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DIY Hiking Guide To Deviramma Betta, Chikmagalur (INR 350)

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Deviramma Betta is a beautiful standalone hill nestled between the mountain ranges of Chandra Drona Parvatha. The hill named after the deity Deviramma is a less-explored trail in the district of Chikmagalur. This divine hill with a temple located at the hilltop is visited by pilgrims barefoot only on the day of Diwali. Yep! only one day a year. 

Curious to know more? Continue reading to know all the details you need to plan and complete the hike on your own. Do not skip any section as each passage contains vital information that could help you plan your hike.

Note: This hike was done by Punith. The content and the details of the hike are contributed by him. Punith is a doctor by profession and a hiker by passion. He is also a cyclist and motorcycle rider. He has numerous independent hikes under his travel belt. Make sure you follow him on Instagram and support his travels on YouTube.

Deviramma Betta Hiking Guide

History And Significance

Deviramma is the incarnation of Goddess Durga. According to history, it is believed that Deviramma fought with the demon called Mahishasura for 15 days in a fierce battle and destroyed the demon. But even after that, she couldn’t control her rage and anger. So she secluded herself on this hilltop of the Chandra Drona mountain ranges. The Goddess after gaining her composure came down to the foothills and granted darshan(holy vision – a rare sight to see the actual goddess) for devotees.

How To Reach?

After reaching Chikmagalur, hop on a bus to Mallenahalli. From the bus stand, walk for about one km along the Bindiga road until you reach the Shri Deviramma Devi Devasthana, the base of the hike. Buses to Mallenahalli are frequent only during Diwali times.

The other way to reach the Deviramma Betta is from the Manikyadhara waterfall. But this trail is open only on the day of Diwali, which usually falls in the month of either October or November, based on the lunar calendar.

The ideal and most convenient way is to rent a vehicle from Chikmagalur or to visit the place using your vehicle.

Best Time To Visit

View en route on the trail to Deviramma Betta

Deviramma Betta is a pilgrimage hike where the destination is the Deviramma Betta temple. Pilgrims flock from different parts of Karnataka to hike this trail on the auspicious day of Diwali. Be prepared to navigate a huge crowd as visitors start their hike as early as 2 AM in the morning.

On any day that isn’t Diwali, the temple is not open for visitors. However, you can hike to the hilltop and enjoy the view. During monsoons, the terrain is extremely slippery, and hiking is not recommended during rainfall. 

Note: The hilltop temple is open only on the day of Diwali. However, the base temple is open throughout the year.

Network Availability

You’ll find good reception of Jio and Airtel networks at the base village of Mellanahalli until you reach the base temple. No networks will be available beyond that.

ATM Availability

Only one or two ATMs can be found in the village. Although UPI payments are accepted in a few shops, we highly recommend you carry sufficient cash with you.

Languages Spoken

Kannada is the official language spoken by most of the people in this region.

Restroom Facilities

Restrooms are available at the base temple at Bindiga, Mallenahalli. You are dependent on nature for the rest of the hike. Come prepared as you will need to answer nature’s call in nature’s company.

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Where To Eat?

You can eat at any of the limited number of hotels available in the village of Mallenahalli. Pack your energy bars, Chikkis, and whatever else you need from the base as there are no shops once you start your hike.

Where To Stay?

There are several homestays in and around Mallenahalli. Choose your stay, depending on your budget. 

The Benne Mooda Home Stay is the closest homestay to the base temple.


Hiking Details

Distance: 30 km from Chikmagalur town. 

Cost: Free, No entry fee

Registration: No registration or pre-online booking is needed

Permission: No permission from the forest department is required to hike this pilgrimage hike.

Duration: 4 hours for the ascent and 2 hours for the descent

Summit Height: 1730 m

Hike Distance: 9 Km (one way)

Difficulty level: Difficult, entirely subject to your fitness level.

Terrain: Grasslands, stones, slippery sand

Hiking Route:

The hike starts from the base temple — Shri Deviramma Devi Devasthana. After crossing the temple, follow the concrete road for 3 Km. This road passes through the coffee estates.

Keep walking until you find a name board that reads “Deviramma Betta Trekking Route”. The trail further is clearly visible and well-marked as it is frequented by people.

Hiking route from Mallenahalli village
viewpoints along the route

After walking for about 6 km, amidst the coffee estates and through the canopies of trees, you’ll get to enjoy the view of the standalone mountain of Deviramma Betta.

Last steep stretch to Deviramma Betta

Hike further for another 3 Km on the visible trail. The terrain is steep and rocky until you reach the temple. The return journey is the same way down.

Devotees descend early and wait at the foothill temple to see a huge fire that is lit at the hilltop on Diwali day at around 7 PM.

At the Deviramma Betta Summit:

Shri Deviramma Bettada temple marks the summit of the hike. The surrounding mountain ranges of the beautiful Chandra Drona Parvatha are visible. The base village of Mallenahalli and the distant view of Chikmagalur town can also be seen on a clear day.

Cost Breakdown For One Person

  • Bus from Chikmagalur – Mallenahalli – Chikmagalur: Rs. 100
  • Food at the base camp/ village: Rs. 150
  • Energy bars and other expenses (approx. as these needs vary from person to person): Rs. 100

Grand Total: Rs. 350

Note: Since the Deviramma Betta hike can be completed in a day, the stay is optional, and hence not included in the cost breakdown.

Important Things To Remember

  • A guide is optional to hike the Deviramma Betta.
  • The use of plastics and smoking is strictly prohibited. As a hiker, it is incumbent on you to be responsible and not litter. Collect and bring back the waste with you and dispose of it in proper dedicated bins.
  • There are no water streams enroute. During Diwali, you can find vendors selling bottled water and snacks.
  • As Deviramma Betta is a pilgrimage site, the hiking is done barefoot by pilgrims. But we recommend you wear hiking shoes with good traction and grip, especially if you are a newbie.
  • Leeches can be found during the rains. Learn how to treat leeches the right way from this section.

Essential Things To Carry

  • Ensure you carry at least 1L of water per person.
  • Take some energy bars and snacks.
  • Have your first aid kit handy.
  • Cap, sunscreen & sunglasses are essential to ward off the summer heat.
  • Carry a poncho or raincoat in case of rain.
  • Buy a stick for support at the base or bring hiking poles, especially if you are a beginner.

Also, read the blog to know more about what we usually carry for day hikes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a guide required for the Deviramma Betta hike?

The probability of getting lost in the Deviramma Betta hike is little to none. The straight visible route will lead you to the summit. Thereby, a guide is optional to hike Deviramma Betta.

Is camping allowed at Deviramma Betta?

No! camping at the hilltop is not permitted on Deviramma Betta Hill.

Is a GPS file required to hike Deviramma Betta?

Although the signal is almost absent, you don’t require a GPS file. The trail is frequented by people and it leads you straight to the top of the hill. If you need a GPS file, drop an email to subjected as “Requesting GPS file for <Deviramma Betta>”

Can the Deviramma Betta hike be done in a day?

Yes! One day is sufficient to comfortably hike Deviramma Betta. Start as early as possible; relax and soak in the sights and descend back.

Catch all the visual magnificence of this beautiful trek on Punith’s Youtube channel!

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