ask from the seller:

  1. Ask for the exact model and look as specified online. 
  2. How long have you owned the bike?
  3. Do you have the purchase receipt? Or Where did you buy it from?
  4. When was it serviced last time?
  5. Is the bike in a ready-to-ride condition? Is there anything that’s not working?
  6. Ask for the frame number or chassis number.
  7. Before you even visit, get the pictures of the bike. You will get a fair idea about bike maintenance. Do not agree with stock images or product links.

Note: Don’t hesitate to ask these questions when you buy. If they refuse to answer, that should be an indication of how much you can trust the seller. 

How To Ensure That The Bicycle Is Not Stolen In Denmark?

If you want to buy a used bike, then the first thing you need to do is to check the official police website. All you need is the frame number or chassis number, which is usually found at the bottom of the frame. This number, when inputted, is checked against the police bicycle register for stolen vehicles. This number is also important in the event your bike gets stolen, which is unfortunately quite common in the city.


What You Need To Look For When Buying A Used Bicycle?

  1. Ensure that the handlebar is not loose and the steering is straight
  2. Measure your height and verify if it matches the frame size and wheel size. Generally, these sizes differ for different bike types. Also, ensure that the seat is adjustable. 
  3. Look for cracks, dents, bends, or any signs of damage on the bike frame. Arguably, it is the most important component of a bike. 
  4. Ensure that the chain and cassette are not rusted and stretched.
  5. Take a test ride and check if the brakes and gear shifting work smoothly.
  6. Inspect for missing spokes in the wheels and check if the tires are worn out.
  7. When buying an off-road bike, the suspension fork is one of the most important pieces that you need to consider.

Based on the condition of the bike and your findings, try to negotiate the price. Always meet in person, take a test ride, and transfer to the seller’s bank account to keep a record. Don’t pay without seeing the bike. Remember to get a signed receipt from the seller.

What To Do After Purchasing The Bicycle?

If you have paid in cash with no receipt or without any proof of buying from a stranger, go to the central police station and register the bicycle in your name legally. The police are kind, friendly,  and helpful. They ask for your identity, the bike’s frame number, and the method of purchase. They register the details without any charges.  

It is always best and recommended to register the bike legally in your name post your purchase. This practice will most certainly come in handy on the chance something goes wrong days later. For instance, if someone has reported the bike stolen after your purchase (which is very less likely), provided you have registered legally, the Police might ask you to return the bike without any penalizing charges against you for the crime. 

How To Avoid Mishappenings/ Theft

  1. Put a minimum of 2 good-quality locks.
  2. If you purchase an expensive bike, it is safe to keep it indoors.
  3. The best option is to purchase bike insurance.

This goes without saying, Denmark is one of the best and most beautiful places for cycling. Just enjoy the ride while you are here. It’s not always easy to find the perfect bike. But you can always buy one and upgrade later. You will save a huge sum on transport in the long run. Most importantly, regardless of the bike you purchase, get a reliable bike helmet and always use it while driving. So ride along now!

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