Shivagange hiking guide

DIY Hiking Guide To Shivagange Hill

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Shivagange Hill is a sacred place dedicated to Lord Shiva and attracts not just pilgrims and devotees but also hikers such as ourselves. Situated 52 Km from Bangalore, the hill is perfect for beginners who want to experience hiking for the first time. You can take a day trip from Bangalore to this place. However, know that the place might be crowded during those times. 

In this blog, we take you through all the necessary information to help you plan the trip and elevate your experience if you are going for the hike on your own. Let’s get right to it. 

Shivagange Hill Hiking Guide

Best Time To Visit

Shivagange temple entrance
Shivagange temple entrance

Shivgange can be visited throughout the year. Irrespective of which season you go in, start your hike early. You can avoid the rush and also the harsh sunlight and humidity.

The hilltop offers a panoramic view of the town and a picturesque sunrise and sunset that will stay long after you leave. Although the place is popular, the hilltop will not have many people, and you’ll most likely be on your own. Carry a headtorch with you if you’re hiking during the golden hours. 

How To Reach Shivagange From Bangalore?

If you depend on public transport, frequent bus services are available to Dobbaspet(12 Km). Alternatively, you can also hop on a train to Dobbaspet railway station (Station code: DBS). Get down at Dobbaspet and hop on a tuk-tuk to reach Shivagange. However, using your vehicle is the easiest and most convenient way to reach Shivgange. 

Network Availability

Shivagange has excellent network connectivity, and you get proper signals from Airtel and Jio on all parts of the trail until the summit.

ATM Availability

Very few ATMs are available near the base. We recommend you have enough cash with you to pay for parking. But the good part is that most shops in Shivgange accept digital UPI payments.

Languages Spoken

Most people speak the regional language of Kannada. Very few people converse in Hindi. A few people, like restaurant and hotel staff, might speak English, so basic communication shouldn’t be an issue.  

Parking Availability

You’ll have enough space to park your vehicle as a separate section is allocated just for that. However, it is paid, and the costs are as follows:

  • Rs. 40 for two-wheelers
  • Rs. 100 for four-wheelers 

Restroom Facilities

One clean and paid restroom is available near the parking area at the base. We spotted a free restroom on the trail but wasn’t maintained well. So use it based on your convenience. Come prepared, as you might need to answer nature’s call outdoors.

Related: Use these super helpful public restroom tips during your travels. 

Where To Eat?

Although we didn’t find any restaurants nearby, we did stop by a few shops lined up at the base. You could buy your snacks and drinks here. You will also find shops at different parts of the trail. So if you want to get some refreshments such as juices, fruits, water, and other snacks, you can do so on the way.

Where To Stay?

There are no accommodation options near the temple. Usually, people visit Shivgange Hill as a day trip from Bangalore or their hometown. So maybe you can return after your hike or stay in places near the town. 


Things To Do In Shivagange

Hiking the Shivagange hill is a popular activity. Many pilgrims climb up to worship Shiva at the hilltop. Few trekkers come to enjoy the sunrise and sunset.

Hiking Details

Distance to the base: 52 Km from Bangalore

Entry Fee: Free

Registration: No registration or pre-online booking is required.

Temple Timings: The base temple opens at 6 AM and closes at 7 PM. The cave temple closes at 6 PM, while the hilltop temple closes at around 4 PM or even before if there are no visitors.

Duration: 2-3 hours for the ascend and 1 hour to descend.

Permission: No permission is required to hike Shivagange hills.

Summit Height: 1368 m

Hike Distance: 2 Km (one way) approximately

Hiking Route:

Shivgange steps - hiking start

The first stretch of the hike is climbing up a flight of stairs that leads you to the cave temple of Gangadhareshwara and Sri Honnammadevi. 

After visiting the temple, you must climb down a few steps and turn right into a small passageway.

Shivagange Hill hiking route

On crossing the outer pillars of the temple and a couple of gopuras, you’ll see a huge Nandhi statue standing at the top of the frame. Here, the path changes slightly, and the terrain becomes slippery. However, it is pretty safe as railings are installed for you to hold on to.

This sloppy stretch continues for another 500 m, followed by a short uphill climb. If you feel tired or need to catch your breath, you can rest under the shade provided near the shops.

Olakallu Punyatirtha

Hike further until you reach the cave temple called Olakallu Punyatirtha. This temple marks the completion of half of your hike. Proceed towards the left (opposite direction to the temple), and after a few 100 meters, you’ll sport a gopura, a holy tree, and another small temple. There are direction markers all along the trail, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost. Just follow the directions and you’ll be fine. 

After this, where the actual hike begins. The steps you climbed so far transition into rocky terrain, and you feel like you’re now walking amidst nature and not man-made creations.

Shivan Parvathi statue

Keep moving forward on the visible trail for another 1 Km until you reach the huge statues of Shiva and Parvathi.

Steep terrain with steps and railings

Beyond this, the ascend gets steeper. But, the railings on both sides have your back. Hold onto them as you climb the boulders and rocks. The trail becomes even more inclined, but you will have proper steps to climb. These steps are cut from rocks and last for about 50 meters. On your way to the top, you’ll spot the Nandi on your left. While climbing, be alert and cautious because the steps are slippery, and the trail is pretty steep. 

The trail on your right leads you to the Shiva temple. As mentioned, you will find more shops selling drinks, fruits, and snacks.

Difficulty Level: Easy – Moderate, highly subject to your fitness level.

Terrain: stones, rocks, boulders, and grasslands

At The Shivagange Summit:

Shivagange summit nandi

The Shiva temple and the two pillars on the iconic cliff mark the summit.

Shivagange sunset - golden hour

Enjoy the surrounding views of numerous lakes and settlements. Relax for a while, absorb the scenery, and catch your breath. There’s nothing better than to take a moment to relive your hike and feel your heart pounding. Once you feel settled and rejuvenated, descend on the same route back to the base.

Important Things To Remember

  • A guide is not required to hike the Shivagange hill.
  • The use of plastics and smoking is strictly prohibited. As a hiker, it is crucial to be responsible and not litter. Collect and bring back the waste and dispose of them in proper bins.
  • You’ll find plenty of monkeys throughout the trail. Beware of your belongings, and do not feed them. The witty creatures can open your bag’s zip and snatch the bag from you if you aren’t careful enough. Carry a stick with you at all times, just to scare them. Read the blog to learn how to deal with the monkeys.

Essential Things To Carry

  • Ensure you carry at least 1 L of water per person.
  • Take some energy bars and snacks.
  • Have your first aid kit handy.
  • Cap, sunscreen & sunglasses are essential to ward off the summer heat.
  • Carry a poncho or raincoat in case of rain.
  • Above all, ensure you wear comfortable shoes with good traction and grip.

Read the blog to know more about what we usually carry for day hikes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a guide required for the Shivagange trek?

The probability of getting lost in the Shivagange hike is nil. The straight visible route will lead you to the summit. If you ever need help, you can always look for the direction markers or speak to shopkeepers on the trail. Hence, a guide is not required to hike Shivagange.

Is camping allowed in Shivagange?

Camping on Shivagange Hill is strictly prohibited.

Is a GPS file required to hike Shivagange?

You don’t require a GPS file as the trail is very frequented by people and leads you straight to the hilltop.

Can the Shivagange hike be done in a day?

Of course, one day is enough to hike Shivagange Hill. You can return to your accommodation or even home on the same day after completing the hike.

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