Peacock temple, Mandaragiri

The Mandaragiri Hill, Peacock Temple & Mydala Lake

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A prominent pilgrimage destination for Jains, this temple portrays a truly unique structure composed of three notable places situated nearby overlooking one another. After visiting the DD hills, we made a pit stop to visit the popular Peacock Temple (Gurumandir), Mandaragiri Hills, and Mydala Lake.

Situated near the Panditha Nahalli village in the Tumkur district, it is an ideal place for families and kids to leisurely spend an evening. This guide contains all the information you need to plan your trip to visit Mandaragiri Hill, Gurumandir, and Mydala Lake.

A Day Trip From Bangalore To Mandaragiri Betta, Gurumandir & Mydala Lake

Network Availability

There is good cellular reception from Airtel and Jio.

ATM Availability

We didn’t find any ATMs in the village. Cash is not required for this place as the parking and snack shops accept online payments but, it is always good to have some.

Languages Spoken

Hindi and the regional language, Kannada are spoken by the locals here.

Parking Availability

An ample amount of paid parking space is available. For two-wheelers, they charge you Rs.10 and Rs. 40 for four-wheelers. 

Restroom Facilities

A paid public restroom is available.

Best Time To Visit

Small pond and fort ruins found on the backside of the Mandaragiri hill

You can visit Mandaragiri, Gurumandir, and Mydala Kere (lake) throughout the year. However, in our opinion, the best time to visit is during the golden hours of sunrise and sunset. We recommend you avoid going at noon as the place is very hot & humid.

This place has been gaining popularity over the years through social media platforms. Mostly weekends and public holidays are crowded. Visit during weekdays to have a peaceful visit and to immerse yourself in the serene calmness this place projects.

How To Reach Mandaragiri Betta From Bangalore?

By Train

The Tumkur Railway Station (Station code: TK, 12 Km) is the nearest railway station. From there, hire an auto and ask to be dropped off at Mandaragiri.

By Road

From the Majestic bus terminus, you can hop on a BMTC bus that goes to Tumkur and get off at the highway, at the bus stop of the Panditha Halli Cross or the Basadi Betta Cross. From there, either you can hire an auto or walk for 1.2 Km. 

The most comfortable means to reach Mandaragiri Betta is by road using personal/hired transport.


Where To Eat?

There are snack shops available. You can purchase water bottles, snacks, chaat dishes, and tender coconut. However, we recommend you bring your reusable water bottle for the trip.

Important Details

Distance from Bangalore: 62 Km

Entry fee: Free of cost for all three attractions

Registration: Not required

Permission: No permission is required for Mandaragiri Betta.

Camping: Not Allowed

Timings: 7 AM – 7 PM

Mandaragiri Summit Height: 805 m

View of the Mandaragiri Betta from the parking lot

Water Resources: Drinking water can be purchased from the shops. There is also a pond and lake. But, one cannot consider them to be drinking water.

Mandaragiri Digambar Jain Basadi

Chandranatha Tirthankara statue

The first attraction while stepping (no footwear allowed) through the entrance is the statue of Chandranatha Tirthankara placed at the Sri Mukha mandapa. This monolith-free structure is built very similar to the Lord Gometeshwara in Shravanabelagola. Besides the statue, you can get blessings from the Goddess Devi.

To the right, walk past the gate and reach the peacock or pinchi-shaped building called Gurumandir which is 81 feet high. Gurumandir is a meditation hall where you are requested to maintain silence, and keep calm.

Inside look of the peacock temple, Mandaragiri hills

Inside the temple, there are pictures placed on the wall depicting the story of the Guru Ji Acharya Sri Shanti Sagar Ji Maharaj (deity made of marble).

Mandaragiri Betta/ Basadi Betta

Mandaragiri hike route with steps

100 m from the entrance lies the small hill of Mandaragiri. The hill has stairs carved into this monolith hill making it easier for anyone to reach the summit.

Jain temples at the hilltop

Although the Renovation work is in progress, you can visit the four hilltop temples dedicated to the Jain Tirthankaras – Chandranatha Tirthankara, Chandraprabha Tirthankara, and two Parshavnath Tirthankara (one is sitting, and the other standing). These temples are said to have been built in the 12th & 14th centuries.

Enjoy the cool breeze while walking outside the walls of the temple. You can leisurely admire the 360° views of the surrounding hills, pond, and Mydala Lake. Also from the front side, you can also see the peacock temple and Guru Ji statue from the hilltop.

Mydala Lake

Mydala lake from the Mandaragiri hill

Behind the Mandaragiri, the Mydala Kere, or Mydala Lake can be seen from a bird’s eye perspective from the summit. Walk or ride along the foothills of the Mandaragiri betta to get a closer look at Mydala Lake. The place is clean and well-maintained. Please do not litter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there places to visit near Mandaragiri Betta?

DD Hills or Devarayanadurga is situated nearby. You can also visit Shivgange.

Is the peacock temple worth visiting?

Few people find the place to be enticing after seeing Instagram pictures. However, they change their opinion once they visit as their expectations are set unreasonably high. Honestly, we liked the place as it was relaxing with a calm atmosphere and a pristine lake. Go during the golden hours to get the best view.

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