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My First Camping Adventure In Denmark

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After countless day hikes, I decided to take my outdoor experience to the next level and try backpacking, where I could walk long distances and camp overnight. The idea excited me, even though I lacked essential camping gear like a tent, sleeping bag, or sleeping pad. Undeterred, I was determined to step out of my comfort zone and embrace new challenges.

Through the Meetup app, I stumbled upon a group called Hiking for Randoms – Copenhagen. Led by the friendly and accommodating organizer, Ole, the group was perfect for all levels of hikers. Their usual itinerary involved covering 15-25 km per day through Denmark and the South of Sweden, with 1 or 2 nights of camping. This seemed like the perfect fit for my first camping trip.

My debut camping adventure was the Hornsherred hiking trip, a 25 km hike on the first day, leading us through the scenic Nordskoven and featuring a delightful 8-minute ferry ride. Our night’s rest was planned at the free tenting area in Grønnesse Skov, followed by a shorter 7 km hike to Frederiksvæk to catch the train back home on Sunday.

I must admit, the night before the hike, I was in a dilemma due to my lack of proper camping gear. However, my eagerness to experience this journey overpowered any doubts. I reached out to Ole and asked if I could borrow a tent. Thankfully, he kindly agreed, with one condition – I had to carry it myself. I agreed, and with limited knowledge about camping essentials, I packed some food, water, a down jacket, and my winter jacket, planning to use it as makeshift sleeping arrangements.

Agalya first camping experience in Denmark

Early Saturday morning, I embarked on my train journey to the meetup point, full of excitement and a bit of nervousness. Upon meeting my fellow hikers, I introduced myself as a newbie and received the tent from Ole. Observing my modest 30L backpack, he inquired about the other camping gear, and when I revealed my lack of it, he suggested an alternative solution. We headed to the supermarket and purchased a yoga mat and two fleece pieces – the yoga mat for the ground and the fleece for additional insulation. Feeling more prepared, I embarked on the journey with renewed confidence.

Hiking trails in Denmark

Throughout the hike, I was surrounded by a diverse group of hikers from various countries, making me feel part of a warm and supportive community. As we traversed the trails, they checked on me, making sure I was doing okay. The conversations ranged from random topics to IT discussions, as surprisingly most of them held office jobs in the IT field.


We stopped to witness the majestic Snoegen, a 600 to 700 years old tree teeming with ants and then continued our way to see Kongeegen, Northern Europe’s oldest living oak, estimated to be between 1500 and 2000 years old. The awe-inspiring sights added to the magic of the trip.

Lunchtime arrived and I marveled at the different meals my fellow hikers brought, some even cooked with their cute little stoves. I took the opportunity to treat my blisters with band-aids and bravely continued on, keeping pace with the others.

Ferry to Sølager

The day’s highlight was reaching the Kulhuse Havn, where the on-demand ferry, Colombus, took us across the water to Sølager. The excitement grew as we approached our camping site in Grønnesse Skov. With Ole’s help, I set up the lightweight Big Agnes one-person tent, feeling both proud and grateful for this new experience.


Evening at the campfire brought us all together, sharing stories and gear advice. To my astonishment, Ole offered me a 65L backpack, a sleeping bag, and a sleeping mat, which he no longer needed. I thanked him profusely, promising to make good use of the generous gifts in my future trips.


As the night fell, I experienced the true essence of camping – a blend of excitement and uncertainty. Sunday morning brought a fresh start with the lively tune of “Eye of the Tiger.” We packed our tents and assembled for breakfast, sharing stories of the previous night’s sleep. The hike on Sunday was a bit challenging testing my endurance, but the charming countryside houses made up for it.

As we reached Frederiksvæk station, it was time to say our farewells. I returned the borrowed gear to Ole and expressed my gratitude. This camping adventure turned out to be an unforgettable experience.

Looking back on that weekend, I am filled with joy and gratitude. The willingness to step out of my comfort zone and the openness to new experiences brought me unforgettable memories and genuine connections with wonderful people. This camping journey was just the beginning of many more to come, and I eagerly looked forward to exploring more breathtaking landscapes.

So here’s to more thrilling adventures, new friends, and embracing the unexpected on every journey! Stick with us as we continue to share our travel stories and follow us on social media for more exciting updates. Together, let’s embrace the thrill of the unknown!

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